Past Features

A Mismatch at Sea Sinking of MV Donerail (WWII)

Mysterious Loss of SS Crusader (WWII)

Fur Vest Project for WWII Seamen (WWII)

August Wallenhaupt: Sole Survivor of SS Puerto Rican (WWII)

Troops and Cargo Transported During World War II under U.S. Army Control (WWII)

President Bush Speech at USMM Academy Commencement (2006)

Ten minutes to abandon ship with 1,600 Men, Women, Children Aboard! (WWII)

Maritime Commission Representative in Honolulu for Dec. 7-15, 1941 (WWII)

SS President Harrison: Master's Report of Her Capture (WWII)

173 Wartime Posters (WWI and (WWII))

The Gallant Liberty Ship SS Stephen Hopkins Sinks a German Raider (WWII)

American Merchant Marine on D-Day at Normandy (WWII)

What were the Most Dangerous Positions for Mariners during WWII? (WWII)

Where Deceased Mariners Made their Homes (WWII)

Displaced Person Transports: Cargo of Hope (late 1940's- early 1950's)

U.S. Merchant Marine Ships Rescue Air Crews (WWII)

General Quarters! All Hands to Battle Stations! Naval Armed Guard and Mariners worked as a team manning the guns (WWII)

Stanvac Calcutta: the Gallant Ship that Fought a German Raider (WWII)

SS Seatrain Texas Carries Sherman Tanks for Battle of El Alamein (WWII)

Merchant Mariners at Milag Nord Prisoner of War Camp in Germany Repatriation, U.S. Regulations for mariner POW conduct, Description of camps prepared by Military Intelligence Service (WWII)

History of Military Sea Transportation Service and Military Sealift Command
by Salvatore R. Mercogliano (1949 to present)

Merchant Marine Stamp of 1946, Steamship Stamp of 1944, and First Day Covers (WWII)

Jay G. Lopez, Radio Operator, Four Star Seaman Torpedoed four times (WWII)

D-Day 1944 and Why They Owe Me a Trip on the Queen Mary Richard R. Powers (WWII)

Capture & Release of SS Mayaguez by Khmer Rouge, May '75 (Vietnam War)

Ships and Men of the Army Transport Service Charles Dana Gibson

The Sinking of the SS Lehigh on October 19, 1941 by Radio Operator Sam Hakam with dramatic photos by Hakam (WWII)

Citations for Distinguished Service Medal During WWII 140 Mariners honored during WWII for "Heroism Beyond the Call of Duty" (WWII)

The Mystery of the SS Oklahoma and her unnamed dead -- killed in 1942 -- solved in 1999
(Courtesy of The Atlanta-Journal Constitution) (WWII)

Operation Pedestal and SS Ohio save Malta Convoy must get through at all costs (WWII)

Phoenixes, Mulberries, Whales, Lobnitzes, and Corncobs at Normandy The role of Tugboatsat Normandy (WWII)

Dreadful Saga of the MV American Leader Her crew - prisoners of Germans and Japanese, torpedoed by Americans and British (WWII)

Heroic Clara Main Among first Merchant Marine POW's captured by the Japanese on December 8, 1941 (WWII)

SS Black Point Last U-boat victim (WWII)

Port Chicago Disaster WWII government cover-up (WWII)

Red Oak Victory After 54 years and three wars the Red Oak Victory returns home (1998)

The Story of the SS Robert E. Peary Built in record time! (WWII)


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