Merchant Mariners killed on U.S. operated ships during World War II
Last name begins with "O"

Home - home address of designated next of kin, not necessarily the person's home town.

BWI=British West Indies
PI=Philippine Islands
PR=Puerto Rico
VI=Virgin Islands
NWI=Netherlands West Indies

NatCem - American Battle Monuments Commission National Cemetery

A.B.=Able-Bodied Seaman
O.S.=Ordinary Seaman

There are many inconsistencies in spelling, home towns, etc. among our sources. We include other spellings in brackets.

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Last First Ship Date Position Home Age
O'Berry Alton Ray Ruth 06/29/42 A.B. Tampa FL Unknown
O'Brien Clifton M. USAT Y-17 04/08/45 A.B. Unknown Unknown
O'Brien Francis D. C. J. Barkdull 01/10/43 F/W Unknown Unknown
O'Brien James Ballot 04/12/42 Wiper Boston MA Unknown
O'Brien John Henry R. Mallory 02/07/43 Oiler Windsor Ont Canada Unknown
O'Brien John R. Buried Manila NatCem 05/29/44 Unknown RI Unknown
O'Brien Joseph Patrick East Indian 11/03/42 Deck Maint. Astoria NY Unknown
O'Brien Patrick John L. Motley 12/02/43 Chief Mate County Cork Ireland Unknown
O'Brien Robert Joseph Alcoa Pilgrim 05/28/42 Cook Tampa FL Unknown
O'Brien Thomas Patrick Massmar 07/05/42 Deck Engineer Baltimore MD Unknown
O'Brien Timothy Arthur Middleton 01/01/43 Chief Engineer Unknown Unknown
O'Brien Timothy Puerto Rican 03/09/43 Chief Cook New York NY Unknown
O'Brien William Joseph Richard D. Spaight 03/10/43 Messman Philadelphia PA Unknown
O'Bryant Leroy Melvin Penelope Barker 01/25/44 F/W Washington DC Unknown
O'Connell James E. Buried Netherlands NatCem 10/12/45 Unknown MA Unknown
O'Connor James Francis Federal 04/30/42 3rd Mate Galveston TX Unknown
O'Connor Joseph Michael Illinois 06/02/42 A.B. Jersey City NJ Unknown
O'Connor Martin Francis Jonathan Sturges 02/24/43 3rd Engineer Brooklyn NY Unknown
O'Connor Stephen Bateau [former Italian Euro] 03/29/42 Fireman Montreal Que Canada 31
O'Connor William A. Eastern Sword 05/04/42 F/W Brooklyn NY Unknown
O'Dell Walter Joseph Connecticut 04/23/42 A.B. Chicago IL Unknown
O'Donnell Earl H. Charles Henderson 04/09/45 F/W Unknown Unknown
O'Donoghue Timothy Joseph Topa Topa 08/29/42 F/W Astoria NY Unknown
O'Donovan William Patrick Joseph M. Cudahy 05/05/42 F/W Baton Rouge LA Unknown
O'Hagan Patrick Henry Velma Lykes 06/04/42 3rd Engineer Oakland CA Unknown
O'Hara Edwin Joseph Stephen Hopkins 09/27/42 Engine Cadet Lindsay CA 20
O'Hara William Vaughn Sawokla 11/29/42 Deck Cadet Cambridge MA Unknown
O'Leary Henry J. John Morgan 06/01/43 Messman Unknown Unknown
O'Leary Jeremiah Daniel Robert Gray 04/22/43 2nd Mate Staten Island NY Unknown
O'Ligny Arthur Hubert Yorkmar 10/09/43 Utility Lawrence MA Unknown
O'Malley James J. USAT LT-221 10/15/44 A.B. Unknown Unknown
O'Neal Don Jacksonville 08/30/44 Oiler Enville TN 19
O'Neal William Thomas Lake Osweya 02/20/42 3rd Engineer Norfolk VA Unknown
O'Neil Carl Buried Honolulu NatCem 01/15/46 Unknown OR Unknown
O'Neil Frank Patrick El Lago 10/11/42 O.S. Derry NH Unknown
O'Reilly Herbert Francis Alcoa Cadet 06/21/42 Oiler Brookline MA Unknown
O'Reilly John W. USAT LT-389 11/28/44 2nd Mate Unknown Unknown
O'Reilly Richard Thomas L. J. Drake 06/05/42 O.S. Teaneck NJ Unknown
O'Rourke James John Dorchester 02/03/43 A.B. Philadelphia PA 24
O'Sullivan William Adolph Edward B. Dudley 04/10/43 F/W Butler NJ Unknown
Oad John Chenango 04/20/42 A.B. Brooklyn NY [Estonia] 31
Oakley Michael James Raphael Semmes 06/28/42 Chief Engineer Brooklyn NY Unknown
Oakley William Edward Jr. John A. Poor 03/19/44 2nd Engineer Washington DC Unknown
Oates William C. J. Barkdull 01/10/43 1st Engineer Wilmington NC Unknown
Oatman Byron LeRoy Turecamo Boys 11/16/41 Master Syracuse NY Unknown
Oatman Floyd C. Turecamo Boys 11/16/41 Chief Engineer Syracuse NY Unknown
Obara Jan (nmi) John Morgan 06/01/43 F/W Unknown Unknown
Ocasio Thomas Dorchester 02/03/43 Waiter New York NY Unknown
Ochoa Amado Zuneda West Ivis 01/26/42 F/W Bilbao Spain Unknown
Odland Thorvald Alexander John Harvey 12/02/43 Bosun Norfolk VA 51
Oen Jens Andreas Raceland 03/28/42 A.B. Bergen Norway Unknown
Oest-Larsen Birger Crusader [former Danish Brosund] Buried on Colonsay UK 01/06/42 Mate Odense DENMARK 21
Oftedal Alf Mariana 03/05/42 2nd Mate Unknown Unknown
Ogenio Cipriano Coamo 12/09/42 A.B. Brooklyn NY Unknown
Ogle Cyril Alexander Oakmar 03/20/42 Steward Baltimore MD Unknown
Ojeda Ramon Muskogee 03/17/42 O.S. San Juan PR Unknown
Ojen Enrique Heredia 05/19/42 Oiler Coruna Spain Unknown
Okander Nelder W. Stanvac Calcutta 06/06/42 A.B. Unknown Unknown
Okasha Ahmed Scapa Flow 11/14/42 Coal Passer Egypt 38
Oker Harley Duane Walter Q. Gresham 03/18/43 Oiler Minneapolis MN 22
Okeson Emil Chenango 04/20/42 3rd Engineer Sweden 48
Oksen Robert Carlton Muskogee 03/17/42 Wiper Baltimore MD Unknown
Olachia Anselmo Bueno R. P. Resor 02/28/42 Messman Baytown TX Unknown
Olafsen Asbjorn Raceland 03/28/42 A.B. Tjolling Norway 23
Olafsen Erling Johan Balladier 08/15/42 A.B. Brooklyn NY [Notteroy Norway] 39
Olafson Duane Saint Mihiel 04/09/45 A.B. Unknown Unknown
Olando [Orlando] Carrol Alfanso Illinois 06/02/42 O.S. Jersey City NJ Unknown
Olcheskie Francis Joseph William B. Allison 05/24/45 F/W Shamokin PA Unknown
Oler Claire Otho William B. Allison 05/24/45 1st Engineer Two Rivers WI Unknown
Olferieff Sergio Henry Keswick/President Grant Unknown A.B. Unknown Unknown
Oliva Margoiot Castilla 06/06/42 Steward Unknown Unknown
Oliver Hugh C. C. J. Barkdull 01/10/43 Pumpman Murray KY Unknown
Oliver John L. Buried Cambridge NatCem 12/01/44 Unknown RI Unknown
Oliver Ralph Albert Puerto Rican 03/09/43 Master Philadelphia PA Unknown
Olivero Rafael Margaret 04/14/42 A.B. Fajardo PR Unknown
Oliviera R. J. Longtaker [Sessa] 08/17/41 Fireman Oporto Portugal 26
Ollier Joseph Gulfland 10/21/43 O.S. Unknown Unknown
Olmo Jose Antonio Dorchester 02/03/43 Galleyman New York NY Unknown
Olofson Gustaf Adolph Scottsburg 06/15/42 Master New York NY Unknown

Olsen Aage Rudolf Azalea City 02/21/42 Chief Mate Middle Village NY [Copenhagen Denmark] 48
Olsen Andreas Ramapo 02/16/42 Chief Engineer Eidanger Norway 50
Olsen Benjamin Michael Allan Jackson 01/19/42 Steward Bayonne NJ Unknown
Olsen Einar Raceland 03/28/42 F/W Stavanger Norway 27
Olsen Emil Tonnesen Pan Massachusetts 02/19/42 Cook Marcus Hook PA Unknown
Olsen Harold [Harald Frederik] Friar Rock 01/13/42 2nd Mate Denmark 37
Olsen Herman N. James McKay 12/08/42 Master Paris TX Unknown
Olsen Hjalmar Bateau [former Italian Euro] 03/29/42 Fireman Coalpasser Bergen Norway 21
Olsen Jens Fagstrup Suweid 06/07/42 O.S. Woods Hole MA Unknown
Olsen John Harold James Sprunt 03/10/43 2nd Mate Brooklyn NY Unknown
Olsen Karl Ragnar Munger T. Ball 05/04/42 Master Port Arthur TX Unknown
Olsen Lawrence Swiftsure/Zaandam 11/02/42 A.B. Lynn MA Unknown
Olsen Magne Samuel L. Jeffrey 06/01/45 Oiler Unknown Unknown
Olsen Nils Martin [Odd Bj┐rn] Unknown 08/20/43 A.B. Arendal Norway 43
Olsen Olaf Susana 10/13/42 Oiler Balsfjord Norway 27
Olsen Olaf Z. Hagan 06/11/42 Steward Bristol PA Unknown
Olsen Ole Ceiba 03/17/42 A.B. Oslo Norway 24
Olsen Ole Andreas Caddo 11/23/42 Steward New York NY Unknown
Olsen Ragnval Nathaniel Hawthorne 11/07/42 F/W San Francisco CA Unknown
Olsen Ragnvald Louise Lykes 01/09/43 A.B. New York NY Unknown
Olsen Rolf Sigurd El Coston 02/25/44 Master Brooklyn NY [Tune Norway] 34
Olsen Sam Gulfpenn 05/13/42 Quartermaster [A.B.] Brooklyn NY Unknown
Olsen Sverre Oregonian 09/13/42 Cook New York NY Unknown
Olsen Theodore Thomas John R. Williams 06/24/42 A.B. Brooklyn NY 24
Olsen Torger Gulfland 10/21/43 Master Unknown Unknown
Olson Clarence Joseph H. D. Collier 03/13/44 Deck Maint. Cannon Falls MN 32
Olson Eino Joseph Hastings 02/23/43 A.B. Maple WI Unknown
Olson Kenneth Frederick Robert Gray 04/22/43 O.S. West Allis WI Unknown
Olson Leif Martin Caddo 11/23/42 2nd Mate Providence RI Unknown
Olsson Anders Petter Edward B. Dudley 04/10/43 Bosun New York NY Unknown
Olsson Svante Winkler 02/23/43 2nd Engineer Sweden Unknown
Olszewski John Benjamin Robert Gray 04/22/43 O.S. Baltimore MD Unknown
Olufson Svend Aage West Portal 02/05/43 A.B. Copenhagen Denmark Unknown
Omer Herman El Coston 02/25/44 Carpenter Belgium Unknown
Oppenheimer Edward Cities Service Toledo 06/12/42 F/W Long Island City NY Unknown
Opyr Walter Edward B. Dudley 04/10/43 A.B. New York NY Unknown
Oram William Henry Barbara 03/07/42 A.B. Brooklyn NY Unknown
Orbase Canuto [Canute] Ola Raphael Semmes 06/28/42 Messman Brooklyn NY [Portsmouth VA] Unknown
Orellana Carlos Mary Luckenbach 09/13/42 Wiper Brooklyn NY Unknown
Oresland Anker El Lago 10/11/42 2nd Mate Hovag Norway 26
Ortiz Antonio M. Lewis L. Dyche 01/04/45 Wiper Wilmington CA 17
Ortiz Victor Lemuel Burrows 03/14/42 Wiper Ponce PR Unknown
Ortler [Ortleb] Otto Karl [Earl] Otho 04/03/42 F/W Tampa FL Unknown
Osborne Richard Douglas Samuel Heintzelman 07/09/43 A.B. Indianola NE Unknown
Osorio Abel Gulfoil 05/16/42 Oiler Port Arthur TX Unknown
Ostergaard [Østergaard] Alf H. Timothy Pickering 07/13/43 3rd Engineer Haberg Denmark 32
Osterman Frank Alamar/Massmar 07/05/42 Carpenter Brooklyn NY Unknown
Ostrom Marvin Carl Jonathan Sturges 02/24/43 A.B. Marinette WI Unknown
Ostrowski John Louisiana 08/17/42 Oiler Bayonne NJ Unknown
Ostrup [Østrup] Borge J. H. Senior 08/19/43 Chief Engineer DENMARK 34
Otero Edward [Edwardo] L. J. Drake 06/05/42 Oiler New Brighton NY Unknown
Otozky Stephen Rogalo Jeremiah Van Rensselaer 02/02/43 Oiler Belleville NJ Unknown
Otremba Frank Joseph Jr. Lyman Abbott 12/02/43 2nd Mate Baltimore MD 25
Otto Harold Russel James McKay 12/08/42 F/W Brooklyn NY Unknown
Ouder Lawrence Gamble Nicarao 05/15/42 Chief Engineer New Orleans LA Unknown
Oulianoff Frank S. Jack 05/27/42 Refrig. Engr. Unknown Unknown
Oulianoff Stephen Unknown Unknown Unknown New York NY Unknown
Outen Charles Wesley Jr. Daniel Chester French 03/06/44 2nd Engineer Philadelphia PA Unknown
Overbye Soren L. Esso Copenhagen 02/25/42 2nd Engineer Denmark Unknown
Overdick Walter Dorchester 02/03/43 Pantryman New York NY Unknown
Owen Alfred John Scapa Flow 11/14/42 2nd Mate St. Louis MO 49
Owens Arthur Henry Keswick/Ruth Alexander Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Owens John Francis Meriwether Lewis 03/02/43 1st Engineer Brooklyn NY Unknown
Owens Lloyd G., Jr. Buried Sicily-Rome NatCem 12/13/45 Unknown NC Unknown


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