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May 15, 1946

Merchant seamen 18 and 19 years old were urged to stay at their jobs aboard ship until they have obtained releases despite exemption from induction under yesterdays legislation extending the life of Selective Service, Captain Granville Conway, Acting War Shipping Administrator, said today.

A merchant seamen must serve 32 months, under present regulations to obtain a "certificate of substantially continuous service." Without this, teen age youth leaving his job in the Merchant Marine would become eligible for induction when he reaches 20, it was explained.

Captain Conway appealed to the men to stay on the ships regardless of temporary changes in Selective Service, not only to protect their personal service records, but because there is still a big job ahead for the Merchant Marine.

"We must continue to supply our occupation troops, and keep the flow of essential supplies to feed, clothe and provide basic human needs to millions of starving and homeless people throughout the world," Captain Conway said.

Although fathers as well as teen agers will not be inducted under the present regulations, the law remains unaffected which guarantees reemployment rights for merchant seamen successfully completing their period of service.

Failure to complete service will also prevent a seamen receiving the discharge emblem authorized by the President, and would prohibit him from receiving other benefits which may accrue under the pending Merchant Seamen's War Service Bill.

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