Miscellaneus U.S. Maritime Commission Ships Part 2

  • L6 Laker Types
    Coal burning vessels 620 ft long, 60 foot beam, 2,500 horsepower.
    L6-S-A1 type had Lenz 4 cylinder compund engines; 8,758 gross tons and 15,825 deadweight tons
    L6-S-B1 type had 3 cylinder triple expansion engines; 9,057 gross tons and 15,865 deadweight tons
  • V-4 Tugs photo of V-4 Tug
    The V-4-M-A1 Tugs were 195 foot long, 37.5 foot beam, 15.5 foot draft, twin diesel, 2,250 horsepower, 1,063 displacement tons, top speed 14 knots. They were built in 1943 in 6 shipbuilding yards: Avondale Marine (Westego, LA), General Ships & Engine (East Boston, MA), Pennsylvania Shipbuilding (Beaumont, TX), Globe Shipbuilding (Superior, WI), Froemming Bros. (Milwaukee, WI), Pendleton Shipbuilding (New Orleans, LA). The 49 V-4 Tugs were named after lighhouses.
  • V-2-ME-A1 Tugs
    The 26 tugs of this type were steel, single screw, 190 or 200 gross tons, 325 displacement tons, used various engines ranging from 800 to 1,000 horsepower. They were 100 feet long, 25 foot beam, 11.5 foot draft, 13.5 foot depth. All were named for ports. As Army Transport Service or Navy tugs they carried designations of YT, YTB, or YTM
  • Wood Tugs
    , 157 foot long, 32.5 feet beam, 557 gross tons (14 built) 1,000 horsepower triple expansion steam reciprocating engine
  • V2-M-AL1 were wooden tugs 66 foot long, 19 foot beam, 50 gross tons 240 horsepowere diesel engine (35 built)
  • Concrete Ships
    Concrete ships, most of which later became breakwaters, (including two at Normandy), came in the following four types:
    C-1-S-D1, 366 feet long, 54 foot beam, 3 cylinder triple expansion steam engine, 1,300 horsepower, 4,825 gross tons. Speed 7 knots (24 built)
    B7-A1 (barge) 366 foot long, 55 foot beam, 4,968 gross tons (11 built)
    B7-A2 (barge) 375 foot long, 56 foot beam, 5,410 gross tons (22 built)
    B5-BJ1 (lighter) 265 foot long, 48 foot beam, 2,630 gross tons (22 built) named after chemical elements
    B5-BJ2 (Refrigerated lighter) 265 foot long, 48 foot beam, 2,630 gross tons (3 built)
    B5-BJ3 (lighter) 265 foot long, 48 foot beam, 2,630 gross tons (2 built) similar to B5-BJ1, specially fitted for Army use
    B7-D1 (barge) 366 foot long, 54 foot beam, 4,338 gross tons (20 built)
  • Wood barges
    , 194 foot long, 33 feet beam, 862 gross tons (30 built)
    B5-G1, 274 foot long, 46 feet beam, 2,497 gross tons (11 built)
  • Derrick Barges
    Two S1-BD-G1 derrick barges built were 150 feet long, 54 foot beam, 971 gross tons
  • Railroad Car Floats
    35 railroad floats, type B4-BX1, 250 feet long, 34 foot beam, 500 gross tons



Adirondack (I), launched as; completed as Richard J. Reiss (L6-S-B1)
Agate (B7-D1)
Albert Kahn (C-1-S-D1)
Anacapa (V-4 Tug)
Antimony (B5-BJ2)
Aransas Pass (V-4 Tug)
Argon (B5-BJ1)
Armand Considere (C-1-S-D1)
Arthur Newell Talbot (C-1-S-D1)
Asphalt (B7-D1)
Atako, former Steadfast (V3-S-AH2)
Ataran, former Durable (V3-S-AH2)
Atengo, former Power (V3-S-AH2)
Athelney, former Dextrous (V3-S-AH2)
Atherida, former Compeller (V3-S-AH2)
Atiamuri, former Resister (V3-S-AH2)
Atil, former Mighty (V3-S-AH2)
Atmore, former Robust (V3-S-AH2)
Atolia, former Spirited (V3-S-AH2)
Atoyac, former Helper (V3-S-AH2)
Attigny, former Secure (V3-S-AH2)
Atwood, former Superb (V3-S-AH2)

Bald Head (V-4 Tug)
Barite (B7-D1)
Barium (B5-BJ1)
Bauxite (I) laid down as; completed as Silica (B7-D1)
Bauxite (II) (B7-D1)
Bayou St John (V-4 Tug)
Belle Isle, launched as; completed as Champlain, (L6-S-A1)
Bismuth (B5-BJ1)
Black Rock (V-4 Tug)
Bodie Island (V-4 Tug)
Boon Island (V-4 Tug)
Bromide (B5-BJ1)
Burnt Island (V-4 Tug)

C. W. Pasley (C-1-S-D1)
Cadillac, completed as; launched as Lake Angelina (L6-S-B1)
Cadmium (B5-BJ1)
Calcium (B5-BJ2)
Carbon (B5-BJ1)
Carmita, completed as; laid down as Slate (B7-D1)
Cerium (B5-BJ3)
Champlain, launched as Belle Isle
Chromite (B7-D1)
Chromium (B5-BJ1)
Cinnabar (B7-D1)
Clarence B. Randall (L6-S-B1)
Cobalt (B5-BJ1)
Compeller (V3-S-AH2)
Concrete No 1-5 (B7-A2)
Concrete No 6-12 (B7-A1)
Concrete No 29-32 (B7-A1)
Corundum, completed as; laid down as Limestone (I) (B7-D1)
Cubits Gap (V-4 Tug)

David O. Saylor (C-1-S-D1)
Derrick No. 1-2
Dexterous (V3-S-AH2)
Douglas Fir I-V (B3-F1)
Dry Tortugas (V-4 Tug)
Durable (V3-S-AH2)

E. G. Grace, completed as; laid down as Lincolnshire (L6-S-A1)
Edwin Clarence Eckel (C-1-S-D1)
Edwin Thacher (C-1-S-D1)
Emile N. Vidal (C-1-S-D1)

Farallon (V-4 Tug)
Feldspar (B7-D1)
Fire Island (V-4 Tug)
Flint (B7-D1)
Forthright (V3-S-AH2)
Francois Hennebique (C-1-S-D1)
Frank Armstrong, completed as; launched as Pilot Knob (I) (L6-S-B1)
Frank Purnell, completed as; launched as McIntyre (L6-S-B1)

Gay Head (V-4 Tug)
George A. Sloan, completed as; launched as Hill Annex (L6-S-B1)
Granite (B7-D1)
Graphite (B7-D1)
Great Isaac (V-4 Tug)
Gypsum (B7-D1)

Helium (B5-BJ1)
Helper (V3-S-AH2)
Hemlock I-II (B3-F1)
Hill Annex, launched as; completed as George A. Sloan (L6-S-B1)
Hillsboro Inlet (V-4 Tug)
Hydrogen (B5-BJ2)

Iridium (B5-BJ1)

J. Burton Ayers (L6-S-A1)
J. H. Hiliman Jr. (L6-S-B1)
John Grant (C-1-S-D1)
John Smeaton (C-1-S-D1)
John T. Hutchinson (L6-S-A1)
Joseph Aspdin (C-1-S-D1)
Jupiter Inlet (V-4 Tug)

L. J. Vicat (C-1-S-D1)
Lake Angelina, launched as; completed as Cadillac (L6-S-B1)
Lancashire, launched as; completed as Sewell Avery (L6-S-A1)
Lehigh (I), completed as; launched as Mesabi (L6-S-B1)
Leonard Chase Wason (C-1-S-D1)
Libby Island (V-4 Tug)
Lignite (B7-D1)
Limestone (I), laid down as; completed as Corundum (B7-D1)
Limestone (Il) (B7-D1)
Lincolnshire, laid down as; completed as E.G. Grace (L6-S-A1)
Lithium (B5-BJ1)

M. H. Le Chatelier (C-1-S-D1)
Magnesium (B5-BJ1)
Marl (B7-D1)
Matagorda (V-4 Tug)
McIntyre, launched as; completed as Frank Purnell (L6-S-B1)
Mesabi, launched as; completed as Lehigh (I) (L6-S-B1)
Mica (B7-D1)
Midnight (III) (B7-D1)
Mighty (V3-S-AH2)
Mobile Point (V-4 Tug)
Montauk Point (V-4 Tug)
Moose Peak (V-4 Tug)

Neon (B5-BJ1)
Nickel (B5-BJ1)
Nitrogen (B5-BJ1)

Oregon Pine I-III (B5-G1)

P. M. Anderson (C-1-S-D1)
Petit Manan (V-4 Tug)
Phosphorus (B5-BJ1)
Pigeon Point (V-4 Tug)
Pilot Knob (I), launched as; completed as Frank Armstrong (L6-S-B1)
Pilot Knob (II), launched as; completed as Steelton (L6-S-B1)
Pine Tree I-IV (B3-F1)
Point Arena (V-4 Tug)
Point Arguello (V-4 Tug)
Point Cabrillo (V-4 Tug)
Point Judith (V-4 Tug)
Point Loma (V-4 Tug)
Point Sur (V-4 Tug)
Point Vicente (V-4 Tug)
Port Allegheny (V2-ME-A1)
Port Allen (V2-ME-A1)
Port Angeles (V2-ME-A1)
Port Arthur (V2-M-AL1)
Port Austin (V2-M-AL1)
Port Barre (V2-ME-A1)
Port Blakely (V2-ME-A1)
Port Bolivar (V2-M-AL1)
Port Byron (V2-ME-A1)
Port Chester (V2-ME-A1)
Port Chicago, (V2-M-AL1)
Port Clinton (V2-ME-A1)
Port Clyde (V2-ME-A1)
Port Conway (V2-ME-A1)
Port Costa (V2-M-AL1)
Port Crane (V2-ME-A1)
Port Deposit (V2-ME-A1)
Port Discovery (V2-ME-A1)
Port Edwards (V2-ME-A1)
Port Elizabeth (V2-ME-A1)
Port Ewen (V2-M-AL1)
Port Fulton (V2-ME-A1)
Port Gamble (V2-M-AL1)
Port Gibson (V2-M-AL1)
Port Haywood (V2-M-AL1)
Port Henry (V2-ME-A1)
Port Homer (V2-M-AL1)
Port Hope (V2-M-AL1)
Port Hudson (V2-ME-A1)
Port Huron (V2-ME-A1)
Port Inglis (V2-M-AL1)
Port Jefferson (V2-M-AL1)
Port Jervis (V2-ME-A1)
Port Kennedy (V2-M-AL1)
Port Kent (V2-ME-A1)
Port Lavaca (V2-M-AL1)
Port Leyden (V2-M-AL1)
Port Ludlow (V2-ME-A1)
Port Madison (V2-ME-A1)
Port Mayaca (V2-M-AL1)
Port Neches (V2-M-AL1)
Port O'Connor (V2-M-AL1)
Port Orange (V2-M-AL1)
Port Orchard (V2-ME-A1)
Port Reading (V2-M-AL1)
Port Richey (V2-M-AL1)
Port St. Joe (V2-M-AL1)
Port San Luis (V2-M-AL1)
Port Sanilac (V2-M-AL1)
Port Sewall (V2-M-AL1)
Port Stanley (V2-M-AL1)
Port Sullivan (V2-M-AL1)
Port Sulphur (V2-M-AL1)
Port Tampa City (V2-M-AL1)
Port Tobacco (V2-M-AL1)
Port Townsend (V2-M-AL1)
Port Treverton (V2-M-AL1)
Port Vincent (V2-ME-A1)
Port Wentworth (V2-ME-A1)
Port William (V2-M-AL1)
Port Wing (V2-M-AL1)
Power (V3-S-AH2)

Quartz (B7-D1)

Race Point (V-4 Tug)
Radium (B5-BJ1)
Radon (B5-BJ3)
Red Alder I-V (B5-G1)
Red Oak I-III, V (B3-F1)
Redwood I-V (B3-F1)
Resister (V3-S-AH2)
Richard J. Reiss, completed as; launched as Adirondack (I) (L6-S-B1)
Richard Kidder Meade (C-1-S-D1)
Richard Lewis Humphrey (C-1-S-D1)
Robust (V3-S-AH2)
Robert C. Stanley (L6-S-B1)
Robert Whitman Lesley (C-1-S-D1)

Sabine Pass (V-4 Tug)
Sand Key (V-4 Tug)
Sanibel Island (V-4 Tug)
Sands Point (V-4 Tug)
Sankaty Head (V-4 Tug)
Scotch Cap (V-4 Tug)
Secure (V3-S-AH2)
Seguin (V-4 Tug)
Sewell Avery, launched as Lancashire (L6-S-A1)
Silica, completed as; laid down as Bauxite (I) (B7-D1)
Slate, laid down as; completed as Carmita (B7-D1)
Sodium (B5-BJ1)
Sombrero Key (V-4 Tug)
Southwest Pass (V-4 Tug)
Spirited (V3-S-AH2)
St. Simon (II) (V-4 Tug)
Steadfast (V3-S-AH2)
Steelton, completed as; launched as Pilot Knob (II) (L6-S-B1)
Stratford Point (V-4 Tug)
Sulphur (B5-BJ1)
Superb (V3-S-AH2)
Sustainer (V3-S-AH2)

Tellurium (B5-BJ1)
Thaddeus Morriman (C-1-S-D1)
Thomas Wilson (L6-S-A1)
Trinidad Head (V-4 Tug)
Tungsten (B5-BJ1)
Tusa 200-234, 249
Two Harbors (V-4 Tug)
Tybee (V-4 Tug)

Uranium (B5-BJ1)

Vitruvius (C-1-S-D1)

Watch Hill (V-4 Tug)
Western Larch I-III (B5-G1)
White Ash I-III (B3-F1)
White Oak I-II (B3-F1)
White Pine I-V (B3-F1)
White Shoal (V-4 Tug)
Willard A. Pollard (C-1-S-D1)
William Foster Cowham (C-1-S-D1)
Willis A. Slater (C-1-S-D1)
Wood Island (V-4 Tug)

YCF Nos 22-56
Yaquina Head (V-4 Tug)
YO 145-146 (B7-A2)
YO 159-163 (B7-A2)
YO 182-187 (B7-A2)
YOG 40-42
YOG 53 (B7-A2)
YOG 82-84

Source:From America to United States: The History of the long-range Merchant shipbuilding Programme of the Unites States Maritime Commission (1937-1952 ) Part 3, L.A. Sawyer and W.H.Mitchell London: World Ship Society, 1984



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