Ready Reserve Fleet Ships Used in 1990-91 Persian Gulf War

Operations Desert Shield, Desert Storm & Desert Sortie

During the Persian Gulf War the Maritime Administration (MarAd) activated the following vessels from the Ready Reserve Fleet (RRF) for use by the Military Sealift Command in delivering ammunition, fuel, tanks, food, and other supplies to the war zone.

Ready Reserve Fleet is a special part of the National Defense Reserve Fleet whose ships are kept in a state of "advanced readiness" for use within 5, 10, or 20 days.

Ship Type
Admiral Callaghan Roll-On/Roll-Off
Agent Breakbulk
Aide Breakbulk
Ambassador Breakbulk
American Explorer Tanker
American Osprey Offshore Petroleum Delivery System Tanker
Austral Lightning Lighter Aboard Ship Barge Carrier
Banner Breakbulk
Buyer Breakbulk
California Breakbulk
Cape Alava Breakbulk
Cape Alexander Breakbulk
Cape Ann Breakbulk
Cape Archway Breakbulk
Cape Avinof Breakbulk
Cape Blanco Breakbulk
Cape Bon Breakbulk
Cape Borda Breakbulk
Cape Bover Breakbulk
Cape Breton Breakbulk
Cape Canaveral Breakbulk
Cape Canso Breakbulk
Cape Carthage Breakbulk
Cape Catawba Breakbulk
Cape Catoche Breakbulk
Cape Charles Breakbulk
Cape Clear Breakbulk
Cape Cod Breakbulk
Cape Decision Roll-On/Roll-Off
Cape Diamond Roll-On/Roll-Off
Cape Domingo Roll-On/Roll-Off
Cape Douglas Roll-On/Roll-Off
Cape Ducato Roll-On/Roll-Off
Cape Edmont Roll-On/Roll-Off
Cape Farewell Lighter Aboard Ship Barge Carrier
Cape Flattery Lighter Aboard Ship Barge Carrier
Cape Florida Lighter Aboard Ship Barge Carrier
Cape Gibson Breakbulk
Cape Girardeau Breakbulk
Cape Henry Roll-On/Roll-Off
Cape Horn Roll-On/Roll-Off
Cape Hudson Roll-On/Roll-Off
Cape Inscription Roll-On/Roll-Off
Cape Isabel Roll-On/Roll-Off
Cape Johnson Breakbulk
Cape Juby Breakbulk
Cape Lambert Roll-On/Roll-Off
Cape Lobos Roll-On/Roll-Off
Cape May Heavylift Barge Carrier
Cape Mendocino Heavylift Barge Carrier
Cape Mohican Heavylift Barge Carrier
Cape Nome Breakbulk
Comet Roll-On/Roll-Off
Cornhusker State Auxillary Craneship
Courier Breakbulk
Curtiss* Aviation Logistics Support
Del Monte Breakbulk
Delvalle Breakbulk
Diamond State Auxillary Craneship
Equality State Auxillary Craneship
Flickertail State Auxillary Craneship
Gem State Auxillary Craneship
Gopher State Auxillary Craneship
Gulf Banker Breakbulk
Gulf Merchant Breakbulk
Gulf Shipper Breakbulk
Gulf Trader Breakbulk
Jupiter Roll-On/Roll-Off
Lake Breakbulk
Maine Breakbulk
Meteor Roll-On/Roll-Off
Mission Buenaventura Tanker
Mission Capistrano Tanker
Northern Light Breakbulk
Potomac Tanker/ Offshore Petroleum Delivery System Tanker
Pride Breakbulk
Santa Ana Breakbulk
Scan Breakbulk
Shoshone Tanker
Washington Breakbulk
Wright* Aviation Logistics Support

* The Curtiss and Wright are U.S. Navy ships maintained similarly to RRF vessels.

Maritime Administration 1991 Annual Report, U.S. Department of Transportation, Washington, DC 1992

Merchant Marine in 1991 Gulf War

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