A Cigarette Sinks a Ship!




OFF 78


The Office of Facts and Figures today issued the following statement, calling attention to this example of an act of negligence that ended in tragedy:

The glow of a single cigaret at sea was the death warrant of a steamer, sunk by a German submarine.

This was revealed today in a broadcast by a German submarine captain to the German people from Radio Stuttgart. The broadcast was recorded by the Federal Communications Commission.

"The sea was calm, but the night was dark as we lay on the surface,” the submarine commander said. “Our lookout on watch had no suspicion that a steamer was near until he saw the rise and fall of a spot of red in the distance Strange as the light was out there in the lonesome sea, he recognized. it as a burning cigaret and knew a ship was near. We trailed the ship for six hours and when dawn came torpedoed it."

The submarine officer explained that he satisfied his curiosity about the cigaret by questioning the survivors. He discovered that the cigaret was being smoked on the bridge, not by the sailor on watch, but by another who had dropped by for a chat and a breath of fresh air, and was leaning on the rail and smoking.

Free Cigarettes for Seamen

PR 1425 (W)

War Shipping Administration

Immediate Release
January 22, 1943


lucky strike cigaretteThe men who sail the ships of the American merchant marine will soon be supplied with free cigarettes for use during long voyages with materials for the war effort, the War Shipping Administration announced today.

Through an arrangement with a leading cigarette manufacturer, the WSA has established a program whereby the cigarettes will be distributed free of charge to seamen aboard all vessels of the Victory Fleet.

The idea was presented to the WSA by the manufacturer as a contribution to the war effort. Cigarettes will be made available to merchant seamen immediately. Shipments are to be made to representatives of the WSA at various ports and will be marked "For distribution to Seamen of the Merchant Marine." WSA officers in the ports will insure distribution in the proper manner.

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