Mission Tankers

The Mission Tankers were built by Marinship, Sausalito, California for the United States Maritime Commission during 1943 to 1945

Illustration of the SS Mission Purisima

Mission Alamo
Mission Buenaventura
Mission Capistrano
Mission Carmel
Mission De Pala
Mission Dolores
Mission Loreto
Mission Los Angeles
Mission Purisima
Mission San Antonio
Mission San Carlos
Mission San Diego
Mission San Fernando
Mission San Francisco
Mission San Gabriel
Mission San Jose
Mission San Juan
Mission San Lorenzo
Mission San Luis Obispo
Mission San Luis Rey
Mission San Miguel
Mission San Rafael
Mission San Xavier
Mission Santa Ana
Mission Santa Barbara
Mission Santa Clara
Mission Santa Cruz
Mission Santa Maria
Mission Santa Ynez
Mission Solano
Mission Soledad


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Walter W. Jaffee, Glencannon Press, Palo Alto, CA, 1993

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