WSA and U.S. Navy Air Transport arrange movement by plane of mariners between Florida and Panama




Rudy - Maritime 62

 PR 2110 (W)


 Cleared and Issued

Sunday Papers

 Through Facilities of the

December 17, 1944

 Office of War Information

Arrangements have been concluded between War Shipping Administration and U. S. Navy Air Transport for the movement by plane of approximately 250 seamen and officers a month between Miami, Fla., and Panama Canal Zone, Captain Edward Macauley, Deputy War Shipping Administrator announced today.

The 250 seamen and officers each month form emergency crew replacements in Panama for service aboard ships of the U. S. Merchant Marine.

The replacements are maintained in a pool in Panama for service aboard vessels on runs, frozen in trades which do not permit the vessels to return to the United States after each voyage.

The merchant seamen and officers transported to Panama replace other personnel who have become sick or have been injured, or who are lost tbrough enemy action. The Navy will allocate sufficient aircraft to ef-fect the transfer of the 250 personnel each month between Miami and the Canal Zone.

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End of Advance Release for Sunday Papers, December 17, l944

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