U.S. Merchant Marine Cadets Killed During World War II

Merchant marine academy flag and U.S. flag


Ackerlind, Edward J. Engine SS Maiden Creek I
Alexander, Joseph P. Deck SS Angelina
Amborski, Norbert Deck SS Stone Street
Artist, John W. Deck SS St. Mihiel
Atchison, Alan A., Jr. Deck SS Theodore Dwight Weld
Bergeson, Burton G. Deck SS John Winthrop
Biemel, Peter J. Engine SS Salmon P. Chase
Bogardus, Jr., Henry J. Engine SS William King
Bole III, Robert J. Deck MS Wichita
Bourell, Randall P. Deck SS MeriwetherLewis
Brandler, Carl A. Engine SS Munger T. Ball
Branigan, Philip G. Deck SS James McKay
Brewster, John P. Engine SS Syros
Brodie, Marvin W. Engine SS John Harvey
Bruaw, Glenn R. Deck SS Heredia
Buck, Jr., Michael, Engine SS James Sprunt
Burlison, Harry M. Deck SS Jonathan Sturges
Byrd, Lee T. Deck SS Harry Luckenbach
Carey, Jr., Thomas B.   Lost in training 11/2/44
Carriere, Warren B. Deck SS Maiden Creek I
Carter, John M. Engine SS Esso Gettysburg
Cathey, Vincent G. Engine SS Robert E. Lee
Chamberlain, Jr., Arthur R. Deck SS Stephen Hopkins
Charlton, Jr., Denniston Deck SS Arthur Middleton
Chrobak, Michael M. Engine SS Louise Lykes
Chunosoff, Peter N. Deck SS Alcoa Pilgrim
Clarke, Alan R. Deck SS Meriwether Lewis
Connors, Aubrey G. Deck SS Robert Gray
Conway, Howard P., Jr. Engine SS Liberator
Cordua, James S. Deck SS William C. Gorgas
Corrigan, Vincent J. Engine SS Charles C. Pinckney
Derick, Robert J. Engine SS J. Pinckney Henderson
Di Cicco, Joseph C. Engine MS American Leader
Driscoll, Joseph L. Deck SS RobertErskine
DuChene, Jr., Roy   Lost in training 1/30/45
Ebel, Irwin S. Engine SS Heredia
Egenthal, Meyer Engine SS Sawokla
Erhlich, Leonard L. Engine SS James McKay
Everhart, Robert R. Deck SS William Clark
Farrell, Richard P. Deck SS Nathaniel Hawthorne
Foote, Calvin S. * Deck SS Pan Atlantic
Frohn, David H. Deck SS Francis Drake
Gafford, Ben P. Engine SS Arthur Middleton
Garritsen, Herman G. Engine SS William Clark
Gassner, Charles C. Deck SS Louise Lykes
Gavin, Edward J. Engine SS Dorchester
Gerstacker, Charles F.   Lost in training 10/4/44
Ginnelly, William B. Engine SS Scapa Flow
Giovinco, Joseph Deck SS Coamo
Glauche, Richard B. Deck SS John Harvey
Gordon, John R., Jr. Engine SS Nathaniel Greene
Gradus, Arthur J. Deck SS Richard Bland
Green, William H., Jr. Engine SS Samuel Heintzelman
Guilford, George E. Engine SS La Salle
Hammershoy, Jay A. Engine SS Henry R. Mallory
Hanzik, Edwin Deck SS William C. Gorgas
Harris, Alexander W. Deck SS Hobbs Victory
Hetrick, Walter C., Jr. Engine SS James McKay
Hoggatt, Andrew J.   Lost at sea 11/19/40, SS President Cleveland
Holbrook, Richard H. Engine SS Bienville
Holland, Richard E. Deck SS Henry R. Mallory
Hollander, Maxwell Deck SS Rosario
Hope, James A. Deck SS John L. Motley
Howard, Edward D. Deck SS John L. Motley
Justis, Alvin H., Jr. Engine SS John Harvey
Kannitzer, Donald J. Deck SS John Burke
Kellegrew, Thomas Engine 35 John Drayton
Kennedy, Donald A. Engine SS Lee S. Overman
Kern, Otto E., Jr. Deck SS Richard Henry Lee
Klein, Chester E. Engine MS Wichita
Kohlmeyer, Ralph J. Engine SS Jonathan Sturges
Krusko, Joseph W. Engine SS Angelina
Lamac, Robert L. Deck SS Charles S. Pinckney
Lambert, John R. Deck SS James Oglethorpe
Landron, Joseph J., Jr. Engine SS Esso Gettysburg
Lawrence, Leroy P. Deck SS Jacksonville
Levett, Henry A. Deck SS Coamo
Lewis, Richard E. Deck SS Azalea City
Lietz, Grover P. Engine SS Jonathan Sturges
Limehouse. Albert M.   Lost in training 1/5/43
Linde, William R. Engine SS Jeremiah Van Rennselaer
Litton, Jay F. Engine SS John L. Motley
Lyman, William L., Jr. Deck SS Timothy Pickering
Magee, James J. Deck SS Edward B. Dudley
Maher, Daniel J. Engine SS Meriwether Lewis
Marks, Warren P. Engine SS Timothy Pickering
McCall. George D. Deck SS Robert Bacon
McCann, Francis T. Engine SS Meriwether Lewis
McCann, William E. Engine SS Thomas Paine
McCauliffe, Kenneth Engine SS Tela
McGrath, Howard T. Engine SS James Sprunt
McKelvey, John Deck SS James McKay
McLaughlin, Lawrence D. Engine SS Timothy Pickering
Meyer, Walter J. Engine SS Harry Luckenbach
Miller, Allen G., Jr. Deck SS Louise Lykes
Miller, Alphonse I. Deck SS Esso Gettysburg
Miller, Francis R. Engine SS Harry Luckenbach
Miller, George C., Jr. Deck SS Wade Hampton
Moon, James O. Engine SS William C. Gorgas
Nauman, Robert Shepard Deck SS Firethorn
Netcott, Roland E.   Lost in training 9/26/43
Nolan, Ronald C.   Died at sea 1/10/44, SS Wildwood
O'Hara. Edwin J. Engine SS Stephen Hopkins
O'Hara, William V. Deck SS Sawokla
Palmer, Robert V. Engine SS West Chetac
Pancratz, George E. Deck SS Bushrod Washington
Parker, William H. Deck SS Harry Luckenbach
Pennington, Fred Deck SS La Salle
Pitzely, David H. Deck SS West Portal
Polcari, Dante L. Deck SS St. Mihiel
Prickett, Roscoe J., Jr. Deck SS J. Pinckney Henderson
Province, James H. Engine SS West Portal
Quayle, Harry, Jr. Deck SS Daniel H. Lownsdale
Race, George R. Engine SS Henry R. Mallory
Record, Richard Engine SS James Oglethorpe
Rosenbloom, J. R. Deck SS Charles Henderson
Rowley, James R. Deck SS James Sprunt
Rovella, Louis J. Deck SS Firethorn
Schultz, Bernard Deck SS Cape Ugat
Schuster, Samuel Deck SS Examelia
See, Robert J. Engine SS Azalea City
Sempell, William S. Engine SS Bushrod Washington
Siviglia, Stephen Engine SS Robert Gray
Smith, Peter J. Engine SS William Clark
Spilman, Bernard W. Engine SS Examelia
Stadstad, Jack N. Engine SS John Drayton
Stewart, John N. Deck SS Samuel Heintzelman
Sturges, Jonathan F. Engine SS John Winthrop
Talbott, John O. Engine SS John Morgan
Tamplin, Charles W. Deck SS Richard Bland
Tone, Francis B. Engine SS Samuel J. Tilden
Tucek, John P. Deck SS James Sprunt
Tyler, Samuel T. Deck SS Dorchester
Tyne, Gordon A. Deck MS American Leader
Vancure, Robert C. Engine SS Louise Lykes
Viridakis, George   Lost in training 12/12/42
Walters, Eugene W. Deck SS Louise Lykes
Watson, John H. Deck SS Peter Minuit
Weis, William R., Jr. Deck SS Nathaniel Hawthorne
Wiggin, Edwin P. Deck SS William C. Gorgas
Wilkinson, Benjamin H. Deck SS John Morgan
Wilson, William C. Deck SS Jonathan Sturges
Wright, Donald S. Deck SS Cornelia P. Spencer
Zapletal, Edwin S. Deck SS Paul Hamilton

The U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Battle Standard

The U.S. Merchant Marine Academy is privileged among the nation's five federal academies to be the only institution authorized to carry a battle standard as part of its color guard. The proud and colorful battle standard perpetuates the memory of the 142 Academy cadet/midshipmen who were casualties of World War II.

Merchant Marine Academy Battle Standard

During times of war, members of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard engage in combat, but the students at their respective service academies do not. However, the students of the USMMA receive an integral part of their training at sea, and in the Second World War often found their lives in peril as they sailed through enemy-controlled waters or unloaded precious cargo in overseas combat areas. In all, 142 such cadet/midshipmen never returned to home port.

In their memory, the battle standard bears the number "142" on its field of red, white and blue. In its center is the eagle of the Academy's seal in blue and gray, the school colors, and the anchor of the merchant marine in gold. From its top hang the ribbons which represent the various combat zones in which the Academy's cadet/midshipmen served. The first Academy battle standard was handmade. Since 1965, replacement battle standards have been manufactured following the design provided by the Institute of Heraldry in Great Britain.

Phillip Torf, Merchant Marine Academy Liaison Officer


Logo and photo of flag courtesy U.S. Merchant Marine Academy

Sixth Anniversary Statement by Admiral Land
U.S. Merchant Marine Cadet Corps History


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