American Flag Ships 1939
American Flag ships in foreign trade or trade with U.S. possessions and territories [including Alaska and Hawaii] as of April 1939.

There are 492 ships on this official U.S. government list prepared by the U.S. Maritime Commission. If a ship is not on this list, but was an ocean-going ship, it was probably engaged only in coastwise voyages, for example, New York to New Orleans, or Seattle to Los Angeles.

Name of Ship Name of Line Tonnage
Abangarez United Fruit Co. 4,538
Absaroka McCormick Line 5,698
Acadia Eastern Steamship Lines 6,185
Admiral Halstead American President Lines 3,289
Afoundria Waterman Line 5,010
Agwindale New York and Cuba Mail Steamship Co. 4,763
Agwistar New York and Cuba Mail Steamship Co. 4,661
Alabaman American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 7,004
Alaska Alaska Line 4,658
Alaskan American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 5,364
Aleutian Alaska Line 6,361
Almeria Lykes Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 2,637
American American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 4,846
American Banker United States Lines 7,430
American Farmer United States Lines 7,430
American Importer United States Lines 7,590
American Merchant United States Lines 7,430
American Press Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 5,135
American Shipper United States Lines 7,430
American Trader United States Lines 7,430
American Traveler United States Lines 7,555
Ancon Panama Line 9,640
Angelina Bull Insular Line, Inc. 4,772
Anniston City Isthmian Lines 5,686
Antigua United Fruit Co. 6,982
Antinuos Mobile Oceanic Line 6,034
Aquarius Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 6,094
Argentina American Republics Line 20,614
Arizonan American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 5,825
Arizpa Mobile Oceanic Line 5,437
Arkansan American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 6,997
Arlyn Bull Insular Line, Inc. 3,304
Artigas Oriole Lines 5,161
Atenas United Fruit Co. 4,639
Atlanta City Isthmian Lines 5,686
Azalea City Mobile Oceanic Line 5,847
Baranof Alaska Line 5,065
Barbara Bull Insular Line, Inc. 4,637
Beatrice Bull Insular Line, Inc. 3,450
Bellingham Mobile Oceanic Line 5,345
Bering Alaska Line 2,361
Bethore Ore Steamship Corp. 8,257
Bienville Mobile Oceanic Line 5,491
Birmingham City Isthmian Lines 6,194
Black Condor Black Diamond Lines 5,358
Black Eagle Black Diamond Lines 5,060
Black Falcon Black Diamond Lines 5,049
Black Gull Black Diamond Lines 5,029
Black Hawk Black Diamond Lines 4,988
Black Heron Black Diamond Lines 4,926
Black Osprey Black Diamond Lines 5,589
Black Tern Black Diamond Lines 5,032
Borinquen Porto Rico Line 7,114
Brazil American Republics Line 20,614
Buenaventura Panama Line 2,609
Cacique Grace Line 2,718
Calamares United Fruit Co. 7,233
Californian American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 5,908
Canadian American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 5,802
Capac Grace Line 5,586
Capillo American Hampton Roads Line-Yankee Line 5,135
Capulin Oriole Lines 4,977
Cardonia Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 5,104
Carlton Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 5,127
Caroline Bull Insular Line, Inc. 3,209
Carolinian American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 6,997
Carrillo United Fruit Co. 4,593
Cartago United Fruit Co. 4,732
Catherine Bull Insular Line, Inc. 2,286
Cathlamet American-West African Line 5,869
Challenger American South African Line 7,667
Charcas Grace Line 5,555
Charles R. McCormick McCormick Line 6,027
Chattanooga City Isthmian Lines 5,686
Chester Valley Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 5,078
Chickasaw City Isthmian Lines 6,196
Chilore Ore Steamship Corp. 8,310
Chipana Grace Line 3,280
Chiriqui United Fruit Co. 6,963
Choluteca United Fruit Co. 2,493
City of Alma Mobile Oceanic Line 5,446
City of Baltimore Panama Pacific Line 8,424
City of Dalhart American Pioneer Line 5,878
City of Elwood American Pioneer Line 6,197
City of Flint American Hampton Roads Line-Yankee Line 4,963
City of Joliet Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 6,167
City of Los Angeles Panama Pacific Line 8,378
City of Newport News Panama Pacific Line 8,424
City of New York American South African Line 8,272
City of Norfolk Panama Pacific Line 8,424
City of Omaha Panama Pacific Line 6,124
City of Rayville American Pioneer Line 5,883
City of San Francisco Panama Pacific Line 8,378
Clare Bull Insular Line, Inc. 3,372
Clearwater Delta Line 4,970
Coamo Porto Rico Line 7,057
Cody Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 5,104
Cold Harbor Oriole Lines 5,010
Collamer America France Line 5,112
Coloradan American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 6,557
Columbia Alaska Line 5,453
Columbian American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 4,954
Comayagua United Fruit Co. 2,493
Comerio Porto Rico Line 3,349
Condor Grace Line 4,747
Coppename United Fruit Co. 3,289
Coquina Matson Line 2,140
Cordova Alaska Line 2,089
Cornelia Bull Insular Line, Inc. 3,129
Corozal Porte Rico Line 3,109
Corrales Matson Line 2,146
Coya Grace Line 4,954
Cranford Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 6,096
Cripple Creek Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 6,320
Cristobal Panama Line 9,604
Crown City American Pioneer Line 5,433
Cuba Peninsular and Occidental Steamship Co. 2,472
Cubore Ore Steamship Corp. 7,051
Curaca Grace Line 3,280
Curacao Alaska Line 1,548
Cuzco Grace Line 5,496
Dakotan American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 5,220
Defacto American Sugar Transit Corp. 4,800
Delalba Delta Line 5,101
Delawarean American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 5,705
Delfina Baltimore Insular Line 3,480
Delisle Baltimore Insular Line 3,478
Dellwood Alaska Line 3,923
Delmar Delta Line 5,107
Delmundo Delta Line 5,032
Delnorte Delta Line 4,982
Delplata Delta Line 5,127
Delrio Delta Line 5,052
Delsud Delta Line 4,982
Delvalle Delta Line 5,032
Denali Alaska Line 3,365
Depere Alaska Line 3,475
Derblay Alaska Line 3,475
De Soto Mobile Oceanic Line 5,591
Diamond Head Matson Line 5,603
Domino American Sugar Transit Corp. 3,170
Dorothy Bull Insular Line, Inc. 4,647
Dryden Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 6,162
Duquesne Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 6,262
Edith Bull Insular Line, Inc. 3,382
Effingham Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 6,421
Eglantine Lykes Bros. Steamship Co.. 6,312
Elizabeth Bull Insular Line, Inc. 4,727
Ellenor Bull Insular Line, Inc. 3,481
Emergency Aid Pacific Argentine Brazil 5,333
Emilia Bull Insular Line, Inc. 4,719
Endicott Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 6,319
Ensley City Isthmian Lines 6,157
Esparta United Fruit Co. 3,365
Estrada Palma Florida East Coast Car Ferry Co. 2,639
Ethan Allen Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 7,777
Evangeline Eastern Steamship Lines 5,043
Evelyn Bull Insular Line, Inc. 3,140
Ewa Matson Line 7,001
Examelia American Export Lines 5,081
Examiner American Export Lines 4,969
Excalibur American Export Lines 9,359
Excambion American Export Lines 9,360
Excello American Export Lines 4,990
Exchange American Export Lines 4,971
Exchester American Export Lines 4,964
Executive American Export Lines 4,978
Exermont American Export Lines 4,969
Exeter American Export Lines 9,360
Exhibitor American Export Lines 4,959
Exiria American Export Lines 4,999
Exminster American Export Lines 4,985
Exmoor American Export Lines 4,999
Exmouth American Export Lines 4,979
Exochorda American Export Lines 9,359
Express American Export Lines 4,969
Extavia American Export Lines 4,986

Fairfield City Isthmian Lines 5,686
Falcon Grace Line 2,966
Firmore Ore Steamship Corp. 7,117
Florida Peninsular and Occidental Steamship Co. 4,945
Floridian American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 6,998
Fluor Spar South Atlantic Mail Line 5,055
Forbes Hauptman McCormick Line 5,674
Gateway City Mobile Oceanic Line 5,432
Genevieve Lykes Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 2,659
Georgeanna Bull Insular Line, Inc. 2,088
Georgian American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 5,825
Golden Kauri Matson Line 5,548
Governor John Lind Baltimore Insular Line 3,431
Greylock Robin Line 7,460
Guayaquil Panama Line 2,592
Hamakua Matson Line 6,406
Hanover Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 7,466
Hastings Mobile Oceanic Line 5,401
Hawaiian American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 4,868
Helen Bull Insular Line, Inc. 3,128
Henry M. Flagler Florida East Coast Car Ferry Co. 2,699
Heredia United Fruit Co. 4,732
Hibueras United Fruit Co. 1,445
Hilton Bull Insular Line, Inc. 4,741
Hollowood Pacific Argentine Brazil Line 5,498
Honamu Matson Line 6,999
Honolulan American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 7,493
Hybert Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 6,120

Iberville Mobile Oceanic Line 5,685
Independence Hall America France Line 5,050
Indianan American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 5,582
Iowan American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 5,208
Ipswich Mobile Oceanic Line 5,671
Irene Bull Insular Line, Inc. 3,482
Isabella Porto Rico Line 3,109
Isthmian American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 6,473

Jamaica United Fruit Co. 6,968
Jean Bull Insular Line, Inc. 4,902
Jean Lafite Mobile Oceanic Line 5,773
Jeff Davis American Pioneer Line 6,174
Jomar Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 5,104
Joseph R. Parrott Florida East Coast Car Ferry Co. 2,406

Kahuku Matson Line 6,062
Kailua Matson Line 5,342
Kaimoku Matson Line 6,367
Kainalu Matson Line 6,047
Kalani Matson Line 5,506
Kansan American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 4,870
Kenai Alaskan Line 382
Kenowis Waterman Line 4,934
Kentuckian American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 5,200
Knoxville City Isthmian Lines 5,686
Kohala Matson Line 5,833

Lafcomo Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 5,028
Lahaina Matson Line 5,645
Lakina Alaska Line 2,059
La Perla United Fruit Co. 3,792
Lara Grace Line 2,967
Latouche Alaska Line 2,332
Lebore Ore Steamship Corp. 8,289
Lehigh American Hampton Roads Line-Yankee Line 4,983
Liberator Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 7,720
Liberty American Hampton Ronde Line-Yankee Line 6,211
Lihue Matson Line 7,001
Liloa Matson Line 5,523
Louisianan American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 5,484
Lurline Matson Line 18,009
Mae Bull Insular Line, Inc. 5,607
Mahimahi Matson Line 7,350
Mahukona Matson Line 2,512
Maiden Creek Waterman Line 5,031
Major Wheeler Baltimore Insular Line 3,431
Makaweli Matson Line 2,630
Makena Matson Line 2,729
Makiki Matson Line 5,924
Makua Matson Line 3,275
Malama Matson Line 3,275
Maliko Matson Line 6,847
Mana Matson Line 3,283
Mangore Ore Steamship Corp. 4,066
Manhattan United States Lines 24,289
Manini Matson Line 3,253
Manoa Matson Line 6,805
Manuela Bull Insular Line, Inc. 4,772
Manukai Matson Line 9,547
Manulani Matson Line 9,556
Mapele Matson Line 3,297
Margaret Bull Insular Line, Inc. 3,352
Margaret Lykes Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 3,537
Mariana Porto Rico Line 3,109
Mariposa Oceanic Steamship Co. 18,017
Marjory Bull Insular Line, Inc. 2,323
Marore Ore Steamship Corp. 8,215
Matsonia Matson Line 17,226
Maui Panama Pacific Line 9,801
Mauna Ala Matson Line 6,256
Mauna Kea Matson Line 6,064
Mauna Loa Matson Line 5,436
Maunalei Matson Line 7,159
Maunawili Matson Line 7,409
McKeesport American Hampton Roads Line-Yankee Line 6,198
Meanticut Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 6,061
Memphis City Isthmian Lines 5,686
Metapan United Fruit Co. 4,736
Mexican American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 7,061
Mexico New York and Cuba Mail Steamship Co. 5,236
Millinocket Bull Insular Line, Inc. 3,274
Minnesotan American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 5,204
Missourian American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 5,908
Mobile City Isthmian Lines 6,157
Mokihana Matson Line 7,460
Montanan American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 4,897
Monterey Oceanic Steamship Co. 18,017
Montgomery City Isthmian Lines 5,686
Montoso Porto Rico Line 3,109
Mormacmar American Republics Line 5,453
Mormacport American Scantic Line 4,942
Mormacrey American Republics Line 5,946
Mormacrio American Republics Line 5,940
Mormacsea American Scantic Line 4,955
Mormacstar American Republics Line 4,941
Mormacsul American Republics Line 5,481
Mormacsun American Scantic Line 4,996
Mormactide American Republics Line 4,951
Mount McKinley Alaska Line 4,861
Munargo Munargo Line Co. 6,336

Narbo Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 6,085
Nashaba Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 6,062
Nebraskan American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 6,572
Nemaha Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 6,501
Nevadan American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 4,734
New Orleans American Pioneer Line 6,172
Nicarao United Fruit Co. 1,445
Nishmaha Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 6,076
North Coast Northland Transportation Co. 2,916
North Haven Northland Transportation Co. 4,653
Northland Northland Transportation Co. 1,255
Nonch Pacific Northland Transportation Co. 2,632
North Sea Northland Transportation Co. 3,133
Northwestern Alaska Line 3,094
North Wind Northland Transportation Co. 2,448

Oakman Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 6,061
Oakwood Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 6,071
Oduna Alaska Line 3,474
Ohioan American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 6,078
Oklahoman American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 5,508
Olancho United Fruit Co. 2,493
Olopana Matson Line 6,069
Onomea Matson Line 5,520
Oregonian American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 4,862
Oriente New York and Cuba Mail Steamship Co. 11,520
Orizaba New York and Cuba Mail Steamship Co. 6,937
Osage New York and Cuba Mail Steamship Co. 2,649
Otho American-West African Line 4,839

Panaman American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 5,238
Panuco New York and Cuba Mail Steamship Co. 3,570
Parismina United Fruit Co. 4,732
Pastores United Fruit Co. 7,241
Patrick Henry Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 7,743
Pennsylvanian American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 5,191
Pipestone County America France Lime 5,102
Ponce Porto Rico Lime 3,506
Potter American Pioneer Line 6,174
President Adams American President Lines 10,516
President Cleveland American President Lines 12,568
President Coolidge American President Lines 21,936
President Garfield American President Lines 10,501
President Harding United States Lines 13,869
President Harrison American President Lines 10,504
President Hayes American President Lines 10,533
President Lincoln American President Lines 12,594
President Monroe American President Lines 10,533
President Pierce American President Lines 12,579
President Polk American President Lines 10,508
President Roosevelt United States Lines 13,869
President Taft American President Lines 12,562
President Van Buren American President Lines 10,533
President Wilson American President Lines 12,597
Prusa Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 5,113
Puerto Rican American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 6,076
Puento Rico Porto Rico Line 5,236

Quaker City Oriole Lines 4,961
Quirigua United Fruit Co. 6,982

Robin Adair Robin Line 6,895
Robin Goodfellow Robin Line 6,885
Robin Gray Robin Line 6,896
Robin Hood Robin Line 6,887
Rosario Bull Insular Line, Inc. 4,659
Ruth Lykes Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 2,612

Saccarappa South Atlantic Mail Line 4,965
Sagadahoc American South African Line 6,275
Sagua United Fruit Co. 3,298
Sahale Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 5,028
Saint John Eastern Steamship Lines 6,185
San Jacinto Porto Rico Line 6,069
San Jose United Fruit Co. 3,358
San Juan Porto Rico Line 3,511
San Mateo United Fruit Co. 3,289
Santa Barbara Grace Line 7,858
Santa Clara Grace Line 8,183
Santa Elena Grace Line 9,135
Santa Inez Grace Line 4,576
Santa Lucia Grace Lice 9,135
Santa Maria Grace Line 7,857
Santa Marta United Fruit Co. 4,736
Santa Paula Grace Line 9,135
Santa Rita Grace Line 4,576
Santa Rosa Grace Line 9,135
Santore Ore Steamship Corp. 7,117
Sapinero Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 5,106
Sarcoxie American Hampton Roads Line-Yankee Line 5,116
Sawokla American Pioneer Line 5,882
Scanmail American Scantic Line 5,152
Scanpenn American Scantic Line 5,152
Scanstates American Scantic Line 5,163
Scanyork American Scantic Line 5,163
Schodack America France Line 5,041
Schoharie South Atlantic Mail Line 4,971
Scottsburg Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 7,771
Seatrain Havana Seatrain Lines, Inc. 8,061
Seatrain New Orleans Seatrain Lines, Inc. 7,633
Seatrain New York Seatrain Lines, Inc. 8,061
Selma City Isthmian Lines 5,686
Shickshinny South Atlantic Mail Line 5,103
Siboney New York and Cuba Mail Steamship Co. 6,937
Sidney M. Hauptman McCormick Line 6,027
Sixaola United Fruit Co. 4,693
Starr Alaska Line 525
Steel Age Isthmian Lines 6,187
Steel Engineer Isthmian Lines 5,686
Steel Exporter Isthmian Lines 5,686
Steel Inventor Isthmian Lines 5,686
Steelmaker Isthmian Lines 6,173
Steel Mariner Isthmian Lines 5,686
Steel Navigator Isthmian Lines 5,718
Steelore Ore Steamship Corp. 8,215
Steel Ranger Isthmian Lines 5,686
Steel Scientist Isthmian Lines 5,688
Steel Seafarer Isthmian Lines 5,718
Steel Trader Isthmian Lines 5,686
Steel Traveler Isthmian Lines 7,056
Steel Voyager Isthmian Lines 6,198
Steel Worker Isthmian Lines 5,686
Stella Lykes Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 2,609
Sundance South Atlantic Mail Line 5,035
Sutherland Alaska Line 4,716
Syros Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 6,191

Talamanca United Fruit Co. 6,963
Tampa American Pioneer Line 5,959
Tanamo United Fruit Co. 3,211
Tanana Alaska Line 3,474
Tennessean American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 6,379
Texan American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 7,005
Tillie Lykes Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 2,572
Tivives United Fruit Co. 4,596
Toloa United Fruit Co. 6,494
Tongass Alaska Transportation Co. 951
Topa Topa Mobile Oceanic Line 5,356
Tripp Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 5,703
Tulsa South Atlantic Mail Line 5,083
Turrialba United Fruit Co. 4,538
Tuscaloosa City Isthmian Lines 5,686

Ulua United Fruit Co. 6,494
Unicoi American Pioneer Line 5,873
Uruguay American Republics Line 20,184
Utahan American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 7,031

Velma Lykes Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 2,572
Veragua United Fruit Co. 6,982
Vincent American Hampton Roads Line-Yankee Line 6,210
Virginian American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 7,985
Volunteer Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 7,717

Waban Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 6,038
Wacosta Mobile Oceanic Line 5,432
Waimea Matson Line 5,670
Ward American Pioneer Line 6,167
Warrior Mobile Oceanic Line 7,551
Washington United States Lines 24,289
Washingtonian American-Hawaiian Steamahip Co. 6,617
West Cactus Pacific Argentine Brazil Line 5,581
West Camargo Pacific Argentine Brazil Line 5,804
West Cape McCormick Line 5,661
West Cawthon American South African Line 5,611
West Chatala Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 6,187
West Cobalt Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 6,055
West Cohas Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 5,647
West Cusseta American-West African Line 5,428
West Ekonk Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 5,630
Western Queen Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 5,853
West Gambo Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 5,579
West Harshaw Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 5,756
West Hobomac Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 5,755
West Humhaw American-West African Line 5,527
West Ira Pacific Argentine Brazil Line 5,681
West Irmo American-West African Line 5,775
West Isleta American South African Line 5,680
West Ivis Pacific Argentine Brazil Line 5,666
West Kebar American-West African Line 5,620
West Kyska Mobile Oceanic Line 5,552
West Lashaway American-West African Line 5,637
West Madaket Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 5,565
West Nilus Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 5,494
West Notus Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 5,496
West Quechee Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 5,711
West Tacook Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 6,176
Wichita American Pioneer Line 6,274
Wilhemina Matson Line 6,725
Willmoto American-Hawaiian Steamship Co. 4,998
Winston-Salem Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 6,223

Yaka Mobile Oceanic Line 5,432
Yarmouth Eastern Steamship Lines 5,043
Yomachichi American Pioneer Line 5,868
Yucatan New York and Cuba Mail Steamship Co. 6,678
Yukon Alaska Line 5,746

Zacapa United Fruit Co. 4,488
Zarembo American-West African Line 4,957

American Flag Services in foreign trade and with United States possessions as of April 1, 1939, U.S. Maritime Commission, Report No. 1500-8-A, Washington, D.C., U.S. Government Printing Office, 1940


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