World War II Press Releases from War Shipping Administration, United States Maritime Commission, and Office of War Information

Remarks by Captain Macauley at National Maritime Day Ceremonies, SS American Seaman, Navy Yard, Washington, DC. May 22, 1941

U.S, Maritime Commission Appeal to Danish Seamen to Remain Aboard their Requisitioned Vessels, PR 995, August 20, 1941

Dedication of Port Hueneme, CA U.S. Maritime Service Training Station, PR 1003, August 26, 1941

A Cigarette Sinks a Ship! OFF 78, June 14, 1942

Free Cigarettes for Seamen, PR 1425 (W), January 22, 1943

Rights and Privileges of American Servicemen, OWI-1889, May 23, 1943

Nathaniel Currier attacked by Japanese planes, PR 1648 (w), November 12, 1943

White Clover Mariners Awarded Medals by King, PR 1720(W), January 12, 1944

U-Boat Commander Takes Master of SS William King as Prisoner, PR 1738(W), January 21, 1944

Army Releases Former Mariners for Sea Duty PR 1770(W,) February 19, 1944

Statement by Admiral Emory Scott Land on Sixth Anniversary of Cadet Corps, PR 1801, March 16, 1944

Bombing Targets Dedicated to U. S. Merchant Marine by Silver Streaks PR 1857(W), May 3, 1944

Scottish Highlanders Rescue SS William H. Welch Survivors PR 1872 (W), May 14, 1944

U.S. Maritime Service to Accept 16 Year Olds for Training PR 1889(W,) May 17, 1944

Liberty Ship Pierre L’Enfant in Action in the Mediterranean PR 1901(W), May 28, 1944

The Forgotten Convoy to Murmansk, PR-2012(W), September 10, 1944

Repatriation of Merchant Seamen, PR 2015 (W), September 13, 1944

WSA Awards War Service Flags to 107 Operators of American Flag Ships During World War II, PR 2029, September 24, 1944

Tanker Yamhill Battles Japanese Submarine, PR 2037(W), October 8, 1944

Allied Merchant Ship Losses 1939 to 1943, OWI 3789, November 28, 1944

Adoniram Judson Survives 56 Air Raids in Philippines, PR 2101 (W), December 10, 1944

WSA and U.S. Navy Air Transport arrange movement by plane of mariners between Florida and Panama, PR 2110 (W), December 17, 1944

Christmas Greetings by President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Vice Admiral Land 1944, PR 2116 (W), December 25, 1944

Antoine Saugraine Crew Downs 7 Japanese Dive Bombers, PR 2130 (W), January 14, 1945

American merchant vessels shoot down 107 Japanese planes off the Philippines, PR 2140 (W), January 21, 1945

Floyd W. Spencer Mariners and Armed Guard Bring Down Japanese Plane, PR 2160 (w), February 5, 1945

Mariner saves life of two one-legged shipmates PR 2178, February 18, l945

Tribute by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on Seventh Anniversary of Merchant Marine Cadet Corps PR 2202, March 15, 1945

Henry Bacon rescues Norwegian refugees at cost of American mariner lives, PR-2218 (W), April 3, 1945

Ship Named for Ernie Pyle -- Praised Merchant Marine PR 2247, Friday, April 27, 1945

Francisco Morazon's Guns Fire 10 Tons of Ammunition at Japanese Planes. Get Critical Cargo of Bombs to Mindoro PR-226l (W), May 14, 1945

Morrison R. Waite meets the Axis at Anzio and Philippines PR 2273 (W), May 18, 1945

Maritime Day tributes from Military leaders PR 2277 (W), May 18, 1945

Maritime Day Proclamations by President and Governors, PR 2279, May 20, 1945

Merchant Marine Casualties PR 2293 (W), June 13,1945

Charlotte Cushman Gunners Down Five Japanese Planes off Leyte PR 2333 (W), July 7, 1945

Men are still needed to man merchant ships PR 2396 (W), September 17, 1945

Merchant Marine Ships in Action in the Pacific, PR 2404 (W), October 14, 1945

Surrendered Sword of Vice Admiral Ugaki Awarded to Kings Point Academy, PR-2428 (W), October 19, 1945

Report on the U. S. Merchant Marine Cadet Corps, PR 2459 (W), November 20, 1945

Number of Mariners Trained by War Shipping Administration, [Excerpt] The United States Merchant Marine At War, Report of the War Shipping Administrator to the President . Washington DC: U.S. Government Printing Office, January 15, 1946

Press Release Issued by the United States Maritime Commission February 26, 1946 for the introduction of the U.S. Merchant Marine stamp PR 2576, January 21, 1946

Merchant seamen urged to stay aboard ship PR 2715 (W), May 15, 1946

Regulations Issued by War Shipping Administration

Regulations and required contents of slop chest, Operations Regulation No. 13, War Shipping Administration, October 7, 1942 and Operations Regulation No. 13, Supplement No.1, War Shipping Administration, January 31, 1946

Assignment of Navy Armed Guard, Operations Regulation NO. 35, January 25, l943 [Clarification of gun duties and training of Merchant Marine Mariners aboard ship]
Government Regulation for Merchant Marine Prisoners of War Operations Regulation No. 76 November 6, 1943


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