Ship Casualties of the Socony Vacuum Company During World War II
(now Mobil Shipping and Transportation Company)

Ship Flag Date of casualty Cause
Acme US 03/17/42 Torpedoed, Repaired
Ahamo Great Britain 04/08/41 Mined, Lost
Altair US 11/21/43 Collided, Lost
Ario US 03/15/42 Torpedoed, Shelled, Lost
Arthur F. Corwin Great Britain 02/13/41 Torpedoed, Lost
Astral US 12/02/41 Torpedoed, Lost
Atlas US 04/09/42 Torpedoed, Lost
Aurora US 05/10/42 Torpedoed, Shelled, Repaired
Brilliant US 11/18/42 Torpedoed, Repaired
Brilliant US 01/20/43 Split, Lost
Broad Arrow US 01/08/43 Torpedoed, Lost
Caddo US 11/23/42 Torpedoed, Lost
Charles F. Meyer Great Britain 03/04/40 Mined, Repaired
Charles F. Meyer Great Britain 11/27/40 Torpedoed, Repaired
China Arrow US 02/05/42 Torpedoed, Shelled, Lost
Coimbra Great Britain 01/14/42 Torpedoed, Lost
Dixie Arrow US 03/26/42 Torpedoed, Lost
Eagle US 06/25/43 Torpedoed, Repaired
Eclipse Great Britain 05/04/42 Torpedoed, Repaired
Edwy R. Brown Great Britain 02/--/41 Torpedoed, Lost
Emidio US 12/20/41 Torpedoed, Lost
Eocene Great Britain 05/20/42 Torpedoed, Lost
Frederick S. Fales Great Britain 09/21/40 Torpedoed, Lost
G. S. Walden Great Britain 08/02/42 Torpedoed, Repaired
G. S. Walden Great Britain 05/14/44 Torpedoed, Repaired
India Arrow US 02/04/42 Torpedoed, Shelled, Lost
James J. Maguire Great Britain 11/18/39 Mined, Repaired
Java Arrow US 05/05/42 Torpedoed, Repaired
John A. Brown Great Britain 12/--/40 Mined, Repaired
Liebre US 04/02/42 Shelled, Repaired
Mobiloil US 04/29/42 Torpedoed, Shelled, Lost
Mobilube US 01/18/43 Torpedoed, Shelled, Lost
Olean US 03/14/42 Torpedoed, Repaired
Pegasus Great Britain 07/31/40 Captured, Lost
Rochester US 01/30/42 Torpedoed, Shelled
Socony Great Britain 09/09/41 Collided, Lost
Stanvac Calcutta Panama 06/06/42 Shelled, Torpedoed, Lost
Stanvac Manila Panama 05/24/43 Torpedoed, Lost
Stanvac Melbourne US 04/11/42 Torpedoed, Repaired
Stanvac Melbourne Panama 09/12/42 Torpedoed, Lost
Stanvac Palembang Panama 07/10/42 Torpedoed, Shelled, Lost
Sylvan Arrow Panama 05/20/42 Torpedoed, Lost
Tahchee Great Britain 09/10/41 Torpedoed, Repaired
Tascalusa Great Britain 07/10/40 Bombed, Lost
Tiger US 03/31/42 Torpedoed, Lost
Toorak Great Britain 01/16/42 Torpedoed, Lost
Vaclite Great Britain 01/30/40 Torpedoed, Lost
W. B. Walker Great Britain 01/29/41 Torpedoed, Lost
Winamac Great Britain 08/31/42 Torpedoed, Lost
Yankee Arrow US 08/03/43 Mined, Repaired
Yarraville Great Britain 06/21/40 Torpedoed, Lost

The Years of Peril, Cdr. Arthur Gordon, New York: Socony-Vacuum Oil Co. (Mobil Shipping and Transportation Company), 1954, 1994

Stanvac Calcutta: the Gallant Ship that Fought a German Raider

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