United States Maritime Commission C4 Type Ships

The C4 types was designed for the American-Hawaiian Lines in 1941, and in late 1941 the plans were taken over by the United States Maritime Commission. They were built as cargo and troopships in 3 shipyards: Kaiser Richmond, CA Yard No. 3 (35 C4's), Kaiser Vancouver, WA (20 C4's) and Sun SB & DD in Chester PA (20 C4's).

The C4's were the largest cargo ships built by the Maritime Commission during World War II. All were single screw steam turbine with 9,900 shp capable of 17 knots.


C4-S-A1 troop transport, 30 built
C4-S-A3 troop transport, 15 built
C4-S-A4 cargo, 10 built
12,420 Gross tons
Length 523 feet overall
Breadth 71 feet 6 inches
Draft 29 feet
Cruise radius 12,000 miles
C4-S-B1 tank carrier, 1 built
C4-S-B 2 troop transport/hospital, 14 built
C4-S-B5 cargo/troop transport, 5 built
Gross tons 11,757
Length 520 feet overall
Breadth 71 feet 6 inches
Draft 30 feet
Cruise radius 14,000 miles
C4 Type Ship photo

We have listed only the names used by U.S. Maritime Commission or U.S. Navy during 1939 to 1946. Some ships had additional names which are not given here. If a ship has had more than one name, the entry is under the first name used. Use the search command in your browser to help find a particular ship's name.


Ernie Pyle, C4-S-A3

General A. W. Brewster USN AP 155, C4-S-A1
General A. W. Greely USN AP 141, C4-S-A1
General C. C. Ballou USN AP 157, C4-S-A1
General C. H. Muir USN AP 142, C4-S-A1
General Charles G. Morton USN AP 138, C4-S-A1
General D. E. Aultman USN AP 156, C4-S-A1
General Edgar T. Collins USN AP 147, C4-S-A1
General George O. Squier USN AP 130, C4-S-A1
General H. B. Freeman USN AP ?, C4-S-A1
General H. F. Hodges USN AP 144, C4-S-A1
General Harry Taylor USN AP 145, C4-S-A1
General Hugh L. Scott USN AP 136, C4-S-A1
General J. H. McRae USN AP 149, C4-S-A1
General John R. Brooke USN AP 132, C4-S-A1
General Le Roy Eltinge USN AP 154, C4-S-A1
General M. B. Stewart USN AP 140, C4-S-A1
General M. M. Patrick USN AP 150, C4-S-A1
General Mark L. Hersey USN AP 148, C4-S-A1
General Omar Bundy USN AP 152, C4-S-A1
General Oswald H. Ernst USN AP 133, C4-S-A1
General R. M. Blatchford USN AP 153, C4-S-A1
General Robert E. Callan USN AP ?, C4-S-A1
General Robert L. Howze USN AP 134, C4-S-A1
General Samuel D. SturgisUSN AP 137, C4-S-A1
General Stuart Heintzelman USN AP 159, C4-S-A1
General Tasker H. Bliss USN AP 131, C4-S-A1
General W. C. Langfitt USN AP 151, C4-S-A1
General W. G. Haan USN AP 158, C4-S-A1
General William F. Hase USN AP 146, C4-S-A1
General William M. Black USN AP 135, C4-S-A1

Louis McH. Howe, C4-S-A4

Marine Adder, C4-S-A3
Marine Angel, C4-S-B2
Marine Arrow, C4-S-B5
Marine Beaver laid down as, completed as hospital ship Repose USN AH 16, C4-S-B2
Marine Cardinal, C4-S-A3
Marine Carp, C4-S-A3
Marine Devil, C4-S-B2
Marine Dolphin laid down as, completed as hospital ship Tranquility USN AH 14, C4-S-B2
Marine Dragon, C4-S-B2
Marine Eagle, C4-S-B1
Marine Falcon, C4-S-A3
Marine Fiddler, C4-S-B5
Marine Flasher, C4-S-A3
Marine Flier, C4-S-B5
Marine Fox, C4-S-B2
Marine Hawk laid down as, completed as hospital ship Haven USN AH 12, C4-S-B2
Marine Jumper, C4-S-A3
Marine Leopard, C4-S-A4
Marine Lion laid down as, completed as hospital ship Benevolence USN AH 13, C4-S-B2
Marine Lynx, C4-S-A3
Marine Marlin, C4-S-A3
Marine Owl laid down as, completed as hospital ship Sanctuary USN AH 17, C4-S-B2
Marine Panther, C4-S-B2
Marine Perch, C4-S-A3
Marine Phoenix, C4-S-A3
Marine Raven, C4-S-B2
Marine Robin, C4-S-B2
Marine Runner, C4-S-B5
Marine Serpent, C4-S-A3
Marine Shark, C4-S-A3
Marine Snapper, C4-S-A4
Marine Star, C4-S-B5
Marine Swallow, C4-S-A3
Marine Tiger, C4-S-A3
Marine Walrus laid down as, completed as hospital ship Consolation USN AH 15, C4-S-B2
Marine Wolf, C4-S-B2
Mount Davis, C4-S-A4
Mount Greylock, C4-S-A4
Mount Mansfield, C4-S-A4
Mount Rogers, C4-S-A4
Mount Whitney, C4-S-A4

Scott E. Land, C4-S-A4

Willis Vickery, C4-S-A4



Source: From America to United States: The History of the long-range Merchant shipbuilding Programme of the Unites States Maritime Commission (1937-1952 ) Part 2, L.A. Sawyer and W.H.Mitchell London: World Ship Society, 1981.

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