Merchant Mariners killed on U.S. operated ships during World War II
Last name begins with "H"

Home - home address of designated next of kin, not necessarily the person's home town.

BWI=British West Indies
PI=Philippine Islands
PR=Puerto Rico
VI=Virgin Islands
NWI=Netherlands West Indies

NatCem - American Battle Monuments Commission National Cemetery

A.B.=Able-Bodied Seaman
O.S.=Ordinary Seaman

There are many inconsistencies in spelling, home towns, etc. among our sources. We include other spellings in brackets.

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Last First Ship Date Position Home Age
Haahti Wilja Dorchester 02/03/43 Fire Watchman New York NY Unknown
Haas Eugene Aloysius Buried Manila NatCem 01/07/46 Unknown NY Unknown
Haase J. E. Unknown Unknown Unknown Ft. Trumbull grad Unknown
Haavaster Johannes Equipoise 03/26/42 Unknown Estonia Unknown
Haavig Hans Nimba 09/13/42 2nd Mate Brooklyn NY 48
Haddox Mervin William C. Gorgas 03/11/43 Utility Borden IN Unknown
Hadley Charles M. Arthur Middleton 01/01/43 2nd Cook Unknown Unknown
Hagardt John B. Buried Honolulu NatCem 02/04/46 Unknown WA Unknown
Hagbourne William William Pierce Frye 03/29/43 Chief Steward Duxbury MA Unknown
Hagen Henry Melvin William C. McTarnahan 05/16/42 Oiler Chicago IL Unknown
Hager Louis Cornelius Pan Pennsylvania 04/16/44 Jr. Engineer Richmond Hill NY Unknown
Hagerty Joseph John D. Gill 03/12/42 3rd Mate Atlantic City NJ Unknown
Hagerup Anton John Drayton [explosion] 10/19/42 3rd Engineer Unknown Unknown
Haggberg Eric Ramapo 02/16/42 A.B. Sweden 22
Hagland Richard Harry F. Sinclair Jr. 04/11/42 Chief Mate Ozone Park NY Unknown
Hagood James Otis Olean 03/14/42 A.B. Towncreek AL Unknown
Hahn Clarence Edward Munger T. Ball 05/04/42 2nd Mate Port Arthur TX 48
Hain Harry Kenneth Meriwether Lewis 03/02/43 Cook Boston MA Unknown
Hakala Leonard E. Buried Honolulu NatCem 02/02/42 Unknown CA Unknown
Hakala William John Muskogee 03/17/42 Messman Rockport MA Unknown
Halbach Walter Charles East Indian 11/03/42 3rd Engineer Long Island City NY Unknown
Halbig Albert Julius David H. Atwater 04/02/42 Oiler Walker Springs AL Unknown
Halden Sigmund Bold Venture [former Danish Alssund] 10/16/41


Odda NORWAY Unknown
Hale [Hales] James Howard Robert Gray 04/22/43 Messman Stanberry MO Unknown
Hale William John Gulfstate 04/03/43 F/W Chicago IL Unknown
Hales David [Davis] Jeremiah Van Rensselaer 02/02/43 Cook New York NY Unknown
Haley Hubert Buford David McKelvey 05/14/42 Oiler Center TX Unknown
Haley Thomas Leroy Julia Ward Howe 01/27/43 Chief Engineer Brooklyn NY 55
Halka Joseph Kenneth Commercial Trader 09/16/42 2nd Mate Patchogue NY Unknown
Hall Bertram Duane Gulfstate 04/03/43 Utility Cambridge MA Unknown
Hall Chesterfield McDonald West Ivis 01/26/42 Messman Barbados BWI Unknown
Hall Clare Morgan Paul Hamilton 04/20/44 A.B. Willow Run MI Unknown
Hall Edward Jr. Washington 07/05/42 Deck Engineer Unknown Unknown
Hall Elmer Ruth 06/29/42 Cook Jacksonville FL Unknown
Hall Ham Maxwell Sam Houston 06/28/42 F/W Ft. Worth TX Unknown
Hall John Esickiel Massmar 07/05/42 Cook New York NY Unknown
Hall Willard Barbara 03/07/42 Oiler Ironton [Trenton] OH Unknown
Hallberg Folke Persephone 05/25/42 Jr. Engineer Unknown Unknown
Halldorsson Jon Gudmundur Andrea F. Luckenbach 03/10/43 A.B. Reykjavik Iceland Unknown
Hallenbeck George Wesley William C. Gorgas 03/11/43 Bosun Mobile AL Unknown
Hallion Robert John Winthrop 09/24/42 O.S. Roslindale MA Unknown
Hallston John Alarik Buried Manila NatCem 09/21/44 Unknown CA Unknown
Halpern Saul Caribsea 03/11/42 Radio Officer Bronx NY Unknown
Hals William Susana 10/13/42 2nd Engineer Kristiansund Norwar 25
Halsey Samuel Harry Dorchester 02/03/43 Oiler Keyport NJ Unknown
Halsey Theodore F. Buried Honolulu NatCem 01/21/43 Unknown CA Unknown
Haltid Johan Albert Bateau [former Italian Euro] 03/29/42 Master Sandness Norway 55
Halvorsen Airmar L. Buried North Africa NatCem 08/21/42 Unknown NY Unknown
Halvorsen Charles William Sunoil 04/05/43 3rd Engineer Chester PA Unknown
Halvorsen Ole Montana 06/01/43 Chief Mate NORWAY 38
Halvorsen Sverre Thulin Bold Venture [former Danish Alssund] 10/16/41 Seaman Oslo NORWAY Unknown
Hamerslag Isaac Pink Star [former Danish Landby] 09/19/41 Oiler Holland 21
Hamilton Billy H. J. Pinckney Henderson 08/19/43 A.B. Unknown Unknown
Hamilton Clarence C. C. J. Barkdull 01/10/43 Storekeeper North Zulch TX Unknown
Hamilton Fred Coloradan 10/09/42 A.B. New York NY Unknown
Hamilton George Elix City of Atlanta 01/19/42 F/W Savannah GA Unknown
Hamilton George Marshall Puerto Rican 03/09/43 Jr. 3rd Mate Sewickley PA Unknown
Hamilton James City of Atlanta 01/19/42 F/W Savannah GA Unknown
Hamilton John W. Soreldoc 02/28/45 Master Unknown Unknown
Hamilton William Stewart Kahuku 06/15/42 Wiper Chevy Chase MD 44
Hamlin Walter Benjamin Brewster 07/09/42 F/W Tampa FL Unknown
Hamlin William Melvin James Sprunt 03/10/43 F/W Vassalboro ME Unknown
Hammel Peter George Joseph Benjamin Brewster 07/09/42 Master Mobile AL Unknown
Hammers Jack Vester R. P. Resor 02/28/42 O.S. Liberty TX Unknown
Hammershoy Jay A. Henry R. Mallory 02/07/43 Engine Cadet Glenbrook CT Unknown
Hammond Andrew Anthony Julia Ward Howe 01/27/43 Master Brooklyn NY Unknown
Hammond William Frederick Onondaga 07/23/42 A.B. Mathews VA Unknown
Hampson Bruce Unknown Unknown Unknown Hamilton Ont Canada Unknown
Hampton James Coleman La Salle 11/07/42 Chief Engineer Mobile AL Unknown
Hampton John Keshena 07/19/42 Oiler Norfolk VA Unknown
Hampton Lyman Charles Benjamin Bonneville [died medical cause] Buried Honolulu NatCem 05/01/43 O.S. Oakland CA 25
Hampton William Buford Muskogee 03/17/42 Chief Engineer Staten Island NY Unknown
Han Sh York Cold Harbor 06/14/42 Messman China Unknown
Hanafin William Francis Dorchester 02/03/43 1st Engineer East Boston MA Unknown
Hance Lastie Oklahoma 04/08/42 F/W Oberlin LA Unknown
Hance Nicholas Cherokee 06/15/42 Messman New York NY Unknown
Hancock Homer James Sprunt 03/10/43 Deck Maint. Miami FL Unknown
Hand Arthur LeRoy Roger B. Taney 02/08/43 F/W Savannah GA Unknown
Hand Cleo Black Point 05/05/45 F/W Hazelhurst GA Unknown
Hand William Christopher Buried Manila NatCem 04/07/45 Unknown AL Unknown
Handeland M. Donerail [former Danish Nordhval] 12/09/41 Engine Department NORWAY 36
Handy Bradford Gilbert Joseph M. Cudahy 05/05/42 O.S. Marcus Hook PA Unknown
Hanford Frederick George Oklahoma II 03/28/45 O.S. West New York NJ Unknown
Hanley James Joseph William Pierce Frye 03/29/43 Wiper Providence RI Unknown
Hanley Paul Timothy Oklahoma II 03/28/45 Deck Maint. Omaha NE Unknown
Hanna Frank William S. Thayer 04/30/44 Deck Engineer Long Island City NY Unknown
Hanna William Whitmore Express 06/30/42 Oiler Brooklyn NY Unknown
Hannah William F. USAT Yu Sang 04/09/42 Bosun Unknown Unknown
Hannegan William Edward City of New York 03/29/42 Electrician New York NY Unknown
Hanney Eugene William D. Burnham 11/23/44 F/W Randolph UT Unknown
Hannigan John Edward William C. McTarnahan 05/16/42 A.B. South Boston MA Unknown
Hannus E. Donerail [former Danish Nordhval] 12/09/41 O.S FINLAND 19
Hanrahan Andrew Nicholas William C. Gorgas 03/11/43 Cook Mobile AL Unknown
Hanscome Edwin Joseph Merrimack 06/09/42 Chief Steward Hoboken NJ Unknown
Hansen Aage Ernst Puerto Rican 03/09/43 Carpenter Copenhagen Denmark Unknown
Hansen Anders Frederik Meriwether Lewis 03/02/43 A.B. Brooklyn NY Unknown
Hansen Anton Muskogee 03/17/42 1st Engineer Baltimore MD Unknown
Hansen Asmus C. [F. C.] Firethorn 10/07/42 1st Engineer Denmark 32
Hansen Bernard Ramapo 02/16/42 F/W Kongsberg Norway 23
Hansen Bodolf Andreas Peter Montana [former Danish Paula] 09/11/41 Fireman Denmark 32
Hansen Carl Massmar 07/05/42 2nd Mate Chicago IL Unknown
Hansen F. H. Friar Rock 01/13/42 2nd Engineer Norway 38
Hansen Fritz Kristian Steel Navigator 10/19/42 3rd Mate Elsinor Denmark Unknown
Hansen George Buried Rhone NatCem 12/26/44 Unknown NJ Unknown
Hansen Hans El Lago 10/11/42 O.S. Onsoy Norway 22
Hansen Hans Lassen Commercial Trader 09/16/42 Chief Steward Copenhagen Denmark Unknown
Hansen Hans Peder Buried North Africa NatCem 02/27/44 Unknown Norway Unknown
Hansen Hugo Christian Cranford 07/30/42 Chief Mate New Orleans LA Unknown
Hansen Jens Peter Kristoffer J. H. Senior 08/19/43 Oiler/F DENMARK 38
Hansen John R. Buried North Africa NatCem 02/18/44 Unknown NY Unknown
Hansen Lorentz Egon Lauritz Donerail [former Danish Nordhval] 12/09/41 Seaman København DENMARK 22
Hansen Peter Martinus Montana [former Danish Paula] 09/11/41 O.S. Denmark 17
Hansen Poul Bent J. H. Senior 08/19/43 A.B. DENMARK 19
Hansen Roy Oscar Heffron 07/05/42 3rd Engineer Cambridge MD Unknown
Hansen Samuel Peter Will Rogers 04/07/45 Chief Mate Faroe Islands Denmark Unknown
Hansen Thorkild Montana [former Danish Paula] 09/11/41 A.B. Denmark 19
Hansen Thorwald Admiral Y. S. Williams 12/25/41 A.B. San Francisco CA Unknown
Hansen Vagn Aage Montana 06/01/43 2nd Mate Ribe Denmark 36
Hansen Willy Carl Timothy Pickering 07/13/43 F/W Musnet Holbak Sjalland Denmark 30
Hansman [Hansmann] Ruben W. Equipoise 03/26/42 Coal Passer Newberg OR Unknown
Hanson Alven Loronce [Alvin] Ario 03/15/42 Oiler Brooklyn NY Unknown
Hanson Eiliff Arthur Unknown Unknown Unknown Fredrikstad Norway Unknown
Hanson Fred Carl L. J. Drake 06/05/42 Radio Officer Brimley MI Unknown
Hanson John Angelina 10/17/42 Chief Engineer Brooklyn NY Unknown
Hanson John William West Ivis 01/26/42 3rd Mate San Francisco CA Unknown
Hanson Norman Erling Examelia/Zaandam 11/02/42 O.S. Topeka KS Unknown
Hanzik Edwin William C. Gorgas 03/11/43 Deck Cadet Huntington NY Unknown
Harding Dexter Jr. Jean Nicolet 07/02/44 Steward Joplin MO 29
Harding John Louis Louise Lykes 01/09/43 Deck Maint. Staten Island NY Unknown
Hardy Andrew James John Straub 04/19/44 2nd Cook Seattle WA 25
Hardy Charles Edward Munger T. Ball 05/04/42 Quartermaster [A.B.] San Antonio TX 24
Hardy Ellis Murfreesboro 02/26/44 Wiper Unknown Unknown
Hardy Maurice Pichon Azalea City 02/21/42 A.B. Cornwall Ont Canada Unknown
Hardy Thomas Hollis Caribsea 03/11/42 A.B. Portland ME Unknown
Hare Albert McClure Coamo 12/09/42 Messman Baltimore MD Unknown
Hare Forrest Gilbert Munger T. Ball 05/04/42 A.B. Silsbee TX 20

Harker Fred Franklin Halo 05/20/42 Oiler Hepzibah WV Unknown
Harkins John E. Buried Cambridge NatCem 06/07/44 Unknown PA Unknown
Harley Wallace City of Atlanta 01/19/42 Coal Passer Savannah GA Unknown
Harman Judson T. USAT Oneida 05/04/43 2nd Engineer Unknown Unknown
Harmon Leslie Arthur Meriwether Lewis 03/02/43 Steward New York NY Unknown
Harne Emory M. Buried North Africa NatCem 06/19/43 Unknown NJ Unknown
Harness Arthur Creedon Meridian 11/23/41 3rd Mate Victoria BC Canada 28
Harper Thomas Henry Wichita 09/19/42 Messman Hattiesburg MS Unknown
Harrell James Frank Gulfstate 04/03/43 Master Port Arthur TX 40
Harrell James Marion Louisiana 08/17/42 Chief Engineer Port Arthur TX Unknown
Harrelson Henry Iseman Millinocket 06/17/42 Chief Engineer Georgetown SC Unknown
Harrington Irving Gilbert Jr. Arthur Sewall 12/29/44 F/W South Portland ME Unknown
Harrington James Claude Henry Keswick/Ruth Alexander Died on Arizan Maru 10/24/44 Oiler Portland OR Unknown
Harrington Jeremiah Joseph John Winthrop 09/24/42 Deck Maint. Charleston MA Unknown
Harrington Joseph R. Lubrafol 05/09/42 O.S. Staten Island NY 28
Harrington Thomas James Francis E. Powell 01/27/42 Master Baltimore MD [West Roxbury MA] 44
Harris Albert Nimba 09/13/42 O.S. Barbados BWI 27
Harris Alexander Walker Hobbs Victory 04/06/45 Deck Cadet Mobile AL 19
Harris Arthur Leondise Esso Gettysburg 06/10/43 Messman New York NY Unknown
Harris Arthur LeRoy Charles C. Pinckney 01/28/43 Utility White Deer TX Unknown
Harris Clinton Brizel W. E. Hutton 03/18/42 O.S. New Castle NH Unknown
Harris Frederick Halo 05/20/42 Messman New York NY Unknown
Harris Harry Charles Henderson 04/09/45 2nd Engineer Unknown Unknown
Harris Harry Glenville Edward B. Dudley 04/10/43 Chief Cook New York NY Unknown
Harris Henry Edward Jr. James McKay 12/08/42 Jr. 3rd Engineer Shamokin PA Unknown
Harris James Rollo [Rolio] Alcoa Pilgrim 05/28/42 F/W Tampa FL Unknown
Harris Lindsey Braswell Scottsburg 06/15/42 3rd Mate Shiloh GA Unknown
Harris Lloyd Arthur Lewis L. Dyche 01/04/45 O.S. Stockton CA 18
Harris Robert USAT Y-17 04/08/45 A.B. Unknown Unknown
Harris Thomas Evy India Arrow 02/04/42 Chief Cook Port Arthur TX [Okolona AR] Unknown
Harris William A. Norlavore 02/24/42 Messman Baltimore MD Unknown
Harris William George Elizabeth Kellogg 11/23/43 Radio Officer Port Arthur TX Unknown
Harrison Baylis Whitner Jr. John Harvey 12/02/43 Utility Marion NC 22
Harrison Francis Buried Manila NatCem 09/08/45 Unknown WA Unknown
Harrison George Mariana 03/05/42 F/W San Juan PR Unknown
Harrison George Ernest Major Wheeler 02/06/42 2nd Mate Port Haywood VA Unknown
Harrison George Thomas Chatham 08/27/42 Linenkeeper Hollis NY Unknown
Harrison Joseph K. Wichita 09/19/42 Messman Wildwood FL Unknown
Harrison Moody Clay American Leader/Junyo Maru 09/18/44 A.B. New York NY Unknown
Harrison Mortimer Henry Francis Asbury 12/03/44 Chief Steward East Bronx NY Unknown
Harrison Paul Harold H. M. Storey 05/18/43 3rd Engineer Los Angeles [Eagle Rock] CA 38
Harrison Robert Ogden James Sprunt 03/10/43 A.B. North Hempstead NY Unknown
Harrison Whitley Langston Alcoa Pilgrim 05/28/42 Electrician West Palm Beach FL Unknown
Harrison William Charles John Burke 12/28/44 Messman Seattle WA 51
Hart Cecil Roland Wichita 09/19/42 O.S. New Orleans LA Unknown
Hart Edmund Gulfbelle II 10/21/43 A.B. Unknown Unknown
Hart Garland R. Buried North Africa NatCem 12/14/45 Unknown AR Unknown
Hart James Riley Elihu B. Yale 02/15/44 Messman Sharpsburg KY Unknown
Hart Robert Sidney Mary 03/03/42 A.B. Bush LA Unknown
Hart Robert W. San Jacinto 04/21/42 Master Rutherford NJ Unknown
Hartley George Hampton M. F. Elliott 06/03/42 Storekeeper Holly Hill FL Unknown
Hartley John Wise Oakmar 03/20/42 A.B. Steamboat Springs CO Unknown
Hartlieb Paul Edward Steel Age 03/07/42 2nd Engineer Delphos OH Unknown
Hartman Evan Ward Malantic 03/09/43 1st Engineer Brunswick ME Unknown
Hartnett William Steel Navigator 10/19/42 F/W Brooklyn NY Unknown
Harvey Charles S. C. J. Barkdull 01/10/43 Messman Jersey City NJ Unknown
Harvey Conwell Scott Steel Age 03/07/42 O.S. North Linthicum MD Unknown
Harvey David Friar Rock 01/13/42 Deck Engineer Scotland - Hazelton BC Canada 44
Harvey Earl Kennett Jeremiah M. Daly 11/12/44 Chief Mate Burlingame CA 38
Harvey Leroy Loys James Sprunt 03/10/43 Oiler Ringgold TX Unknown
Harvey Walter Payne Robert H. Colley 10/04/42 Chief Mate Philadelphia PA Unknown
Haselden Herbert Dudley Ohioan 05/08/42 Wiper Andrews SC Unknown
Hasenstab Leonard Jacob Oklahoma II 03/28/45 F/W Belleville IL Unknown
Hashem Peter Paul William S. Thayer 04/30/44 A.B. Windsor NS Canada 26
Haskard Frank J. Pinckney Henderson 08/19/43 Utility Unknown 29
Haskins Edward Henry Muskogee 03/17/42 Pumpman West Newton MA Unknown
Haskins Oliver J. Buried Manila NatCem 01/17/46 Unknown FL Unknown
Haskins Walter A. Charles Henderson 04/09/45 A.B. Unknown Unknown
Hassin Max East Indian 11/03/42 Messman Brooklyn NY Unknown
Hastings J.R. Montana 06/01/43 O.S. Unknown Unknown
Hastings John William Esso Williamsburg 09/23/42 Galleyman New Haven CT Unknown
Hastings Preston Oliphant Allan Jackson 01/19/42 A.B. Seaford DE 29
Hasty Roy E. Nevada 12/16/43 Refrig. Engr. Unknown Unknown
Hatch Everett Byron Cities Service Toledo 06/12/42 Deck Maint. Detroit MI Unknown
Hatherhill George Aileen Connecticut 04/23/42 Steward Port Arthur TX Unknown
Hatton Ival Henry Henry Keswick/President Grant Died on Arizan Maru 10/24/44 F/W New Orleans LA Unknown
Hauer Albert James Sprunt 03/10/43 Chief Engineer Astoria NY Unknown
Haugen Ernest Alcoa Partner 04/26/42 Chief Cook Brooklyn NY Unknown
Haugland Trygve Ceiba 03/17/42 A.B. Bergen Norway 35
Havey John H. Nevada 12/16/43 Oiler Unknown Unknown
Haviland Donald Francis Henry Bacon 02/23/45 Chief Engineer Weymouth MA 50
Haviland Theodore Francis City of Atlanta 01/19/42 Radio Officer Savannah GA Unknown
Havrick Ramon J. John P. Gaines 11/24/43 Oiler Unknown Unknown
Havron John Atlantic Sun 02/17/43 Cook St. Clair PA Unknown
Hawk Henry William West Portal 02/05/43 A.B. New York NY Unknown
Hawkins Ernest Nelson W. L. Steed 02/02/42 Messman Lake Worth FL Unknown
Hawkins Frank Gulftrade 03/10/42 Messman Port Arthur TX Unknown
Hawkins Jesse Leon Norlandia 07/04/42 A.B. Columbia SC Unknown
Hawkins Ralph Whilchel Nicarao 05/15/42 A.B. Atlanta GA Unknown
Hawlley Edward Bernard East Indian 11/03/42 Electrician Laurelton NY Unknown
Hawthorn Robert Martin Sumner I. Kimball 01/16/44 F/W West Medford MA Unknown
Hay Adam James Malay 01/19/42 Cook Rothberg NJ Unknown
Hay Daniel Watson Colabee 03/12/42 Bosun Orangeburg NY Unknown
Hay Robert Crusader [former Danish Brosund] 11/14/41 Chief Mate Manningtree Essex England 32
Hayden Edward Emmett William Clark 11/04/42 Bosun Baytown TX Unknown
Hayes David McAllister Honomu 07/05/42 A.B. Philadelphia PA Unknown
Hayes Fred H. E. A. Bryan 07/17/44 A.B. San Jose CA Unknown

Hayman George Wallace Jr. James Oglethorpe 03/16/43 Cook Savannah GA Unknown
Haynes John William Merrimack 06/09/42 Refrig. Engr. Newport News VA Unknown
Haynie Willard Toulson Menominee 03/31/42 A.B. Reedville VA Unknown
Hayter Frank Donald Astral 12/02/41 Bosun Belton TX Unknown
Hayward William P. Buried Normandy NatCem 02/14/45 Unknown MA Unknown
Haywood Ages Hubert Australia 03/16/42 Jr. Engineer Belview TX Unknown
Haywood Joseph West Portal 02/05/43 F/W Nottingham England Unknown
Hazard Arthur White West Chetac 09/24/42 Chief Engineer Yonkers NY Unknown
Hazel William Henry Syros 05/26/42 Oiler Philadelphia PA Unknown
Headington Lacey Diao Pan Atlantic 07/06/42 Steward Tampa FL Unknown
Healy John William Seattle Spirit 06/18/42 F/W Springfield MA Unknown
Healy Joseph Jack Carnes 08/30/42 Deck Maint. East Boston MA Unknown
Heater Stanton Edward India Arrow 02/04/42 Jr. 3rd Engineer Cleveland OH Unknown
Heath Philip A. Stanvac Calcutta 06/06/42 Radio Officer South Merrimack NH Unknown
Heatley William Martin Ruth Alexander 10/24/44 F/W San Francisco CA Unknown
Hebia Ramon R. Buried Lorraine NatCem 05/24/04 Unknown PA Unknown
Hecht Charles Daniel Steel Navigator 10/19/42 Oiler Weyauwega WI Unknown
Hector Philip Dorchester 02/03/43 Cook Jamaica NY Unknown
Heden Frederick W. Nevada 12/16/43 2nd Mate Unknown Unknown
Hederman William Edward Dorchester 02/03/43 Linenkeeper Cambridge MA Unknown
Hedman Ralph Emanuel Paul Hamilton 04/20/44 Wiper Meadowlands MN Unknown
Hedrick Leo H. USAT Y-17 04/08/45 2nd Mate Unknown Unknown
Heeman Harry James John L. Motley 12/02/43 Chief Engineer New Hyde Park NY Unknown
Heeps Robert El Lago 10/11/42 Wiper GREAT BRITAIN 19
Heer William M. Buried Honolulu NatCem 11/21/42 Unknown IA Unknown
Hefferman [Heffernan] James Collingsworth 01/08/43 A.B. Fall River MA Unknown
Hefter Raymond Aloysius Gulfstate 04/03/43 3rd Mate Ozone Park NY 26
Hefty Emil A. Oregon (States SS) 12/10/41 2nd Mate Unknown Unknown
Hegen Lawrence J. Buried Cambridge NatCem 11/17/43 Unknown OR Unknown
Hegener Joseph, Jr. Buried Cambridge NatCem 05/25/44 Unknown PA Unknown
Heggelund [Hegglund] Sedolf Berg Sunoil 04/05/43 Master Lake Preston SD Unknown
Heggie Alexander M. F. Elliott 06/03/42 3rd Mate Bayonne NJ Unknown
Hehnen Matthew Thomas Bidwell 04/06/42 2nd Mate Philadelphia PA Unknown
Heidt Theodore Albert Link Splice Accident Aboard 11/04/45 Chief Mate Unknown Unknown
Heine Alfred Patrick J. Hurley 09/12/42 A.B. Tompkinsville NY Unknown
Heir Alfred William W. D. Anderson 02/22/42 Wiper Lesterville MO Unknown
Heis Albert Eugene V. R. Thayer 04/09/42 Wiper Brooklyn NY Unknown
Heiter Alois Jr. John Winthrop 09/24/42 Radio Officer Tampa FL Unknown
Heitner Alexander Arcata 07/14/42 3rd Mate San Francisco CA Unknown
Helgeson Nels Coamo 12/09/42 Master Brooklyn NY Unknown
Helleby Louis Egbert Angelina 10/17/42 Cook New York NY Unknown
Hellquist Carl Einar Margaret 04/14/42 1st Engineer Brooklyn NY Unknown
Hellum Sigurd Olai Halo 05/20/42 Chief Mate Bayonne NJ Unknown
Helm Oscar Hjalmar Atlantic Sun 02/17/43 A.B. Stockholm Sweden Unknown
Helman Solomon Coamo 12/09/42 Utility Brooklyn NY Unknown
Helmbold William Charles West Chetac 09/24/42 Radio Officer Woodside NY Unknown
Helmers Thorleif Gartner Ramapo 02/16/42 Chief Mate Bergen Norway 44
Helsel Kenneth Lewis L. Dyche 01/04/45 Cook Superior WI 31
Helsley Henry Herbert East Indian 11/03/42 A.B. Norfolk VA Unknown
Hempenstall Patrick Joseph Esso Williamsburg 09/23/42 Oiler Bronx NY Unknown
Henderson Donald Charles Halo 05/20/42 A.B. Dorchester MA Unknown
Henderson Garland Browne Jack Carnes 08/30/42 A.B. New Orleans LA Unknown
Henderson James Montgomery Ruth 06/29/42 A.B. Melrose MA [Wyoming Man. Canada] Unknown
Henderson Kenneth Bernard Ohioan 05/08/42 F/W Spencers Island NS Canada Unknown
Henderson Lloyd Robert Lewis L. Dyche 01/04/45 F/W San Francisco CA 18
Henderson Norman Thomson Elizabeth Kellogg 11/23/43 Master Rochester NH Unknown
Henderson Oscar M. Buried Honolulu NatCem 12/15/42 Unknown MO Unknown
Henderson Reginald Crusader [former Danish Brosund] 11/14/41 3rd Engineer Montreal Que Canada Unknown
Hendricks Wardell Thomas City of Alma 06/02/42 Steward Prichard AL Unknown
Hendricksen Jacob Buried Ardennes NatCem 12/20/44 Unknown NY Unknown
Hendrickson Anthony J. Stone Street 09/13/42 Bosun Sea Cliff NY 43
Hendrickson Ellis Quinault Victory 07/17/44 Night Engineer Unknown Unknown
Hendrickson Robert K. Quinault Victory 07/17/44 A.B. Ketchican AK Unknown
Hendrix Edmond USAT LT-221 10/15/44 2nd Engineer Unknown Unknown
Hendry Fred W. Ramapo 02/16/42 1st Engineer Great Britain 51
Hendry Robert Samuel Pan Atlantic 07/06/42 Chief Engineer Mobile AL Unknown
Hendy Frederick Allan Samuel J. Tilden 12/02/43 Bosun New York NY Unknown
Hendy James Morley Gilbert Stuart 11/17/44 Chief Mate Santa Barbara CA 25
Henning Harry Lee Rosario 02/21/43 O.S. Atlanta GA Unknown
Henriques Ernesto El Occidente 04/13/42 Wiper Panama 45
Henriques Frank William H. Welch 02/26/44 Chief Steward Unknown Unknown
Henry Alphonso Allen Jr. Pan Pennsylvania 04/16/44 Galleyman New York NY 19
Henry Edward Norvana 01/18/42 Cook Tampa FL Unknown
Henry Morris Gulftrade 03/10/42 Steward Port Arthur TX Unknown
Henry Ralph Richard Oklahoma II 03/28/45 Quartermaster Uxbridge MA Unknown
Hensley Thomas Riley Major Wheeler 02/06/42 Radio Officer Imboden AR Unknown
Henter [Heneter] Robert Charles Esso Harrisburg 07/07/44 A.B. Manistee MI Unknown
Heppner Albert Edward Jr. Oregonian 09/13/42 Jr. 3rd Mate San Francisco CA Unknown
Heraghty [Hereghty] Patrick Chenango 04/20/42 2nd Mate Brooklyn NY 34
Herberlein George Jack 05/27/42 Chief Steward Unknown Unknown
Herbert Morris Harry Luckenbach 03/17/43 A.B. Bombay India Unknown
Herdman Robert Scapa Flow 11/14/42 Chief Engineer Brantford Ont Canada 50
Herlihy William James Sumner I. Kimball 01/16/44 Cook Salem MA Unknown
Hermandez Mariono Walter Q. Gresham 03/18/43 Messman Valencia Spain Unknown
Hermann Howard Isaac James Sprunt 03/10/43 Messman Glendale NY Unknown
Hermon Leo R. P. Resor 02/28/42 A.B. Port Arthur TX Unknown
Hernandes P. Ramapo 02/16/42 F/W Argentina 26
Hernandez Carlos San Blas 06/16/42 O.S. Honduras 24
Hernandez Charles A. Chenango 04/20/42 Oiler Brooklyn NY[Chile] 40
Hernandez Gregorio Ogontz 05/19/42 F/W San Juan PR Unknown
Hernandez Leon Mariana 03/05/42 A.B. Curacao NWI Unknown
Hernandez Pedro Paul Hamilton 04/20/44 Chief Cook Aguadilla PR Unknown
Hernandez Ricardo Major Wheeler 02/06/42 Cook Brooklyn NY Unknown
Herndon James Dale La Salle 11/07/42 3rd Engineer San Benito TX 20
Herrera Juan Rene Unknown Unknown Unknown San Luis Cuba Unknown
Herrera Luis Alberto Coamo 12/09/42 Waiter New York NY Unknown
Herrling Fred Alaskan 11/28/42 Utility Cleveland OH 53
Herron Donald Brooks Esso Williamsburg 09/23/42 O.S. Salem MA 23
Hester Stephen Douglas Azalea City 02/21/42 F/W Yazoo City MS Unknown
Hester William Guy Alcoa Pilgrim 05/28/42 A.B. Pensacola FL Unknown
Hetrick Walter Charles Jr. James McKay 12/08/42 Engine Cadet Cedarhurst NY Unknown
Hetz Nicholas India Arrow 02/04/42 Utility Camden NJ Unknown
Hewett Ralph Allen William C. Gorgas 03/11/43 F/W Grand Ridge FL 22
Hewey Hudson Adoc Stephen Hopkins 09/27/42 Radio Officer Washington DC 43
Hewie Roland Baja California 07/18/42 Messman Honduras Unknown
Hewitt Howard Lee Thomas Ruffin 03/09/43 F/W River Rouge MI Unknown
Heydorff Edmund Anthony Connecticut 04/23/42 A.B. Los Angeles CA Unknown
Heyliger Engle Cassimir 02/26/42 A.B. Unknown 41
Heyligers [Heijligers] Johannes [Tjesse] Cold Harbor 06/14/42 Oiler Rotterdam Holland 34

Hiatt Chester Evon Alcoa Pilgrim 05/28/42 Cook Waynesboro MS Unknown
Hickey Gerald Frederick Joseph Wheeler 12/02/43 A.B. Cattaraugus NY 30
Hickey Thomas F. Brilliant 01/20/43 Chief Mate Unknown Unknown
Hickman Alvis J. Sam Houston 06/28/42 Messman Houston TX Unknown
Hicks Arthur Wesley Louisiana 08/17/42 Chief Mate Beaumont TX Unknown
Hicks John Doidge Jr. Edward H. Crockett 11/02/44 1st Engineer East Braintree MA Unknown
Hidalgo Felix H. Buried Sicily-Rome NatCem 12/30/43 Unknown MD Unknown
Higbee Henry City of Alma 06/02/42 Bosun Union City NJ 45
Higgins Earve Purn Leonidas Merritt 11/12/44 A.B. Sulphur OK 26
Higgins Francis Frances Salman 01/18/42 Chief Engineer Galveston TX Unknown
Hilden Paul Oscar Charles Morgan 06/10/44 A.B. Chestnut Hill MA Unknown
Hildreth Ralph Bentley Puerto Rican 03/09/43 3rd Mate Rochester NY Unknown
Hile Thomas Masaya 03/28/43 Oiler Unknown Unknown
Hilker Herman Republic 02/21/42 Messman Houston TX [Bremen Germany] Unknown
Hill Carl Gibson Dorchester 02/03/43 Pantryman Brooklyn NY Unknown
Hill Eddie Effingham 03/30/42 Messman Midway AL Unknown
Hill Felipe Capillo- Died Japanese POW Unknown Oiler Napa CA Unknown
Hill Howard J. Arthur Middleton 01/01/43 Deck Maint. Unknown Unknown
Hill John Noel Unknown Died POW Unknown A.B. County Cork Ireland Unknown
Hill R. A. Unknown Unknown Unknown Ft. Trumbull grad Unknown
Hill Richard El Lago 10/11/42 Cook New York NY Unknown
Hill William P. Charles Henderson 04/09/45 Deck Maint. Unknown Unknown
Hillary Gibson Douglas Edward B. Dudley 04/10/43 Master Brooklyn NY Unknown
Hilliard Robert Henry Colabee 03/12/42 F/W New York NY Unknown
Hillman Louis Oregon (Texaco) 02/28/42 Cook Slagle LA Unknown
Hilly Aloysius W. Stanvac Calcutta 06/06/42 Oiler Lake Mohonk NY Unknown
Hilton Donald Richard Halo 05/20/42 F/W Oyster Bay NY Unknown
Hiltz Harold Gibson Sumner I. Kimball 01/16/44 F/W South Braintree MA Unknown
Hindle Herbert Unknown [buried Iceland] Unknown Bosun Unknown Unknown
Hinds Mills Lionel USAT ST-338 08/08/45 Cook Erie PA 45
Hine Jones Caldwell William Hooper 07/04/42 F/W Johnson City TN Unknown
Hines Edwin Clark John Straub 04/19/44 Messman None Listed 41
Hines Mid Hagood Examelia/Zaandam 11/02/42 3rd Engineer Pensacola FL Unknown
Hines Raphael J. USAT Oneida 05/04/43 Oiler Unknown Unknown
Hingle Charles Frederick Benjamin Brewster 07/09/42 Steward Baton Rouge LA Unknown
Hinkle Alburn Jefferson John A. Poor 03/19/44 Steward New London CT Unknown
Hinoijosa Leocadio Fernando Jonathan Sturges 02/24/43 Purser New Orleans LA Unknown
Hinton Edward Nathan Carrabulle 05/26/42 A.B. Three Rivers TX 31
Hipa Samuel Kihilauakea John Burke 12/28/44 Wiper Honolulu HI 19
Hipkins Eugene Murfreesboro 02/26/44 Cook Unknown Unknown
Hirschberg Herman Onondaga 07/23/42 F/W New Orleans LA Unknown
Hirschkowitz Max West Portal 02/05/43 O.S. Brooklyn NY Unknown
Histing Ernst Yorkmar 10/09/43 Oiler Ridgewood NY Unknown
Hitchcock Maxwell Coamo 12/09/42 Steward Winchester VA Unknown
Hjartnes Arne Martin Bold Venture [former Danish Alssund] 10/16/41 Coalpasser Vikebygd NORWAY Unknown
Hjelmkrans Sture [Stura] Equipoise 03/26/42 Unknown Stockholm Sweden Unknown
Ho Herbert Sun Nin Unknown Unknown Unknown HI Unknown
Ho Leung Black Hawk 12/29/44 Chief Cook Canton China Unknown
Ho Loyd Pink Star [former Danish Landby] 09/19/41 Chief Cook China 49
Hoard Charles Edgar Mariana 03/05/42 Oiler Portsmouth VA Unknown
Hoban John Francis Express 06/30/42 Wiper Elizabeth NJ 28
Hobbs Joseph Lionel Sixaola 06/12/42 Storekeeper New Orleans LA Unknown
Hobenick Ermi H. Buried North Africa NatCem 05/08/43 Unknown NY Unknown
Hobirk Arthur Chris City of New York 03/29/42 Utility Jacksonville FL Unknown
Hodges George Gulfland 10/21/43 A.B. Unknown Unknown
Hodges George Dewey Onondaga 07/23/42 Master Norfolk VA Unknown
Hodges Herbert Herman Frances Salman 01/18/42 A.B. Jacksonville FL Unknown
Hodges Leslie Horace Oneida 07/13/42 Chief Mate Norfolk VA Unknown
Hodges Vernon Slade Allan Jackson 01/19/42 Wiper Washington NC Unknown
Hoeninghausen William Frederick Connecticut 04/23/42 Pumpman Brooklyn NY Unknown
Hoerle Walter Charles Allan Jackson 01/19/42 3rd Engineer Sea Cliff NY Unknown
Hoff Jack Douglas John Burke 12/28/44 A.B. Seattle WA 24
Hoff Louis Buried Cambridge NatCem 04/04/44 Unknown MA Unknown
Hoffman Carl Heinrich Steel Age 03/07/42 Steward Astoria NY Unknown
Hoffman Carl John Robin Hood 04/15/42 Wiper Willoughby OH Unknown
Hoffman Christopher Harley Topa Topa 08/29/42 O.S. Watertown MA Unknown
Hoffman Jack Robert Fort Lee 11/02/44 A.B. Wauwatosa WI 21
Hoffman Nathan Buried Honolulu NatCem 01/20/45 Unknown IL Unknown
Hoffmann [Hoffman] Thomas Lewis West Portal 02/05/43 F/W Sharpsburg PA Unknown
Hofman John Balcan Angelina 10/17/42 F/W Bronx NY Unknown
Hofstad Lester Theodore Merrimack 06/09/42 3rd Mate Walnut Creek CA Unknown
Hogan Joseph Martin Pan Pennsylvania 04/16/44 Messman Jersey City NJ Unknown
Hogan Michael R. Buried Honolulu NatCem 10/10/43 Unknown WV Unknown
Hogan Patrick John Robin Goodfellow 07/25/44 F/W Chicago IL Unknown
Hogan Thomas Harold Pan New York 10/29/42 Steward Providence RI Unknown
Hogard Orville Robert R. P. Resor 02/28/42 O.S. Aransas Pass TX Unknown
Hogg George C. USAT Y-17 04/08/45 Chief Mate Unknown Unknown
Hogg Ray Robin Goodfellow 07/25/44 Messman Brooklyn NY Unknown
Hoggatt Andrew J. President Cleveland Lost at sea 11/19/40 Unknown Unknown Unknown
Hogge Jessie David Halo 05/20/42 Cook Wicomico VA Unknown
Hoglund Edward C. Buried Honolulu NatCem 06/12/44 Unknown IL Unknown
Hoisan Zachary Joseph Velma Lykes 06/04/42 Messman Houston TX Unknown
Holband Alfred Nimba 09/13/42 O.S. Holland Unknown
Holbrook Richard Homer Bienville 04/06/42 Engine Cadet Wayland NY 20
Holbrook Winfield S. Buried Honolulu NatCem 11/22/41 Unknown PA Unknown
Holcombe Charles Herman Maiden Creek II 03/17/44 F/W Toulminville AL Unknown
Holder Charles David H. Atwater 04/02/42 F/W Barbados BWI Unknown
Holder George Robert Nathaniel Hawthorne 11/07/42 O.S. Hull England Unknown
Holland Donald Harvey John L. Motley 12/02/43 O.S. Hartford CT 23
Holland Eugene Harold City of Atlanta 01/19/42 F/W Savannah GA Unknown
Holland Richard Edmund Henry R. Mallory 02/07/43 Deck Cadet Scranton PA Unknown
Holland Rufino Buried Cambridge NatCem 05/04/44 Unknown Philippines Unknown
Hollander Maxwell Rosario 02/21/43 Deck Cadet Atlantic Beach NY Unknown
Hollekim [Hollekin] Sverre Johan Chenango 04/20/42 Radio Officer Stord Norway 26
Holleman Edgar A. J. Pinckney Henderson 08/19/43 Wiper Unknown Unknown
Holleran Sydney John Morgan 06/01/43 Utility Unknown Unknown
Hollger Carl Bernard Esso Baton Rouge 04/08/42 Oiler Brooklyn NY Unknown
Holliday Earl W. Buried Cambridge NatCem 04/19/44 Unknown MN Unknown
Holm Carl V. Buried Ardennes NatCem 01/04/41 Unknown RI Unknown
Holm Einar Donerail [former Danish Nordhval] 12/09/41 Electrician Brooklyn NY [Asane Bergen Norway] 39
Holm Henry Knud J. H. Senior 08/19/43 A.B. Unknown 33
Holm Wambola Fairfield City 07/05/42 2nd Mate Washington RI Unknown
Holmberg A. Donerail [former Danish Nordhval] 12/09/41 Messman Goteborg Sweden 21
Holmes Barry Randolph Minotaur 01/08/43 Oiler New York NY Unknown
Holmes Cornelius Albert Syros 05/26/42 Master LaMarque TX [Oklahoma City OK] Unknown
Holmes John Davis Mercury Sun 05/18/42 2nd Mate Port Arthur TX Unknown
Holmes Nicholas Andrew Meriwether Lewis 03/02/43 3rd Engineer Elizabeth NJ Unknown
Holmes William Hilery Manuela 06/24/42 1st Engineer Brooklyn NY Unknown
Holmquist Axel Wilhelm John Straub 04/19/44 Chief Engineer Seattle WA 61
Holmquist Edwin George James Smith 03/09/43 Utility Reno NV Unknown
Holt Arlie Horace Bushnell 03/20/45 2nd Engineer Niagara Falls NY Unknown
Holt Thomas Lloyd Jr. Patrick J. Hurley 09/12/42 Chief Engineer Rosenburg TX Unknown
Holthe Leif Oskar Lubrafol 05/09/42 A.B. Oslo Norway 21
Holton Charles William H. Welch 02/26/44 Jr. Engineer Unknown Unknown
Holton Patrick Merell Capillo- Died Japanese POW Unknown F/W Chester PA Unknown
Holyoak Arthur Joseph Wheeler 12/02/43 O.S. Powhatan Point OH 27
Holzman Gustav Herman Franklin K. Lane 06/08/42 Chief Mate New Brighton NY Unknown
Homolka Alois Scapa Flow 11/14/42 Coal Passer Chicago IL 23
Hong Boon Unknown Unknown Unknown Brooklyn NY Unknown
Honigman Louis West Chetac 09/24/42 Chief Steward Baltimore MD Unknown
Honkala Arthur Dixie Arrow 03/26/42 Messman Eveleth MN 34
Honoski William Francis Robert H. Colley 10/04/42 2nd Mate Philadelphia PA Unknown
Hood Stuart Weir Andrew Jackson 03/12/42 3rd Engineer Auburn AL Unknown
Hood Vernon Stanley John Drayton 04/21/43 3rd Engineer New York NY 23
Hooks Joseph Francis Joseph Wheeler 12/02/43 Oiler Jersey City NJ 20
Hooper Fred Bushranger 05/31/42 Bosun Hawthorne CA Unknown
Hooper Thomas Lafayet Benjamin Brewster 07/09/42 Messman Galveston TX Unknown
Hooper Wallace Edward Alcoa Transport 10/02/42 2nd Engineer New York NY Unknown

Hope James Arthur Edward B. Dudley 04/10/43 Engine Cadet Pittsburgh PA Unknown
Hope John Berntin Johnson Halo 05/20/42 3rd Mate Brooklyn NY Unknown
Hopkins Frank Kitredge Menominee 03/31/42 Chief Mate East Boston MA Unknown
Hopkins Leroy John Harvey 12/02/43 2nd Engineer Brooklyn NY 29
Hopkins Matthew Smith Jr. Jacksonville 08/30/44 3rd Engineer Riverdale MD Unknown
Hopkins Walter Pepper William Pierce Frye 03/29/43 Chief Cook Baltimore MD Unknown
Hopper Willard John Esso Gettysburg 06/10/43 O.S. Union City NJ Unknown
Horak Jan Bateau [former Italian Euro] 03/29/42 Deck Engineer Berwyn IL 37
Horan Malachy Patrick Coamo 12/09/42 Chief Engineer New York NY [CANADA] Unknown
Hord [Hurd] George S. J. Pinckney Henderson 08/19/43 Radio Officer Tebbets MO 22
Horgesheimer Russell Edwin Jean Nicolet 07/02/44 Oiler Gary IN 31
Horn Charles Thomas Caddo 11/23/42 Wiper Houston TX Unknown
Horn Erwin Theodore Logan Victory 04/06/45 1st Engineer Oakland CA Unknown
Hornbrook Augustus Caddo 11/23/42 O.S. Eastport ME Unknown
Horner Robert L. Unknown Alameda Graduate Died California 09/04/45 Unknown Corte Mesa CA 24
Horner William Harold John Burke 12/28/44 Purser Seattle WA Unknown
Horowitz Oskar Crusader [former Danish Brosund] 11/14/41 Fireman Cambridge MA Unknown
Horselman Neville John Alcedo 02/28/45 A.B. Australia 22
Horton Wallace Robert Jr. Atlantic Sun 02/17/43 3rd Engineer Sayre PA Unknown
Horton William Lee Jr. Menominee 03/31/42 A.B. Elizabeth City NC Unknown
Hosein Herbert Alcoa Transport 10/02/42 F/W Trinidad BWI Unknown
Hosey William Ward William F. Humphrey Unknown A.B. Albany NY Unknown
Hoskin Alva R. Arthur Middleton 01/01/43 Radio Officer Unknown Unknown
Hotochen John Michael Harry Luckenbach 03/17/43 Wiper Monessen PA Unknown
Hough Daniel George Louisiana 08/17/42 2nd Engineer Port Arthur TX Unknown
Hough LeRoy James Unknown Unknown Unknown Williamsburg MI Unknown
Houghton Ralph E. USAT Oneida 05/04/43 Chief Steward Unknown Unknown
House John Meredith Jack Carnes 08/30/42 A.B. Richmond VA Unknown
Houston Adrian Moncure Parismina 11/18/42 Wiper Los Angeles CA 25
Houston Guy Thomas Unknown Unknown O.S. El Monte CA Unknown
Houston Philip Jackson Azalea City 02/21/42 A.B. Norfolk VA Unknown
Hovden Hjalmar Marinius Berg Equipoise 03/26/42 O.S. Harstad Norway 30
Hovland Harry L. [S.] Arriaga 06/23/42 Chief Engineer St. George NY Unknown
Howard Bob John Harvey 12/02/43 A.B. Norwood NC 22
Howard Cecil James Alcoa Pilgrim 05/28/42 Jr. 3rd Mate Tupelo MS Unknown
Howard Edwin David John L. Motley 12/02/43 Deck Cadet Sylvania OH 19
Howard Florin Herold Theodore Dwight Weld 09/20/43 Oiler Clarkston MI Unknown
Howard John Julia Luckenbach 09/23/43 Chief Mate Unknown Unknown
Howard Jonah W. Charles Henderson 04/09/45 A.B. Unknown Unknown
Howard Robert Emery Puerto Rican 03/09/43 A.B. Seattle WA Unknown
Howard Robert Stafford Henry B. Plant 02/06/45 Radio Officer Millbury MA Unknown
Howard Walter John P. Gaines 11/24/43 Chief Cook Unknown Unknown
Howe Hubert Gwilym Robin Goodfellow 07/25/44 Chief Engineer Brooklyn NY Unknown
Howe Walter Franklin Sumner I. Kimball 01/16/44 Oiler Milford MA Unknown
Howell William Lawrence Oklahoma 04/08/42 2nd Engineer Port Arthur TX Unknown
Howell William Terry Carrabulle 05/26/42 Wiper Indianapolis IN 24
Hower Leo Francis Robert H. Colley 10/04/42 Radio Officer Philadelphia PA Unknown
Hoy William Duluth M. H. DeYoung 08/13/43 Oiler Chicago IL Unknown
Hoybye Svend Aage City of Atlanta 01/19/42 F/W Brunswick GA Unknown
Hoyer Frank E. William H. Welch 02/26/44 3rd Mate Unknown Unknown
Hoyt Walter St. Clair Gulfoil 05/16/42 Steward New York NY Unknown
Hoz Joaquin Marion Puerto Rican 03/09/43 Oiler Brooklyn NY Unknown
Hrono James George Yorkmar 10/09/43 Chief Cook East Boston MA Unknown
Hubenet Edward Jacksonville 08/30/44 O.S. Chicago IL 17
Huber Harold William Collamer 03/05/42 Oiler Richmond Hill NY Unknown
Huden Thomas G. Lt. Col. Lawrence O. Matthews (USAT) 10/28/42 2nd Engineer Brooklyn NY 34
Hudgins Genius Thomas Jr. Onondaga 07/23/42 2nd Mate Mathews VA 24
Hudgins Lloyd T. Buried Ardennes NatCem 12/10/45 Unknown MO Unknown
Hudgins Sam Jones Paul Hamilton 04/20/44 Carpenter Kinston NC Unknown
Hudgins Shelbroun Walker Alamar/Massmar 07/05/42 O.S. Salisbury NC Unknown
Hudome Lawrence Saint Mihiel 04/09/45 Radio Officer Unknown Unknown
Hudson Carter Margaret 04/14/42 Bosun Forest Hills NY Unknown
Huebner Carl Louis John Drayton 04/21/43 Oiler Dothan AL Unknown
Huecker Raymond Edward Rawleigh Warner 06/23/42 Chief Mate Port Arthur TX 41
Huffmaster Jude Alcoa Pilgrim 05/28/42 Utility Whistler AL Unknown
Hugaas Emil Kristian Wm. Boyce Thompson 07/07/43 Oiler [O.S.] Indianapolis IN [Trondheim Norway] 53
Hugendubler Roque Alfonso Raphael Semmes 06/28/42 F/W New York NY Unknown
Hugghins Cullen Roote Sam Houston 06/28/42 3rd Engineer Red Level AL Unknown
Huggins Woodrow James Oglethorpe 03/16/43 Deck Engineer Savannah GA Unknown
Hughes George G. USAT ST-511 10/18/44 A.B. Unknown Unknown
Hughes George O. Arthur Middleton 01/01/43 Chief Mate Unknown Unknown
Hughes Harold Knight Jr. Astral 12/02/41 2nd Mate Solebury PA Unknown
Hughes Ira Preston John Burke 12/28/44 3rd Engineer Seattle WA Unknown
Hughes James Steel Navigator 10/19/42 1st Engineer New York NY [Phoenix AZ] Unknown
Hughes James Emmet Ramapo 02/16/42 Coal Trimmer Bradalbane PEI Canada 31
Hughes John Richard Barbara 03/07/42 Watchman Malden MA Unknown
Hughes Murrill Everett Sunoil 04/05/43 Radio Officer Philadelphia PA Unknown
Hughes Trevor Friar Rock 01/13/42 Chief Steward England 26
Hughes William Lewis Alexander Macomb 07/03/42 Carpenter New York NY Unknown
Hughes William Noel Roberts Raphael Semmes 06/28/42 1st Engineer Philadelphia PA Unknown
Hughes William Roy H. D. Collier 03/13/44 F/W Fisk MO Unknown
Huguley David Daniel Naeco 03/23/42 Oiler New York NY Unknown
Huhnergarth Karl Friedrich [Frederick] India Arrow 02/04/42 Steward Bronx NY Unknown
Hullihen Milford Kenneth Halo 05/20/42 Messman Bradford PA Unknown
Hulse Roy Harry F. Sinclair Jr. 04/11/42 Utility Houston TX Unknown
Hultbert [Hultberg] Tage Equipoise 03/26/42 Unknown Goteborg Sweden Unknown
Humble Richard Allison Tachira 07/12/42 A.B. Schenectady NY Unknown
Humes James Everett Gurney E. Newlin 10/29/42 Utility Indianapolis IN Unknown
Hummell Jannes Bateau [former Italian Euro] 03/29/42 A.B. Amoland Holland 21
Humsjo John Gustav [G. M.] E. G. Seubert 02/23/44 Chief Mate New York NY Unknown
Huna Raymond Rufino Rosario 02/21/43 Chief Cook New York NY Unknown
Hung Pat Firethorn 10/07/42 2nd Cook China Unknown
Hunt Edward Norlavore 02/24/42 Cook Baltimore MD Unknown
Hunt Hugh Heredia 05/19/42 Cook Henderson NC Unknown
Hunt John Joseph Caribsea 03/11/42 A.B. Detroit MI Unknown
Hunt Robert Judson Henry Bacon 02/23/45 Purser Greensboro NC 20
Hunte Lionel Gittens Coamo 12/09/42 Storekeeper Bronx NY Unknown
Hunte Mertilly Alphonso David H. Atwater 04/02/42 Steward Accomack VA Unknown
Hunter Bernard Calvin John Carter Rose 10/08/42 Cook New York NY Unknown
Hunter C. W. Nimba 09/13/42 Workaway Scotland Unknown
Hunter Charles Ballejo Tillie Lykes 06/18/42 Purser New Orleans LA Unknown
Hunter Thomas A. Buried Cambridge NatCem 06/15/44 Unknown AR Unknown
Hunter Thomas E. Saint Mihiel 04/09/45 Messman Unknown Unknown
Huntington Eugene W. John Straub 04/19/44 Oiler None Listed 35
Hupa Klemens William H. Welch 02/26/44 Oiler Unknown Unknown
Hupper Ralph Edward Suweid 06/07/42 Oiler Somerville MA Unknown
Hurd Marion William City of Birmingham 06/30/42 Cook Savannah GA Unknown
Hurd Virgil James James W. Denver 04/11/43 Oiler Liberty MO Unknown
Hurkett James George Jr. Steel Age 03/07/42 A.B. North Attleboro MA Unknown
Hurlston George Pompoon 11/12/43 A.B. Great Britain 45
Hurlston William Chatham 08/27/42 Bosun Philadelphia PA Unknown
Hurlstone Ivan Elroy Mariana 03/05/42 Master Brooklyn NY Unknown
Hurst Harvey Francis Colabee 03/12/42 Messman Cushing OK Unknown
Hussey James Henry Sawokla 11/29/42 Chief Engineer Brighton MA Unknown
Husteck [Hustek] Joseph L. J. Drake 06/05/42 Wiper New York NY Unknown
Husten James Alfred Jean Nicolet 07/02/44 O.S. San Francisco CA 17
Huston George Samuel L. Jeffrey 06/01/45 2nd Engineer Unknown Unknown
Hutcherson Grover Cleveland Timothy Pickering 07/13/43 Messman Belmont MS 24
Hutchins Hilton A. USAT ST-10 01/16/45 Cook Unknown Unknown
Hutchinson Delbert R. E. A. Bryan 07/17/44 F/W Salem OR Unknown
Hutchinson Herman John Drayton 04/21/43 Messman New York NY Unknown
Hutchinson Westwood Grey Atlantic Sun 02/17/43 3rd Mate Ridley Park PA Unknown
Hutson Arthur T. Chenango 04/20/42 A.B. Columbia SC 37
Hutson James Woodrow Pan Atlantic 07/06/42 F/W Jacksonville FL Unknown
Hutton George William John Harvey 12/02/43 Utility Jeannette PA 29
Hutton Leon F. Buried Rhone NatCem 01/08/46 Unknown MI Unknown
Hutton William James Sprunt 03/10/43 Bosun Everett MA Unknown
Huttunen Veijo Equipoise 03/26/42 Unknown Finland Unknown
Hyde Arthur J. Norwalk 01/10/43 3rd Engineer Unknown Unknown
Hyde Basil Elmer Losmar 09/24/42 F/W Tampa FL Unknown
Hyde Martin William Stanvac Calcutta 06/07/42 O.S. Jackson Heights NY Unknown


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