Comparison of U.S. Army and U.S. Navy Vessels in World War II

U.S. Army Floating Equipment in World War II
Army Ships over 1,000 Gross Tons
Troopships, owned/bareboat chartered 80
Troopships, allocated 114
Troopships, foreign-flag, allocated 18
Cargo ships, owned/bareboat chartered 83
Cargo ships, time or voyage chartered 32
Cargo ships, non-Maritime Commission type, allocated 195
Cargo ships, Maritime Commission type, allocated 102
Cargo ships/troopships, Victory ships, allocated 107
Cargo ships/troopships, Liberty ships, allocated 748
Cargo ships, unclassifiable, allocated 3
Cargo ships, Southwest Pacific Area and Philippines 75
Total 1,557

Additional Army Ships over 1,000 Gross Tons
Hospital ships 31
Aircraft repair ships
Hopper dredges 33 
Port repair ships 10 
Marine repair ships
Spare-parts ships
Cable ships
Communication ship
Coastal cargo ships
Cargo ship, bareboat chartered, Panama Canal Company
Total Ships over 1,000 Gross Tons 108

Army Vessels under 1,000 Gross Tons
Coastal cargo ships/FS boats 511
Coastal cargo ships, Philippines 36
Ferries 11
Coastal tankers 121
Tugs, all types 4,343
Small cargo vessels 289
Minecraft 361
Landing craft 489
Tenders 251
Military dredge tenders 7
Cable vessels 2
Communication ships 3
Rescue and patrol craft 516
Aircraft retrieval vessels 11
Target vessel 1
Launches and small craft 4,697
Inland waterway vessels: Corps of Engineers 532
Inland waterway vessels: Panama Canal Company 193
Sailing vessels 5
Total 12,379

Army Barges and Non-Propelled Craft
Barges, all types and purposes 8,596
Ponton sections/units 16,787
Total 25,383

Army Amphibious Assault Craft
Total 88,366

Grand Total Army Vessels 127,793

Comparison of U.S. Army vs. U.S. Navy Vessels in World War II

Army Navy
Over 1,000 tons 1,665  Large combatants 1,388
Under 1,000 tons, seagoing  1,225 Auxiliaries 2,048
Under 1,000 tons, harbor 11,154  Large landing craft 4,436


  Patrol/minecraft 1,792
Named/numbered vessels 14,044  Yardcraft 4,070
Barges 8,596 Named/numbered vessels 13,734
Amphibious assault craft 88,366 Small landing craft 60,974
Total Army vessels excluding pontons 111,006 Total Navy vessels excuding tracked amphibious vehicles 74,708
Deadweight capacity of dry cargo and passenger ships 17.3 million tons Deadweight capacity of dry cargo and passenger ships 8.0 million tons

Data from: U.S. Army ships and Watercraft of World War II, David H. Grover, Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1987

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