U.S. Maritime Service to Accept 16 Year Olds for Training

McDonnell -- Maritime 1055

PR 1889(W)


For Immediate Release
Wednesday, May 17, 1944

Cleared and Issued
Through Facilities of the
Office of War Information

The War Shipping Administration announces that, effective immediately, the United. States Maritime Service will enlist young men between the ages of 16 and 17 1/2 years for training for service in the Merchant Marine of the United States, with their parents' consent. Six weeks training is required for service as messmen and utility men in the stewards department, and 13 weeks training for service in the deck and engine departments. Upon completion of training, men will be assigned to merchant vessels within a few weeks. No men are being enrolled between the ages of 18 and 26 except those classified by Selective Service in any F or L classification or in 1-C, but all qualified men over the age of 26 and less than 35 1/2 for the deck and. engine departments, or less than 50 1/2 for the stewards department, are eligible for enlistment for training.

A career at sea has always been attractive to young men. The Merchant Marine is playing a vital part in winning the war. Without it, supplies, equipment, and troops could not be transported to our battlefronts. Gen. Eisenhower, Gen. McArthur, Gen. Montgomery, Admiral King, and Admiral Nimitz have recognized the merchant seamen as part of our fighting team.

Here is a way young men can volunteer for a part in the winning of the war, before they reach the age of registration under Selective Service.

The United States Maritime Service maintains Enrolling Offices in most principal cities. Apply there, or write to the Commandant of the United. States Maritime Service, Training Organization, War Shipping Administration, National Theatre Building, Washington 25, D. C.

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