American President Lines Ships

Data from The American President Lines and Its Forebears, 1848-1984, John Niven 1987.

Name, ship Class, year built (the roman numeral indicates number by that name)
President Adams
President Garfield
President Hayes
President Harrison
President Monroe
President Polk
President Van Buren
 502 (522) Built 1920-21
President Cleveland
*President Grant
President Jackson
President Jefferson
President Lincoln
President McKinley
*President Madison
President Pierce
President Taft
President Wilson

 535 Built 1921

*not an APL ship

President Harding II  C2-S-AJ3 Built 1944
President Adams II
President Garfield II
President Hayes II
President Jackson II
President Monroe II
President Polk II
President Van Buren II
  C-3P Built 1940-41
President Harrison II
President Johnson II
President Van Buren III
 C3-S-A2 Built 1943
President Grant II
President Jefferson II
President Madison II
President McKinley II
President Pierce II
President Taft II
 C3-S-A4 Built 1945-46
President Adams III
President Hayes III
President Jackson III
 V-2000 (P2-S1-DN3) Built 1951-52
President Arthur I
President Buchanan II
President Fillmore III
President Garfield III
President Harding I
President Tyler II
 Victory VC2-S-AP3 Built 1944-45
President Cleveland II
President Wilson II
 P2-SE2-R3 Built 1947-48
President Roosevelt I  P2-S2-R14 Built 1944
President Adams IV
President Coolidge II
President Hayes IV
President Jackson IV
 Mariner C4-S-1h Built 1952-54
President Arthur II
President Buchanan III
President Garfield IV
President Taylor II
 Mariner C4-S-1p Built 1952-54
President Lincoln II
President Tyler III
 Searacer C4-S-1q Built 1961
President Harrison III
President Monroe III
President Polk III
 Master Mariner C4-S-1qa (C6-S-1qc) Built 1965-66
President Fillmore V
President Grant IV
President McKinley III
President Taft III
President Van Buren IV
 Seamaster C4-S-69a (C6-S-69c) Built 1967-68
President Jefferson III
President Johnson V
President Madison III
President Pierce III
 Pacesetter C6-S-85b Built 1973-74
President Eisenhower I
President Roosevelt II
President Truman
 C4--S-1s (C6-S-1x) Built 1961-62
President Kennedy  C4-S-1Sa (C6-S1-XA) Built 1964
President Adams [V]
President Cleveland [ill]
President Jackson V
President Taylor III
President Wilson III
 C5-S-75a Built 1968-69
President Grant V
President Hoover III
President Tyler IV
 LASH (C8-S-81e) built 1971-72
President Lincoln III
President Monroe IV
President Washington
 C9-M-132b Built 1982-83
President Eisenhower II
President F. D. Roosevelt
 C9-M-F148a Built 1982-83
President Coolidge I  Unclassified, Built 1931
President Hoover I  Unclassified, not an APL ship
President Fillmore I (ex-Mongolia)
President Johnson I (ex-Manchuria)
 Unclassified, Built 1904


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