Merchant Mariners killed on U.S. operated ships during World War II
Last name begins with "I" and "J"

Home - home address of designated next of kin, not necessarily the person's home town.

BWI=British West Indies
PI=Philippine Islands
PR=Puerto Rico
VI=Virgin Islands
NWI=Netherlands West Indies

NatCem - American Battle Monuments Commission National Cemetery

A.B.=Able-Bodied Seaman
O.S.=Ordinary Seaman

There are many inconsistencies in spelling, home towns, etc. among our sources. We include other spellings in brackets.

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Last First Ship Date Position Home Age
Iannantuoni Joseph Philip John L. Motley 12/02/43 Cook Brooklyn NY Unknown
Iannone Michael Oregonian 09/13/42 Wiper Brooklyn NY Unknown
Ibarley Pastor USAT Royal T. Frank 01/28/42 Messman Unknown Unknown
Ide Alvin Leroy Atlantic Sun 02/17/43 Messman Ridley Park PA Unknown
Iglesias Joaquin Martinez Steel Traveler 12/18/44 F/W Niagara Falls NY Unknown
Iglesias Manoel S. Buried Florence NatCem 06/04/45 Unknown Spain Unknown
Iglesias Wilfredo William F. Humphrey 07/16/42 Pumpman Mexico City Mexico Unknown
Imlay John E. Suffolk 12/11/43 2nd Engineer Brooklyn NY Unknown
Impasto Ignazio Sicilien 06/07/42 O.S. New Orleans LA Unknown
Inderberg Torstein Unknown Unknown Master Brooklyn NY Unknown
Ingalls Ray [Roy W.] C. J. Barkdull 01/10/43 Oiler Mackinaw City MI Unknown
Ingebrigtsen Alf Raceland 03/28/42 A.B. Bergen Norway 29
Ingel [Ingebrigtsen] Einar Jack Carnes 08/30/42 3rd Engineer New York NY [Oddernes Norway]



Ingham Jack Patrick J. Hurley 09/12/42 F/W Boise ID Unknown
Ingram Bartlett H. USAT LT-389 11/28/44 Chief Engineer Unknown Unknown
Ingram Louis Harold Pan Massachusetts 02/19/42 Steward Dallas TX Unknown
Ioime Joseph Anthony Merrimack 06/09/42 F/W Brooklyn NY Unknown
Ireland Floyd Thomas Oakmar 03/20/42 1st Engineer Norfolk VA Unknown
Irizarry Jose Cisanto Coamo 12/09/42 Messman New York NY Unknown
Irons Floyd Ralph Pan Massachusetts 02/19/42 Machinist Portland OR Unknown
Irons William Colville [Covile] Norvana 01/18/42 3rd Mate Jacksonville FL Unknown
Irvin Edmund James Sumner I. Kimball 01/16/44 2nd Mate Allston MA Unknown
Irvin Martin Dreibelbis Esso Gettysburg 06/10/43 F/W State College PA Unknown
Isaksen Sverre J. Wichita 09/19/42 Deck Maint. New Orleans LA Unknown
Isbel John Lee Munger T. Ball 05/04/42 A.B. Cameron TX 30
Iseminger Alva John W. D. Anderson 02/22/42 Deck Maint. Upper Darby PA 19
Ishzaak Edward William H. Welch 02/26/44 Messman Unknown Unknown
Iturra Ananias Heredia 05/19/42 Chief Engineer New York NY [Bronx NY] Unknown
Iversen A. P. Unknown Unknown Unknown Aarhus Denmark Unknown
Iverson Arthur Eugene William Pierce Frye 03/29/43 Messman Roxbury MA Unknown
Ivins [Ivans] Charles J. Pinckney Henderson 08/19/43 Wiper Unknown 49
Ivone Frank Angelo Jr. William Pierce Frye 03/29/43 O.S. Medford MA Unknown
Ivanitski Frank Edward B. Dudley 04/10/43 A.B. Carteret NJ 19
Ivy Julian Evans Sicilien 06/07/42 Oiler West Point MS Unknown


Last First Ship Date Position Home Age
Jablonski Peter James Timothy Pickering 07/13/43 O.S. Bethlehem PA Unknown
Jacelon Bertie Gustave Oklahoma II 03/28/45 Messman Ozone Park NY Unknown
Jacko Paul Albert Saint Mihiel 04/09/45 2nd Pumpman Warren OH Unknown
Jackowski Henric John West Ivis 01/26/42 Oiler Philadelphia PA Unknown
Jackson Charles Avon John Straub 04/19/44 Chief Cook Baltimore MD 36
Jackson Elwood William Tillie Lykes 06/15/42 Oiler Galveston TX Unknown
Jackson Ely Castilla 06/06/42 A.B. Unknown Unknown
Jackson Emel USAT Clevedon 01/13/42 Master Bellingham WA Unknown
Jackson Eugene Moultry Charles C. Pinckney 01/28/43 Utility New Rochelle NY Unknown
Jackson Frank Maxwell Gulftrade 03/10/42 F/W Port Arthur TX Unknown
Jackson John Andrew Admiral Y. S. Williams (killed by sniper in defense of Hong Kong) 12/01/41 Messman San Pedro CA Unknown
Jackson John Hugo Jack Carnes 08/30/42 F/W Richmond Hill NY Unknown
Jackson Joseph Raymond Colabee 03/12/42 O.S. Bronxville NY Unknown
Jackson Justin Lowe Jr. Jacksonville 08/30/44 F/W Savannah GA Unknown
Jackson Norman Coamo 12/09/42 Steward Valley Stream NY Unknown
Jackson Paul F. USAT LT-221 10/15/44 Chief Engineer Unknown Unknown
Jackson Reuben Esso Williamsburg 09/23/42 O.S. Willis TX Unknown
Jackson Robert Tillie Lykes 06/15/42 Chief Engineer Beaumont TX Unknown
Jackson Robert LeRoy Samuel Heintzelman 07/09/43 3rd Engineer Sulphur Springs TX Unknown
Jacobs Clyde Milton Munger T. Ball 05/04/42 Quartermaster [A.B.] Port Arthur TX 26
Jacobs Joseph Everett Esso Gettysburg 06/10/43 Chief Engineer New York NY Unknown
Jacobs Lawrence Gulfland 10/21/43 Messman Unknown Unknown
Jacobsen Alfred Peter Lycer Cherokee 06/15/42 Purser Brooklyn NY Unknown
Jacobsen Frank Henry Gurney E. Newlin 10/29/42 A.B. Ridgefield Park NJ 40
Jacobsen Harold Buried Honolulu NatCem 07/29/44 Unknown WI Unknown
Jacobsen Jarman Buried Honolulu NatCem 07/07/43 Unknown CA Unknown
Jacobsen Julius Aage Karup Montana [former Danish Paula] 09/11/41 Chief Mate Denmark 36
Jacobsen Sofus J. Spring Hill 02/05/45 Chief Engineer Unknown Unknown
Jacobsen Tom Cacalilao 05/31/42 3rd Mate Unknownv Unknown
Jacota George Michael Lake Osweya 02/20/42 A.B. Detroit MI Unknown
Jacques Laurence [Lawrence Raymond Steel Age 03/07/42 Chief Mate Springfield MA Unknown
Jaffe Edwin Martin Azalea City 02/21/42 O.S. New York NY Unknown
Jaime Loreto Don Isidro 02/19/42 2nd Engineer Unknown Unknown
Jakubowski Carl West Ivis 01/26/42 Wiper Dunkirk NY Unknown
Jalbert Arthur Nimba 09/13/42 3rd Mate Petite Riviere au Renard Que Canada 24
Jalocon Comado M. Cynthia Olson 12/07/41 O.S. Unknown Unknown
James Frederick John Martin Edward D. Baker 05/11/44 3rd Mate Unknown NEW ZEALAND 27
James Herbert A. Jack 05/27/42 Cook Unknown Unknown
James Thomas Benjamin West Ivis 01/26/42 Messman New York NY Unknown
Janczyk Roman Malantic 03/09/43 Wiper Putnam CT Unknown
Janos Thomas USAT ST-719 09/26/44 Cook Unknown Unknown
Janowich Frances Michael William Pierce Frye 03/29/43 A.B. East Boston MA Unknown
Jansen Hjalmar Rikkard Rosario 02/21/43 Carpenter Brooklyn NY Unknown
Jany Bisari City of Alma 06/02/42 A.B. New Orleans LA Unknown
Jara Louis Miguel Ruth Alexander 12/31/41 2nd Cook San Francisco CA Unknown
Jarman Andrew Alton T. C. McCobb 04/01/42 O.S. Goldsboro NC Unknown
Jarreau Lawrence Sicilien 06/07/42 Steward Unknown Unknown
Jaruvilla Mechor Don Isidro 02/19/42 3rd Engineer Unknown Unknown
Jarvis L. D. Unkown Unknown Unknown Ft. Trumbull grad Unknown
Jarvis Lewis Dewayne Ruth Lykes 05/16/42 1st Engineer New Orleans LA 46
Jaslowich John Stanley William Pierce Frye 03/29/43 2nd Mate Ipswich MA Unknown
Jasper Frank Mathew West Chetac 09/24/42 Master Minneapolis MN Unknown
Jaycox Floyd Stephen Bienville 04/06/42 3rd Mate Biloxi MS Unknown
Jean Raymond Joseph Wichita 09/19/42 O.S. Wyandotte MI Unknown
Jee Tan See John Barry 08/28/44 Messman Brooklyn NY Unknown
Jeffery [Jeffrey] Samuel Lawrence Ario 03/15/42 F/W Lemont IL 21
Jeffrey John William Edward B. Dudley 04/10/43 Oiler Wellsville OH Unknown
Jeffreys Robert R. John Morgan 06/01/43 A.B. Unknown Unknown
Jelle Lars Peter Severtsen West Lashaway 08/30/42 Carpenter Kirkland WA Unknown
Jellings Joseph Arthur Unknown Unknown Unknown HI Unknown
Jenkins Charles Orlando Jr. Nathaniel Hawthorne 11/07/42 A.B. New York NY Unknown
Jenkins John Dudley John R. Williams 06/24/42 F/W Sharpsburg KY 28
Jenkins John Franklin Sunoco 01/02/45 Master Wilmingon DE Unknown
Jenkins John Furman Jr. William C. McTarnahan 05/16/42 A.B. Camden SC Unknown
Jenkins John Henry Ruth 06/29/42 Chief Cook Baltimore MD Unknown
Jenkins Walter Sixaola 06/12/42 Waiter New Orleans LA Unknown
Jenkins William Rommie Virginia Sinclair 03/10/43 F/W Harlengen TX Unknown
Jenkins Willis James Puerto Rican 03/09/43 2nd Mate Baton Rouge LA Unknown
Jenkinson Gustave Amilius Express 06/30/42 Chief Steward New York NY Unknown
Jennings Milton J. Buried North Africa NatCem 11/05/43 Unknown WI Unknown
Jennison Frank Ellsworth Rawleigh Warner 06/23/42 O.S. Trinidad CO 32
Jensen B. Longtaker [Sessa] 08/17/41 Steward Copenhagen Denmark 33
Jensen Claude Leroy Buried Manila NatCem 10/27/45 Unknown MN Unknown
Jensen Julius Niels Lars Eastern Sword 05/04/42 Master Copenhagen Denmark Unknown
Jensen Neil W. D. Anderson 02/22/42 F/W Camden NJ Unknown
Jensen Paul Steen Unknown Unknown Unknown Copenhagen Denmark Unknown
Jensen Peter Søndergaard [Peder] J. H. Senior 08/19/43 Bosun Denmark 30
Jensen Rolf Pillory 06/05/44 Messman Nesodden Norway 39
Jensen Thorbjorn Equipoise 03/26/42 Radio Officer Oslo Norway 45
Jensen Trygve Kristian Crusader [former Danish Brosund] 11/14/41 O.S. Tveit Norway 22
Jenssen Sven E. Steel Age 03/07/42 Messman Sweden Unknown
Jepperson Agathon Bateau [former Italian Euro] 03/29/42 A.B. Providence RI [Newton Center MA] 39
Jepsen Peter C. E. A. Bryan 07/17/44 Chief Engineer Alameda CA Unknown
Jeremias Charles Joseph Arlyn 08/28/42 O.S. Brooklyn NY Unknown
Jerichow Torben Tela 06/08/42 2nd Engineer Sonoma CA [Denmark] 23
Jerman William Faucett Jr. Cities Service Empire 02/22/42 Master Delmar DE 27
Jernigan Leroy James Oglethorpe 03/16/43 F/W Savannah GA Unknown
Jerome Leo Delvalle 04/12/42 A.B. Unknown Unknown
Jerue Allie Hector Losmar 09/24/42 O.S. Ogdensburg PA Unknown
Jessop O. Unknown Unknown Unknown Ft. Trumbull grad Unknown
Jesurun Angelo Coamo 12/09/42 Waiter Curacao NWI Unknown
Jett Ray Eldred Yankee Arrow 08/03/43 Purser New York NY Unknown
Jimena Alberto Don Isidro 02/19/42 Oiler Unknown Unknown
Jimenez Esteban Coamo 12/09/42 Waiter New York NY Unknown
Jimenez Roberto Fablia West Lashaway 08/30/42 Oiler New York NY Unknown
Jiminez Henry Anthony John D. Gill 03/12/42 F/W Philadelphia PA Unknown
Jochemczyk Sigmond Stanley Buried Manila NatCem 01/08/46 Unknown IL Unknown
Joel P. Unknown Unknown Unknown Grimsby England Unknown
Joensen Niclas J. [Niels Johs] J. H. Senior 08/19/43 Master Denmark 42
Johanessen Johan Emil David H. Atwater 04/02/42 3rd Engineer Brooklyn NY [Stavanger Norway] 64
Johannesen Oman Wolmer Virginia Sinclair 03/10/43 F/W Bladen OH Unknown
Johannessen Erling Willy Donerail [former Danish Nordhval] 12/09/41 Oiler Drammen NORWAY 19
Johannessen Sven-Erik D. [Svein] J. H. Senior 08/19/43 Jr. Engineer Larvik Norway 23
Johannesson Simon (Anders) Winkler 02/23/43 O.S. Iceland Unknown
Johansen Frithjof B. Lt. Col. Lawrence O. Matthews (USAT) 10/28/42 Chief Engineer Stone Ridge NY Unknown
Johansen Johan Petter Raceland 03/28/42 2nd Mate San Pedro CA [Bodin Norway] 44
Johansen Karsten Bienville 04/06/42 Oiler Long Beach NY Unknown
Johansen Mathias Richard Bland 03/10/43 Cook Alesund Norway 59
Johansen Olaf Jeremias Aneroid 10/02/42 Chief Mate Laksevag Norway 40
Johansen Sverre Ingar Montana [former Danish Paula] 09/11/41 Oiler Onsoy Norway 27
Johansen Willy Sverre Persephone 05/25/42 O.S. Oslo Norway 26
Johanson Anders M. Dixie Arrow 03/26/42 Master Brooklyn NY Unknown
Johanson Eric Herbert Kahuku 06/15/42 Master Kelseyville CA Unknown
Johanson Gustaf Buried Normandy NatCem 02/02/45 Unknown NY Unknown
Johanson Henry Leonard Quaker City 05/18/42 O.S. Roxbury MA Unknown
Johanson John Bernt Gurney E. Newlin 10/29/42 Wiper Port Arthur TX Unknown
Johansson Anders Unknown Unknown Unknown Frillessac Sweden Unknown
Johansson Edwin Caddo 11/23/42 Bosun Astoria NY Unknown
Johansson Eric A. Buried Ardennes NatCem 12/08/42 Unknown PA Unknown
Johansson Karl J. H. Senior 08/19/43 Messman Unknown Unknown
Johansson Sixten[Bror S.] J. H. Senior 08/19/43 A.B. Unknown 25
John Ernest Wm. Boyce Thompson 07/07/43 F/W Brooklyn NY Unknown
Johnnene Russell Giter Colabee 03/12/42 O.S. Malden MA Unknown

Johnsen Oscar Buried Ardennes NatCem 04/18/44 Unknown IL Unknown
Johnson Arthur Burdick President Grant- Died Japanese POW Unknown Room Steward Harlan IA Unknown
Johnson Axel Anton West Lashaway 08/30/42 3rd Engineer Long Island City NY Unknown
Johnson Booker Taliaferro Gulfoil 05/16/42 Cook Tampa FL Unknown
Johnson Botvid Rolland Gulftrade 03/10/42 2nd Engineer Port Arthur TX Unknown
Johnson Charles R. E. A. Bryan 07/17/44 Utility Oakland CA Unknown
Johnson Charlie Harry Luckenbach 03/17/43 Chief Cook Roxbury MA Unknown
Johnson Clarence Edward Malantic 03/09/43 Chief Engineer Mobile AL Unknown
Johnson Clifford R. E. A. Bryan 07/17/44 Utility Salt Lake City UT Unknown
Johnson Edward Frederick Esso Williamsburg 09/23/42 3rd Mate Grant City NY Unknown
Johnson Ernest Okey Gulftrade 03/10/42 Oiler Savannah GA Unknown
Johnson Frank Major Wheeler 02/06/42 Utility Tampa FL Unknown
Johnson Frank Link Jr. James Sprunt 03/10/43 Purser Statesville NC Unknown
Johnson Fred Maiden Creek 12/31/42 1st Engineer Unknown Unknown
Johnson Fred Willie Ruth 06/29/42 3rd Engineer New York NY Unknown
Johnson Gladden Nourse Walter Q. Gresham 03/18/43 3rd Mate New York NY Unknown
Johnson Harry E. C. J. Barkdull 01/10/43 Oiler Bayonne NJ Unknown
Johnson Henry Carleton Norvana 01/18/42 2nd Mate Jersey City NJ Unknown
Johnson Irvin Joseph John Burke 12/28/44 A.B. Seattle WA 29
Johnson Ivar Oscar Lake Osweya 02/20/42 A.B. Turlock CA [Huttrum Sweden] Unknown
Johnson James Angelina 10/17/42 3rd Mate Ayer MA Unknown
Johnson Jasper Burton Louise Lykes 01/09/43 F/W Ansgar IA Unknown
Johnson John Rawleigh Warner 06/23/42 A.B. Brooklyn NY 43
Johnson John A. West Chetac 09/24/42 3rd Mate Baltimore MD Unknown
Johnson John Jr. Margaret 04/14/42 Steward New York NY Unknown
Johnson John William John Winthrop 09/24/42 F/W Clinton MA Unknown
Johnson Kyle Vaughn Maiden Creek II 03/17/44 A.B. Clovis NM Unknown
Johnson Leigh Henry Ogontz 05/19/42 A.B. Seattle WA Unknown
Johnson Louis Alfred Coamo 12/09/42 Steward Elmont NY Unknown
Johnson Mark William Joseph Wheeler 12/02/43 Purser Savannah GA 27
Johnson Merrill Wakefield Norlavore 02/24/42 A.B. Durham NC Unknown
Johnson Oscar Carl Capillo- Died Japanese POW Unknown Bosun Seattle WA Unknown
Johnson Peder A. Esso Gettysburg 06/10/43 Master Smithfield RI Unknown
Johnson Raymond Ethelbert Texan 03/11/42 F/W Gloucester MA Unknown
Johnson Roy Kenneth Alaskan 11/28/42 Oiler Cadillac MI 24
Johnson Thomas Luzon Effingham 03/30/42 Steward East Lynn MA Unknown
Johnson Uriah Joe Jeremiah Van Rensselaer 02/02/43 Messman New York NY Unknown
Johnson Verl Frederick Wichita 09/19/42 Wiper Grand Forks ND Unknown
Johnson Victor Jeremiah Van Rensselaer 02/02/43 Wiper Brooklyn NY Unknown
Johnson Willard Ray Yankee Arrow 08/03/43 Utility Los Angeles CA 28
Johnson William Venore 01/23/42 A.B. Orange TX Unknown
Johnson William Wallace Australia 03/16/42 2nd Engineer Port Arthur TX [SD] 38
Johnstad Carl Cynthia Olson 12/07/41 2nd Mate Unknown Unknown
Johnston Allan Benjamin Brewster 07/09/42 Chief Mate Jacksonville FL Unknown
Johnston Daniel Lamont Caddo 11/23/42 2nd Engineer Beaumont TX 36
Johnston James Edward Meriwether Lewis 03/02/43 Cook Akron OH Unknown
Johnston John Puerto Rican 03/09/43 F/W Liverpool England Unknown
Johnston Owen Joseph James Sprunt 03/10/43 Oiler Duluth MN Unknown
Johnstone Earl Buried Cambridge NatCem 03/19/45 Unknown WI Unknown
Johonnett Fred Wallace Patrick J. Hurley 09/12/42 Pumpman Marcus Hook PA 43
Joiner B. Bernard Gulfoil 05/16/42 3rd Engineer Mobile AL Unknown
Jollow William Cold Harbor 06/14/42 A.B. Bowmanville Ont Canada Unknown
Jon Jose Hung Unknown Unknown Unknown Cienfuegos Cuba Unknown
Jondal Sampson Oregonian 09/13/42 A.B. New York NY [Haugesund Norway] Unknown
Jones Abel Leslie Dan Beard 12/10/44 Wiper Rockaway Beach NY Unknown
Jones Albert City of Atlanta 01/19/42 F/W Savannah GA Unknown
Jones Bert James Sprunt 03/10/43 A.B. Detour MI Unknown
Jones Charles City of Birmingham 06/30/42 F/W Savannah GA Unknown
Jones Claude Lee Jeremiah Van Rensselaer 02/02/43 1st Engineer Westfield NJ Unknown
Jones Donovan V. Buried North Africa NatCem 03/07/43 Unknown GA Unknown
Jones Edgar William H. Welch 02/26/44 O.S. Unknown Unknown
Jones Edward Tillie Lykes 06/15/42 O.S. Galveston TX Unknown
Jones English Nicarao 05/15/42 Cook Jacksonville FL Unknown
Jones Fred Douglas John H. Hammond 07/17/45 Oiler Brooklyn NY Unknown
Jones Fred McLee Esso Williamsburg 09/23/42 Utility Lufkin TX Unknown
Jones Fred Wilbur Munger T. Ball 05/04/42 F/W Port Arthur TX 27
Jones Horace West Gulfamerica 04/16/42 3rd Engineer Washington DC 38
Jones James Edward Timothy Pickering 07/13/43 A.B. Mattapan MA Unknown
Jones James Osten Unknown Unknown Unknown New York NY Unknown
Jones Jesse J. USAT LT-221 10/15/44 Cook Keeseville 49
Jones Lewis Clay Losmar 09/24/42 Deck Engineer Webster City IA Unknown
Jones Loring Farnum Jr. Raphael Semmes 06/28/42 Jr. 3rd Mate Lynbrook NY Unknown
Jones Oliver Meeker Independence Hall 03/07/42 2nd Mate NJ Unknown
Jones Osten Examelia/Zaandam 11/02/42 A.B. Charleston SC Unknown
Jones Paul Sicilien 06/07/42 Cook Paterson NJ Unknown
Jones Paul David Bostonian 08/14/44 Oiler Oklahoma City OK 20
Jones Ralph Steel Age 03/07/42 Master Port Richmond NY Unknown
Jones Ralph Connecticut 04/23/42 O.S. Port Arthur TX Unknown
Jones Raymond Albert Camden 10/04/42 Messman Yuma AZ Unknown
Jones Raymond D. Buried Manila NatCem 03/25/45 Unknown OH Unknown
Jones Richard Neal Theodore Dwight Weld 09/20/43 Utility Indianapolis IN Unknown
Jones Robert Farmer John Harvey 12/02/43 F/W Alexandria VA 26
Jones Russell Richard Massmar 07/05/42 3rd Mate San Pedro CA 30
Jones Thomas George William B. Allison 05/24/45 3rd Engineer Woodcliff NJ Unknown
Jones Thomas Joseph M. F. Elliott 06/03/42 A.B. Lowell MA Unknown
Jones William Puerto Rican 03/09/43 Chief Engineer Brooklyn NY Unknown
Jones William Frederick Ohioan 05/08/42 Messman Birmingham England Unknown
Jones William Sylvester Pan Massachusetts 02/19/42 3rd Engineer Canton NC Unknown
Jonescu George J. N. Pew 02/21/42 Chief Engineer Linwood PA 50
Jonge [DeYong DeYoung De Young] Sikke de Wichita 09/19/42 A.B. Brouwershaven Holland 70
Jonsson Wide A. Murfreesboro 02/26/44 F/W Unknown Unknown
Jordan Harold Arthur Balladier 08/15/42 Chief Mate Asbury Park NJ 31
Jordan Harold Silas Millinocket 06/17/42 Oiler Rockyhill CT Unknown
Jordan James Ervin Oklahoma II 03/28/45 Wiper Houston TX Unknown
Jordan Percival Howard Virginia 05/13/42 Chief Engineer New York NY Unknown
Jordan Sherman Lester Jr. William D. Burnham 11/23/44 O.S. Washburn ME Unknown
Jordan Walter W. Buried Cambridge NatCem 05/18/43 Unknown WY Unknown
Jordan William Francis Joseph John Winthrop 09/24/42 Oiler Malden MA Unknown
Jordon Jackson George Coamo 12/09/42 Messman Baltimore MD Unknown
Jorge Mario Quintana Coamo 12/09/42 3rd Engineer San Juan PR Unknown
Jorgensen Arne Dan Beard 12/10/44 Wiper Jackson Heights NY 29
Jorgensen [Jørgensen] Ejnar Montana [former Danish Paula] 09/11/41 Cook DENMARK 54
Jorgensen Harvey Broman Cities Service Toledo 06/12/42 Oiler Brooklyn NY Unknown
Jorgensen Hynne Cranford 07/30/42 3rd Mate Copenhagen Denmark 44
Jorgensen Jorgen Peter Jack Carnes 08/30/42 2nd Mate Houston TX Unknown
Jorgensen Ole Equipoise 03/26/42 Unknown Baltimore MD [Norway] Unknown
Jorgenson Lars Steel Navigator 10/19/42 Master Towson MD Unknown
Jorgenson Otto Gurney E. Newlin 10/29/42 Steward Long Beach CA Unknown
Jorgenson [Jorgesen] Robert Oliver Samuel J. Tilden 12/02/43 O.S. Escondido CA Unknown
Jorgesen Robert A. Buried Sicily-Rome NatCem 12/03/43 Unknown IL Unknown
Josato Tony Ernesto Margaret 04/14/42 A.B. Philadelphia PA Unknown
Joseph August John Mariana 03/05/42 Radio Officer New Bedford MA Unknown
Joseph Ernest Sixaola 06/12/42 Waiter New Orleans LA Unknown
Joseph James Gulfstate 04/03/43 Messman Port Arthur TX Unknown
Joseph Jonathan M. USAT LT-389 11/28/44 Oiler Unknown Unknown
Joseph Louis Gulfstate 04/03/43 Cook New York NY Unknown
Josephs Thomas Edbert Mary Luckenbach 09/13/42 Messman New Orleans LA Unknown
Josephson Leonard C. Buried Honolulu NatCem 07/20/43 Unknown WA Unknown
Joyce Fred Ellington Sawokla 11/29/42 3rd Engineer Cambridge MA 52
Joyner Harry Clark Comol Rico 04/04/42 Pumpman Fort Myer VA Unknown
Judge James Joseph City of Alma 06/02/42 F/W Niagara Falls NY Unknown
Juhnik Stanislaw Halo 05/20/42 F/W Central Falls RI Unknown
Jumalon D. Susana 10/13/42 A.B. Unknown Unknown
Jung Chew Ah West Portal 02/05/43 Cook New York NY Unknown
Justesen Johannes N. Quinault Victory 07/17/44 Steward Munkegad Denmark Unknown
Justice Robert F. Francis Asbury 12/03/44 Chief Engineer Hoboken NJ Unknown
Justis Alvin Harris Jr. John Harvey 12/02/43 Engine Cadet Lynchburg VA 18


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