Merchant Marine in World War I

The Great naval leader, Admiral William Snowden Sims [Commander, U. S. Naval Forces in European Waters, WWI] , praised the officers and crews of the American merchant ships who transported supplies across the Atlantic for the American Expeditionary Force:

"The skill and seamanship of these sailors was something that amazed naval officers, and they proved themselves to be seamen in a sense that naval officers never have the opportunity to become. The courage, initiative, and sense of responsibility, skill in handling ships of all types, and noteworthy seamanship characterized the merchantmen.

"Without the merchantmen's skill, courage and loyalty the war could not have been won."

Photos of Training Program

Article about Merchant Marine Training Program, 1918

Posters of World War I

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Shipbuilding during World War I

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Comparison of Navy and Merchant Marine World War I Casualties

Navy Ships
Torpedo or Bomb 14 779 148 419    
Mine 4 6 19 46    
Mine Barrage 3 7 0 0    
Misc. 38 395 12 50    
Fire or Explosion 17 13 0 0    
Collision 22 123 10 113    
Raider 0 0 10 1    
Total 98 1323 197 629 3 20


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