Liberty Ship Crew

Captain (Master)
Deck department Engine department Steward's department Radio operator (Sparks) Purser-Pharmacist's Mate
Chief Mate (Mate) Chief Engineer (Chief) Chief Steward  
Second Mate First Assistant Engineer (First) Chief Cook
Third Mate Second Assistant Engineer (Second) Second Cook
Deck maintenance man Third Assistant Engineer Baker
Boatswain (Bos'n) Deck Engineer Messman (6)
Carpenter (Chips) Oiler (3) Galleyman
Able seaman (6) Fireman/watertender (3)     
Ordinary seaman (3) Wiper (2)


Naval Armed Guard

Duties of Seamen in Deck Department

Duties of Seamen in Engine Department

Duties of Seamen in Steward Department

Black gang - the engine room crew, the name originating on coal burning ships
Bos'n - deck supervisor, unlicensed
Messman - waiter and dishwasher
Ordinary seaman - the lowest grade for the deck department
Purser-Pharmacist's mate - bookkeeper and medic
Wiper - a general handyman in the engine room

What did World War II seamen wear?

Captain Hugh Mulzac and officers of the SS Booker T. Washington
Captain Hugh Mulzac and officers of the SS Booker T. Washington.
(Mulzac, center, hands in pockets). [photo from National Archives]

Unlicensed crew in work clothes
Unlicensed crew in work clothes. [from "Heroes in Dungarees" by John Bunker]

Men and Ships in WWII


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