Stories of U.S. Merchant Ships in World War II

Action in the Pacific
Lewis L. Dyche, John Burke, James H. Breasted, Hobart Baker, Francisco Morazan, William Sharon, Juan de Fuca, John M. Clayton, Jean Nicolet, Richard Hovey, Henry Knox, John A. Johnson, Antoine Saugrain, Cape Greig, Thomas Nelson, Matthew P. Deady, Watson C. Squire, Alexander Majors, Marcus Daly, Leonidas Merritt, Jeremiah H. Daily, David Dudley Field, Augustus Thomas, Benjamin Ide Wheeler, Cape Romano, Alcoa Pioneer, William Williams, Nathaniel Currier, H. M. Storey, John H. Couch, Admiral Halstead, Coast Farmer, Gus W. Darnell, Otis Skineer, Morrison R. Waite, William S. Ladd, Edward N. Westcott, Gilbert Stuart, Mary A. Livermore, Hobbs Victory, Logan Victory, Canada Victory, Brown Victory, United Victory

Admiral Halstead Port Darwin, Australia February 19, 1942

Adoniram Judson Survives 56 Air Raids in Philippines

American Leader Dreadful Saga of her Crew, George Duffy POW story

Antoine Saugraine Crew Downs 7 Japanese Dive Bombers

Barbara Radio Operator Jay G. Lopez

Black Point Collier, last U-boat victim May 4th, 1945

Cape Greig Rescues Army Fliers

Cape Mohican Radio Operator Jay G. Lopez

Cedar Mills Gallant Ship saves French destroyer escort

Charlotte Cushman Gunners Down Five Japanese Planes off Leyte

Cornelius Harnett Liberty ship on Murmansk Run during winter of 1942-43

Crusader Mysterious Loss on November 14, 1941

E.A. Bryan Port Chicago Disaster July 17, 1944

Esso Little Rock Rescues Navy Crewmen

Floyd W. Spencer Mariners and Armed Guard Bring Down Japanese Plane

Forgotten Convoy to Murmansk City of Omaha, Thomas Hartley, Francis Scott Key, Beacon Hill, Bering, Israel Putnam

Francisco Morazon Guns Fire 10 Tons of Ammunition at Japanese Planes

Galveston A Useful Death: Normandy blockship June 1944

George Calvert Radio Operator Jay G. Lopez

Henry Bacon Rescues Norwegian refugees at cost of American mariner lives

Howell Lykes Rescues 6 Army Fliers

John Howard Payne Rescues Army Fliers

Lehigh, Freighter sunk October 19, 1941.Story by Radio Operator Sam Hakam with dramatic photos

Marcus Daly Gallant Ship under attack for 6 days at Tacloban, Leyte, Philippines

Mormaclark Rescues Army Fliers

Morrison R. Waite Meets the Axis at Anzio and Philippines

Nathaniel Currier Seamen and Cadets Make It Hot For Attacking Enemy Planes

Nathaniel Greene Gallant Ship under constant attack during Murmansk Run; took part in North African Campaign

Oklahoma Tanker sunk April 8, 1942

Ohio Operation Pedestal and SS Ohio save Malta, August 1942

Pierre L’Enfant Action in the Mediterranean

Potter Blockship sunk at Normandy to form breakwater June 1944

President Harrison Master destroys ship to avoid use by Japanese. Crew interned by Japan

Puerto Rican August Wallenhaupt: Sole Survivor, Murmansk, Convoy JW 51B

Quinault Victory Port Chicago Disaster July 17, 1944

Red Oak Victory Returns to Richmond after Three Wars and 54 Years

Richard Hovey Lifeboats machine-gunned by Japanese submarine March 28, 1944

Robert E. Peary Liberty ship built in 4 days, 15 hours, 29 minutes

Samuel Parker Gallant Ship in North African Campaign and invasion of Sicily

Seatrain Texas Code Name: Treasure Ship carried Sherman tanks for Battle of El Alamein

Stanvac Calcutta Gallant Ship that fought a German Raider

Stephen Hopkins Gallant Ship that sunk a German Raider

T. C. McCobb Sinking of the Esso Tanker

Thomas Ruffin Radio Operator Jay G. Lopez

Virginia Dare Gallant Ship under constant attack during Murmansk Run; torpedoed in Mediterranean

Vitruvius Concrete blockship at Normandy June 1944

Washington Stand-Off with U-Boat June 11, 1940

William F. Humphrey Philip P. McKeever, POW of Japanese

William H. Welch Survivors Rescued by Scottish Highlanders Liberty ship sunk

William King U-Boat Commander Takes Master as Prisoner of War

William Moultrie Gallant Ship in Murmansk

Yamhill Tanker Battles Japanese Submarine


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