Merchant Mariners killed on U.S. operated ships during World War II
Last name begins with "W"

Home - home address of designated next of kin, not necessarily the person's home town.

BWI=British West Indies
PI=Philippine Islands
PR=Puerto Rico
VI=Virgin Islands
NWI=Netherlands West Indies

NatCem - American Battle Monuments Commission National Cemetery

A.B.=Able-Bodied Seaman
O.S.=Ordinary Seaman

There are many inconsistencies in spelling, home towns, etc. among our sources. We include other spellings in brackets.

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Last First Ship Date Position Home Age
Wachsman Herman Cherokee 06/15/42 Waiter Jamaica NY Unknown
Wacker Clarence M. Unknown Unknown Unknown Roselle Park NJ Unknown
Waddell Curtis Payne Vicksburg 05/19/46 A.B. Luverne AL 18
Waddell Wesley Ramapo 02/16/42 Oiler Foxboro Ont Canada 23
Wade Edward Samuel Heintzelman 07/09/43 Messman Columbia SC Unknown
Wade Wilton [Milton] Wade H. D. Collier 03/13/44 F/W Hollis OK Unknown
Wagg Joseph Jr. Suffolk 12/11/43 2nd Mate Unknown Unknown
Wagner Cecil Sixaola 06/12/42 Steward New Orleans LA Unknown
Wagner Charles Edward Lake Osweya 02/20/42 1st Engineer Brooklyn NY Unknown
Wagner Francis Joseph W. L. Steed 02/02/42 Messman Roslindale MA Unknown
Wagner Lester J. Buried Honolulu NatCem 08/17/43 Unknown LA Unknown
Wagner Raymond Charles William Pierce Frye 03/29/43 Purser Elmwood Park IL 22
Wahl Charles P. Gulfbelle II 10/21/43 Master Unknown Unknown
Wahlberg Oscar Chase Sumner I. Kimball 01/16/44 Utility Milton MA Unknown
Wahter Constantine W. L. Steed 02/02/42 A.B. Philadelphia PA Unknown
Wahyahneetah Robert Austin Flora MacDonald 05/30/43 O.S. Cherokee NC 29
Wainio John Emil John Drayton 04/21/43 2nd Engineer Cristobal Panama Canal Zone Unknown
Wakefield Donald Willis John Straub 04/19/44 F/W Parkland WA 41
Wakefield Homer Clark Texan 03/11/42 Wiper San Jose IL Unknown
Walach Felix Leo John Carter Rose 10/08/42 Utility East Rutherford NJ Unknown
Walcott James Adaniel City of Atlanta 01/19/42 Messman Cambridge MA Unknown
Waldman John John Drayton 04/21/43 A.B. Unknown Unknown
Waldon Robert R. John Straub 04/19/44 Winchman Seattle WA 56
Waldron James USAT ST-10 01/16/45 O.S. Unknown Unknown
Walker Alfred C. Buried Cambridge NatCem 03/02/43 Unknown MI Unknown
Walker Alton Byron West Lashaway 08/30/42 Chief Mate Washington DC Unknown
Walker Floyd Marion Jean Nicolet 07/02/44 O.S. Albany OR 22
Walker Fred Douglas Swiftsure/Zaandam 11/02/42 Messman Birmingham AL Unknown
Walker Harry Prusa 12/19/41 O.S. Sydney Australia Unknown
Walker James Evan Harry F. Sinclair Jr. 04/11/42 O.S. Franklin PA Unknown
Walker James H. Buried Honolulu NatCem 07/12/45 Unknown NY Unknown
Walker James Kyron Gulfamerica 04/16/42 Cook Hagerstown MD (St. Thomas VI) 32
Walker Jim Clayton Norlavore 02/24/42 Bosun Dallas TX Unknown
Walker John Francis USAT ST-511 10/18/44 A.B. Birkenhead Great Britain 22
Walker John Joseph Ogontz 05/19/42 A.B. Staten Island NY Unknown
Walker Johnnie Executive 03/05/43 A.B. Miami FL Unknown
Walker Joseph Gladden Atlantic Sun 02/17/43 2nd Mate Ridley Park PA Unknown
Walker Robert Wilson Jean Nicolet 07/02/44 F/W St. Louis MO 19
Walker Roy H. Chenango 04/20/42 Oiler Toronto Ont Canada 21
Wall John Walter Oklahoma II 03/28/45 Wiper Elmhurst NY 19
Wallace Eddie Buried Cambridge NatCem 12/16/43 Unknown AR Unknown
Wallace Edward A. USAT ST-720 10/18/44 Master Unknown Unknown
Wallace James Buried Ardennes NatCem 02/21/45 Unknown NY Unknown
Wallace James Arnold Bateau [former Italian Euro] 03/29/42 A.B. Cardinal Ont Canada 26
Wallace Joseph Patrick Puerto Rican 03/09/43 F/W Kansas City MO Unknown
Wallace Mack Foam 05/17/42 Engineer Boston MA Unknown
Wallden William F. Lewis L. Dyche 01/04/45 Chief Mate San Francisco CA 28
Walldorf Theodore Martin J. Scapa Flow 11/14/42 Chief Mate Richmond Hill NY 30
Walley William H. Sunoco 01/02/45 A.B. Unknown Unknown
Wallin Victor Emmanuel Gulfoil 05/16/42 A.B. Malma Sweden Unknown
Walling John William Louisiana 08/17/42 F/W Marion IN Unknown
Wallis Jerome C. Buried Honolulu NatCem 07/22/45 Unknown IL Unknown
Wallis [Willis] John Arthur Middleton 01/01/43 3rd Mate Unknown Unknown
Walloch Robert John William Sharon 12/28/44 A.B. Richmond Beach WA 20
Walraven Eugene Buried Ardennes NatCem 05/12/42 Unknown MD Unknown
Walser James Davis Alcoa Partner 04/26/42 Deck Engineer Hillsboro NC Unknown
Walsh David Sunoil 04/05/43 1st Engineer Bronx NY Unknown
Walsh Edward T. Buried Honolulu NatCem 04/02/46 Unknown NH Unknown
Walsh Herbert James Robert E. Hopkins 02/07/43 Oiler New York NY Unknown
Walsh Michael V. Buried Lorraine NatCem 03/15/45 Unknown PA Unknown
Walter Abraham Harvey W. Scott Buried North Africa NatCem 04/15/43 3rd Cook San Pedro CA Unknown
Walter Robert S. Jr. Gen. Richard Arnold (USAT) 01/08/42 Mate South Westport MA 25
Walter [Watler] William Wade Oregon (Texaco) 02/28/42 Chief Mate Port Arthur TX Unknown
Walters Albert Benjamin W. D. Anderson 02/22/42 Master Upper Darby PA Unknown
Walters Eugene Weaver Louise Lykes 01/09/43 Deck Cadet Brownsville PA Unknown
Walters James Charles Coloradan 10/09/42 Oiler San Francisco CA Unknown
Walton G. A. Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Walwick Marvin Alfred Buried Manila NatCem 07/07/45 Unknown MN Unknown
Ward Edmond Beamon Melville E. Stone 11/24/43 Steward El Centro CA Unknown
Ward Edwin Culbertson Mary Luckenbach 09/13/42 Radio Officer Espyville PA Unknown
Ward Ernest Edward Oregonian 09/13/42 F/W Jacksonville FL Unknown
Ward James Stone Azalea City 02/21/42 F/W Bladenboro NC Unknown
Ward Wirtner Warren Birmingham City 01/08/43 Chief Mate Urich [Uhrich] MO Unknown
Warden Richard Delbert John Harvey 12/02/43 Oiler Bradner OH 22
Ware Thomas Frederick Arcata 07/14/42 Deck Watchman San Francisco CA Unknown
Warmer Bertram Andrew Jackson 03/12/42 Wiper Long Beach CA Unknown
Warner Charles Leonard City of Alma 06/02/42 Chief Engineer Mobile AL Unknown
Warner Frank Alexander Cities Service Toledo 06/12/42 Carpenter Wilkes-Barre PA Unknown
Warner Russell Frederick James McKay 12/08/42 A.B. Somerville MA Unknown
Warnesosky Michael Oregon (States SS) 12/10/41 O.S. [Wiper] Unknown Unknown
Waro Arthur Nolte Swiftsure/Zaandam 11/02/42 A.B. New York NY Unknown
Warrall Lloyd Meridian 11/23/41 Unknown Picton ONT Canada Unknown
Warren Augustus Washington Jr. John Winthrop 09/24/42 2nd Engineer St. Petersburg FL Unknown
Warren Herbert C. Buried Honolulu NatCem 01/21/42 Unknown TN Unknown
Warren James Nuel Lewis L. Dyche 01/04/45 Carpenter Daly City CA 41
Warren Maurice Gulfstate 04/03/43 Wiper Bronx NY Unknown
Warren Virgil Young Pan Massachusetts 02/19/42 O.S. Ennis TX Unknown
Warrington Nathaniel Luff Norlandia 07/04/42 Oiler New Orleans LA [Felton DE] Unknown
Washabaugh Norman Richard Bland 03/10/43 A.B. Cumberland MD Unknown
Washington Lewis Charles C. Pinckney 01/28/43 Cook New York NY Unknown
Washington Willie James Sixaola 06/12/42 Utility Natchez MS Unknown
Waskow Frededirck Carl Frances Salman 01/18/42 2nd Engineer Galveston TX Unknown
Wasson John Harold Gurney E. Newlin 10/29/42 Radio Officer Natchez MS Unknown
Waters Ralph Alcoa Transport 10/02/42 Chief Engineer New Orleans LA Unknown
Waters Raymond Maiden Creek 12/31/42 Oiler Unknown Unknown
Waters Thomas H. Buried Sicily-Rome NatCem 01/24/46 Unknown MD Unknown
Waters William Jefferson Scottsburg 06/15/42 F/W Philadelphia PA Unknown
Wathne Rasmus Frances Salman 01/18/42 Master South Ozone Park NY Unknown
Watler Harris G. Pompoon 11/12/43 Messman Great Britain Unknown
Watson Arthur Buried North Africa NatCem 12/12/43 Unknown NJ Unknown
Watson Arthur Sydney Caddo 11/23/42 Chief Engineer Providence RI 48
Watson Barron Crowell Alamar/Massmar 07/05/42 2nd Mate Great Kills NY Unknown
Watson George Irving Jacksonville 08/30/44 Purser Shawano WI Unknown
Watson Hugh Robin Goodfellow 07/25/44 Deck Engineer Bronx NY Unknown
Watson John H. Peter Minuit (accident) 07/08/43 Deck Cadet Unknown Unknown
Watson Robert Francis Hagan 06/11/42 F/W Peoria IL Unknown
Watson Roland Soreldoc 02/28/45 Chief Engineer Unknown Unknown
Watson Wallis Walton Robert Gray 04/22/43 Chief Engineer San Antonio TX Unknown
Watt John Ulric Stone Street 09/13/42 Messman New York NY 47
Watte George James W. Marshall 09/15/43 Cook New York NY Unknown
Watts Donald Brayshaw Ruth 06/29/42 F/W Baltimore MD Unknown
Watts George Emanuel Margaret 04/14/42 Cook Baltimore MD Unknown
Watts Roderick Polybius 06/27/42 Oiler Savannah GA Unknown
Waugh John Norvana 01/18/42 A.B. Holyoke MA Unknown
Wauters Rene Francois Gommer John A. Poor 03/19/44 Steward Antwerp Belgium 50
Waxman Michael Buried Florence NatCem 02/11/44 Unknown NY Unknown
Wayne Benjamin M. Buried Cambridge NatCem 07/03/44 Unknown SC Unknown
Wayson John William Wade Hampton 02/28/43 O.S. Baltimore MD Unknown
Weaver Claude Owen Pan Massachusetts 02/19/42 Messman Houston TX Unknown
Weaver Horace Rudolf Henry R. Mallory 02/07/43 Master Flushing NY Unknown
Webb Carl Zachary Allan Jackson 01/19/42 Wiper Baton Rouge LA 19
Webb Franklin Kramer Louisiana 08/17/42 Wiper New York NY Unknown
Webb George Frederick Otho 04/03/42 Steward Miami FL Unknown
Webb Lucius Whitfield Jeremiah Van Rensselaer 02/02/43 Master Sayville NY Unknown
Webb Walter L. Charles Henderson 04/09/45 Steward Unknown Unknown

Webberson Burton Kingsley Sevier Astral 12/02/41 Oiler Readville MA Unknown
Weber Francis Howard Samuel Huntington 01/29/44 Cook Pittsburgh PA Unknown
Weber Harold Julius Hagan 06/11/42 1st Engineer Galveston TX Unknown
Weber Simon Jack 05/27/42 F/W St. Albans NY Unknown
Webley Elias Charles C. Pinckney 01/28/43 Cook New York NY Unknown
Webster David Hannibal Angelina 10/17/42 Utility Harberson DE Unknown
Webster William Keith David H. Atwater 04/02/42 Master Providence RI Unknown
Wechsler Meyer Ernest Norvana 01/18/42 Radio Officer Brooklyn NY Unknown
Weddington Francis Best [Bust] Oneida 07/13/42 Steward Norfolk VA Unknown
Weedon Leonard Albert Illinois 06/02/42 A.B. Portland OR Unknown
Weeks John William Sumner I. Kimball 01/16/44 O.S. West Quincy MA Unknown
Weeks Joseph Lee Arlyn 08/28/42 2nd Engineer Bogue NC Unknown
Weesgaard Anders San Blas 06/16/42 Master Denmark 52
Weetman Joseph Patrick Sumner I. Kimball 01/16/44 Deck Engineer North Weymouth MA Unknown
Wegbrands Abraham Lubrafol 05/09/42 Jr. Engineer Holland 31
Wegmann Harold Philip Caddo 11/23/42 1st Engineer Beaumont TX Unknown
Weide Louis Illinois 06/02/42 Cook New York NY Unknown
Weigand Alvin Joseph Buried Manila NatCem 08/18/44 Unknown LA Unknown
Weigart Donald C. Charles Henderson 04/09/45 O.S. Unknown Unknown
Weigart George P. Charles Henderson 04/09/45 A.B. Unknown Unknown
Weikel Samuel Galbett M. F. Elliott 06/03/42 Wiper Philadelphia PA Unknown
Weinberg Isidore Jack Paul Hamilton 04/20/44 Radio Officer Brooklyn NY Unknown
Weinstein David Quaker City 05/18/42 Wiper Brooklyn NY Unknown
Weinstein Isadore Halo 05/20/42 Radio Officer New York NY Unknown
Weir David Dean Buried Manila NatCem 09/01/43 Unknown ID Unknown
Weir Joseph Patrick Seattle Spirit 06/18/42 Messman Brooklyn NY Unknown
Weir Robert Orval Jean Nicolet 07/02/44 O.S. El Cerrito CA 31
Weis William Raymond Jr. Nathaniel Hawthorne 11/07/42 Deck Cadet Oakland CA 21
Weisman Joseph Henry Keswick/President Grant. Died on Arizan Maru 10/24/44 F/W Unknown Unknown
Weiss William Joseph Wheeler 12/02/43 F/W Lorain OH 24
Welch Willie Rodman Gulfamerica 04/16/42 A.B. Charlestown SC Unknown
Welder Frank Aloysius Caribstar 10/04/42 Oiler Victoria TX Unknown
Weldon John Joseph Harry Luckenbach 03/17/43 Oiler Tottenville NY 34
Weldon William Cuddeback Steel Traveler 12/18/44 Chief Mate Larchmont NY Unknown
Wellcom Victor Peter West Notus 06/01/42 3rd Engineer Portland OR Unknown
Wells Howard Tillie Lykes 06/15/42 A.B. Marshall TX Unknown
Wells James Roy Steel Navigator 10/19/42 F/W Riner VA [Kalispell MT] 51
Welsh Thomas William James Oglethorpe 03/16/43 Oiler Savannah GA Unknown
Wendel S. Longtaker [Sessa] 08/17/41 A.S. Reykjavik Iceland 20
Wendell Lawrence Joseph Buried Manila NatCem 03/13/45 Unknown MN Unknown
Wendler Hubert Gus Virginia Sinclair 03/10/43 Oiler Houston TX Unknown
Wengland Ralph Tyndal James Sprunt 03/10/43 1st Engineer Lyndhurst NJ Unknown
Wennerlund Adolph M. Ogontz 05/19/42 Master Clinton WA Unknown
Wentworth John Joseph Esso Williamsburg 09/23/42 Storekeeper Baltimore MD Unknown
Wentworth Robie Knowles Jacksonville 08/30/44 3rd Engineer Kennebunk Beach ME Unknown
Wentz Walter David Steel Age 03/07/42 A.B. Philadelphia PA Unknown
Wenz Philip Michael Chickasaw City/Zaandam 11/02/42 Oiler Philadelphia PA Unknown
Wenzel William Andrew J. N. Pew 02/21/42 Messman Philadelphia PA 20
Wertz John H. C. J. Barkdull 01/10/43 3rd Engineer Orangeburg SC Unknown
Wesch Harry Allen Larry Doheny 10/06/42 3rd Mate Long Beach CA Unknown
Wesley Robert Buried Honolulu NatCem 06/29/45 Unknown SC Unknown
West George Francis Ruth 06/29/42 A.B. Panama City FL Unknown
West Harold Benton R. P. Resor 02/28/42 O.S. Baytown TX 37
Westcott Harry Frank Astral 12/02/41 Messman Fall River MA Unknown
Westerholm A. W. John Straub 04/19/44 Master Seattle WA 56
Westerhus Nils Ramapo 02/16/42 3rd Mate Norway 38
Westermark Gustave Buried Manila NatCem 04/20/46 Unknown NY Unknown
Westgaard Edwin Elmer Nathaniel Hawthorne 11/07/42 Carpenter North Bend OR Unknown
Weston Thomas USAT Oneida 05/04/43 A.B. Unknown Unknown
Westover Carl William Atlantic Sun 02/17/43 Wiper Boise ID Unknown
Westover Hal Jr. William C. Gorgas 03/11/43 Wiper Chickasaw AL Unknown
Westover Oliver Bert John Drayton 04/21/43 Chief Mate Madison NJ 41
Wetart Stanley Joseph Esso Gettysburg 06/10/43 F/W Manchester CT Unknown
Wetzel Erich Willy Patrick J. Hurley 09/12/42 A.B. New Orleans LA Unknown
Whalen Patrick Bryan Illinois 06/02/42 1st Engineer New York NY 57
Whaley Vincent Emerson William Clark 11/04/42 Radio Officer Salamanca NY Unknown
Whalley Richard A. USAT Oneida 05/04/43 F/W Unknown Unknown
Whalman Harold Myron H. M. Storey 05/18/43 Oiler Santa Cruz CA 22
Wheatley Clarence [Charles] Lawrence James McKay 12/08/42 Deck Maint. Buffalo NY Unknown
Wheeler James William Carrabulle 05/26/42 O.S. Panama City FL 28
Wheeler Paul Eugene John Harvey 12/02/43 Utility Baltimore MD 21
Wheeler Richard Robert E. Hopkins 02/07/43 Pumpman Bayonne NJ Unknown
Wheeler Wesley William Puerto Rican 03/09/43 1st Engineer Halcyon CA Unknown
Whitaker Herman H. J. Pinckney Henderson 08/19/43 A.B. Unknown 24
White Aos L. Arthur Middleton 01/01/43 2nd Engineer Unknown Unknown
White Charles Thomas James Oglethorpe 03/16/43 Messman Jacksonville FL Unknown
White David Talbot Louise Lykes 01/09/43 A.B. Denton TX Unknown
White Dorsey Lee Charles C. Pinckney 01/28/43 Messman Bronx NY Unknown
White Earl Wilson Robert Gray 04/22/43 Utility Baltimore MD Unknown
White George W. Jr. Buried Florence NatCem 02/06/04 Unknown NC Unknown
White Harding E. E. A. Bryan 07/17/44 Messman Oakland CA Unknown
White Harold Lewis L. Dyche 01/04/45 Oiler Newark NJ 21
White Harold Phillips Alamar/Massmar 07/05/42 Wiper San Francisco CA Unknown
White James T. Charles Henderson; Buried Sicily-Rome NatCem 04/09/45 A.B. Lynchburg VA 28
White John F. Gulfoil 05/16/42 Oiler Alameda CA Unknown
White John Joseph John Harvey 12/02/43 Chief Engineer Lindenhurst NY 38
White Leonard Edwin Gulfoil 05/16/42 F/W Sinking Spring PA Unknown
White Merritt Frank Virginia 05/13/42 Messman Norfolk VA Unknown
White Merton R. Masaya 03/28/43 3rd Engineer Unknown Unknown
White Ralph Charles C. Pinckney 01/28/43 Steward New York NY Unknown
White Thor Stanley William C. Gorgas 03/11/43 O.S. St. Petersburg FL Unknown
White Walter Valney [Volney] India Arrow 02/04/42 2nd Engineer Tottenville NY [Longmont CO] Unknown
White William P. Buried Honolulu NatCem 06/26/45 Unknown CA Unknown
Whitefield John Allen Buried Manila NatCem 03/18/45 Unknown CA Unknown
Whitehead Harold D. Sam Houston 06/28/42 F/W Vicksburg MS 45
Whitehead Ralph Mozart Barbara 03/07/42 Doctor Chicago IL Unknown
Whitehurst Grant Liebre 04/02/42 Messman Jersey City NJ Unknown
Whitelock Perry Buried Netherlands NatCem 11/19/45 Unknown PA Unknown
Whitesell Cedric W. Buried North Africa NatCem 01/15/44 Unknown VA Unknown
Whitmore Clifford James J. N. Pew 02/21/42 A.B. Trainer PA 30
Whitney Harold D. Maiden Creek 12/31/42 Deck Engineer Unknown Unknown
Whittier Charles Kirby William J. Salman 05/18/42 1st Engineer South Lincoln MA Unknown
Whittington Dewey Raymond Paul Hamilton 04/20/44 Messman Biggers AR Unknown
Whittle Harold A. USAT Yu Sang Unknown Chief Mate Unknown Unknown
Whyte George City of Alma 06/02/42 O.S. West Springfield MA Unknown
Whyte James John Carter Rose 10/08/42 Chief Engineer Mineola NY Unknown

Wiatrowski Jerome Buried Honolulu NatCem 08/29/43 Unknown OH Unknown
Wicke William Bernard Oregon (Texaco) 02/28/42 2nd Mate Port Arthur TX Unknown
Wickenhiser George Marshall Pan Atlantic 07/06/42 A.B. New Orleans LA Unknown
Wicker Baylor J. Buried Honolulu NatCem 02/14/44 Unknown TX Unknown
Wickham Frank Anthony Jr. Margaret 04/14/42 F/W Savannah GA Unknown
Wickline George T. C. O. Stillman 06/05/42 Pumpman Scarboro WV Unknown
Wickman John Alfred Jr. Nathaniel Hawthorne 11/07/42 Messman Portland OR Unknown
Wicks Perry Alford Louisiana 08/17/42 Wiper Akron OH Unknown
Widner [Widener] William Verner Rawleigh Warner 06/23/42 A.B. Port Arthur TX 39
Widnoe Louis J. Quinault Victory 07/17/44 Messman Salem OR Unknown
Wiechert Walter C. USAT Royal T. Frank 01/28/42 Chief Mate Honolulu HI 26
Wiegleb Theodore George Astral 12/02/41 Cook Philadelphia PA Unknown
Wieringa Peter John Oregonian 09/13/42 F/W Fernhorne Friesland Holland Unknown
Wiggin Edwin Parslow William C. Gorgas 03/11/43 Deck Cadet Quicksand KY Unknown
Wihs Albert Earl Pan New York 10/29/42 A.B. Madison WI Unknown
Wilbanks Lorenzo James W. Marshall 09/15/43 Cook Newark NJ Unknown
Wilberding Fritz Gulfoil 05/16/42 Chief Engineer Port Arthur TX 67
Wilcox John Horton Losmar 09/24/42 A.B. Providence RI Unknown
Wilden Raymond Anthony Dan Beard 12/10/44 Oiler Brooklyn NY Unknown
Wilkerson Willard Mays Effingham 03/30/42 1st Engineer Hearne TX 42
Wilkes Curtis Nathaniel Charles C. Pinckney 01/28/43 Utility Port Arthur TX Unknown
Wilkie Johann Wilhelm George Samuel Heintzelman 07/09/43 Master Portland OR Unknown
Wilkinson Benjamin H. John Morgan 06/01/43 Engine Cadet Unknown Unknown
Wilkinson Chester Hahira 11/03/42 1st Engineer Dallas TX Unknown
Wilkinson Ralph Edward Jacksonville 08/30/44 A.B. Wichita KS Unknown
Willard James R. Arthur Middleton 01/01/43 O.S. Unknown Unknown
Willems Karol Bateau [former Italian Euro] 03/29/42 1st Engineer New York NY 38
Willet [Willit] Charles H. J. Pinckney Henderson 08/19/43 2nd Engineer Unknown 26
Williams Albert City of Atlanta 01/19/42 Coal Passer Savannah GA Unknown
Williams Arthur Dean Nicarao 05/15/42 Messman Jacksonville FL Unknown
Williams Arthur Y. Sunoco 01/02/45 Steward Unknown Unknown
Williams Ashley Clinton Ruth 06/29/42 Messman Baltimore MD Unknown
Williams Carl Campbell Express 06/30/42 A.B. Astoria NY Unknown
Williams Charles Augustas Mary Luckenbach 09/13/42 Messman New York NY Unknown
Williams Chauncey Homer Norlavore 02/24/42 Master Bridgeport CT 36
Williams Cyril Aneroid 10/02/42 F/W London England Unknown
Williams David Robert Henry R. Mallory 02/07/43 Waiter Roxbury MA Unknown
Williams Edward Calderwood Venore 01/23/42 Wiper Houlton ME Unknown
Williams Elwood C. Buried Cambridge NatCem 09/10/43 Unknown PA Unknown
Williams Floyd James James Oglethorpe 03/16/43 A.B. Bellaire OH Unknown
Williams Frank Margaret 04/14/42 Utility Norfolk VA Unknown
Williams Fred Busbee Otho 04/03/42 Jr. 3rd Mate Swansea SC Unknown
Williams Fred Edward Ohioan 05/08/42 Oiler San Francisco CA Unknown
Williams George Robert Steel Navigator 10/19/42 A.B. Baltimore MD Unknown
Williams Henry Sixaola 06/12/42 Messman New Orleans LA Unknown
Williams Hugh Edward Roger B. Taney 02/08/43 Oiler Tampa FL Unknown
Williams Hugh Hoskyn Henry Keswick Died Japanese POW Buried Hong Kong Sai Wan War Cemetery 01/01/45 Master NEW ZEALAND Unknown
Williams James Ruth 06/29/42 Steward Jacksonville FL Unknown
Williams Jarvis Sinclair Arlyn 08/28/42 Chief Cook Boston MA Unknown
Williams John A. Quinault Victory 07/17/44 Chief Engineer Queens Village NY Unknown
Williams John Brooks West Chetac 09/24/42 A.B. East Brookfield MA Unknown
Williams John James Cranford 07/30/42 Oiler Cyclone MO Unknown
Williams Joseph Nimba 09/13/42 1st Engineer Montreal Que Canada 46
Williams Kenneth L. Lt. Col. Lawrence O. Matthews (USAT) 10/28/42 3rd Mate Swansea WALES Unknown
Williams LeRoy Pan Atlantic 07/06/42 1st Engineer Houston TX Unknown
Williams Lester B. Buried Cambridge NatCem 02/03/46 Unknown TX Unknown
Williams Lewis Peace [Louis] American Leader/Tomahaku Maru 06/26/44 Deck Engineer New York NY Unknown
Williams Marshall George Illinois 06/02/42 Carpenter Ft. Vermillion Alb Canada Unknown
Williams Raymond Leroy James McKay 12/08/42 Messman Yonkers NY Unknown
Williams Roscoe M. Buried Sicily-Rome NatCem 05/13/45 Unknown AR Unknown
Williams Segismond Augustus Robert Bacon 07/14/42 Messman New Orleans LA Unknown
Williams William Richmond Gulfstate 04/03/43 Pumpman Port St. Joe FL Unknown
Williams Willie Sixaola 06/12/42 Utility New Orleans LA Unknown
Williamson Aven Richard John Winthrop 09/24/42 3rd Mate Hooks TX Unknown
Williamson Ernest Stone Street 09/13/42 Chief Steward Oakland CA [NEW ZEALAND] 49
Willis George Monroe Arlyn 08/28/42 A.B. Scotland MD Unknown
Willson Stephen Havern Connecticut 04/23/42 A.B. Port Arthur TX Unknown
Wilmer Benjamin Oscar Robert H. Colley 10/04/42 3rd Mate Lansdowne PA Unknown
Wilson Alexander Muir Examelia 10/09/42 A.B. Port Arthur TX Unknown
Wilson Berton Alexander Dan Beard 12/10/44 A.B. Canton OH Unknown
Wilson Calvin Agustos [Augustos] Coamo 12/09/42 Pantryman Baltimore MD Unknown
Wilson Carlton Owen Mariana 03/05/42 1st Engineer Jersey City NJ Unknown
Wilson Charles Washington La Salle 11/07/42 O.S. Mobile AL Unknown
Wilson Christian J. Jr. Nevada 12/16/43 F/W Unknown Unknown
Wilson Clifford Lee Sunoil 04/05/43 Jr. 3rd Mate Blandsburg PA Unknown
Wilson Edgar John Ramapo 02/16/42 O.S. Canada 23
Wilson Elmo J. Pinckney Henderson 08/19/43 3rd Mate Unknown Unknown
Wilson Ernest Linwood Norlavore 02/24/42 A.B. Baltimore MD Unknown
Wilson Frank Brooks Gurney E. Newlin 10/29/42 2nd Mate Napa CA Unknown
Wilson Frank Tinnion Jacksonville 08/30/44 Messman Oakdale PA Unknown
Wilson Harold Odell Flora MacDonald 05/30/43 Oiler Wilmington NC 36
Wilson Harry Algernon Coamo 12/09/42 Linenkeeper New York NY Unknown
Wilson Henry Murfreesboro 02/26/44 O.S. Unknown Unknown
Wilson Irving C. Esso Bolivar 03/07/42 Oiler USA Unknown
Wilson Jack Carleton L. J. Drake 06/05/42 Pumpman Livingston LA Unknown
Wilson John Andrew Gurney E. Newlin 10/29/42 3rd Engineer Burbank CA Unknown
Wilson John Hastings James McKay 12/08/42 Messman Brooklyn NY Unknown
Wilson Joseph Chant 06/15/42 Oiler Chicago IL Unknown
Wilson Raymond J. Pinckney Henderson 08/19/43 F/W Unknown 18
Wilson Robert Ray James Oglethorpe 03/16/43 O.S. Savannah GA Unknown
Wilson Wardell Mitchell Leslie 04/12/42 F/W Annapolis MD Unknown
Wilson Warren Leigh Alcoa Partner 04/26/42 A.B. Eastham MA Unknown
Wilson William Crocker Jonathan Sturges 02/24/43 Deck Cadet Loudonville NY Unknown
Wilson Woodrow Allen R. P. Resor 02/28/42 F/W Erie PA Unknown
Wilton Guy S. Buried North Africa NatCem 02/17/45 Unknown OH Unknown
Wiltshire Dudley Sinclair West Lashaway 08/30/42 Steward Brooklyn NY Unknown
Wiltz Eddie Bartholemew Robert Bacon 07/14/42 Cook New Orleans LA Unknown
Wiman George Murfreesboro 02/26/44 Radio Officer North Arlington NJ 24
Win Goh Moh Buried Florence NatCem 08/27/45 Unknown China Unknown
Winans Robert Govett Paul Hamilton 04/20/44 Master Babylon NY Unknown
Winans Roger Joseph Buried Manila NatCem 02/16/45 Unknown Peru Unknown
Winblad Albert C. Buried Florence NatCem 12/02/45 Unknown OR Unknown
Winey Donald James Atlantic Sun 02/17/43 Deck Maint. Denison IA Unknown
Wing Clifton Marshall Broad Arrow 01/09/43 Oiler Beaumont TX 22
Winger Howard Franklin Walter Q. Gresham 03/18/43 Utility Dayton OH Unknown
Wink Carl Sawokla 11/29/42 Master Bronx NY Unknown
Winn James Joseph India Arrow 02/04/42 3rd Mate Brighton MA Unknown
Winn Joseph Thomas Atlantic Sun 02/17/43 Wiper Milton DE Unknown
Winslow John Churchill Halo 05/20/42 3rd Engineer Norwood MA Unknown
Winslow Robert Thorn Bloody Marsh 07/02/43 3rd Engineer Norwood MA Unknown
Winston David Robert Tillie Lykes 06/15/42 A.B. New Orleans LA Unknown
Winter Albert Stanley Otho 04/03/42 1st Engineer Brooklyn NY Unknown
Winter Edgar Jacksonville 08/30/44 Master Long Beach CA Unknown
Winter Harold B. John Morgan 06/01/43 Utility Unknown Unknown
Winter Robert K. Saint Mihiel 04/09/45 Chief Cook Unknown Unknown
Winters Ben Albert Emidio 12/20/41 3rd Engineer Stevens Point WI Unknown
Winters Elmer John Nathaniel Hawthorne 11/07/42 Oiler Troutdale OR Unknown
Wipfler Richard H. Oregon (States SS) 12/10/41 Oiler Unknown Unknown
Wischebrink Orren Gerold West Portal 02/05/43 Radio Officer Hollis NY Unknown
Wise John Jay Naeco 03/23/42 Messman Fresno CA Unknown
Wisener Raymond D. Charles Henderson 04/09/45 2nd Radio Officer Unknown Unknown
Wishart Charles Allen Buried Manila NatCem 02/06/44 Unknown MT Unknown
Wisniewski Edward Robert Gray 04/22/43 O.S. Baltimore MD Unknown
Withee Abner Gile Jr. Onondaga 07/23/42 O.S. Jacksonville FL Unknown
Withee Aubrey Francis Pan Massachusetts 02/19/42 Wiper Brooklyn NY Unknown
Witkowski Paul Examelia/Zaandam 11/02/42 1st Engineer Nederland TX Unknown
Witt George H. E. A. Bryan 07/17/44 Utility San Francisco CA Unknown
Wittenweiler William A. Jr Unknown Unknown Unknown East Orange NJ Unknown
Wizen Robert Friar Rock 01/13/42 Chief Cook Sweden 52
Wodarczyk Walker Joseph Margaret 04/14/42 A.B. Baltimore MD Unknown
Wolcott Josiah O. USAT ST-511 10/18/44 Chief Mate Unknown Unknown
Wolf Bernhard William H. Welch 02/26/44 3rd Engineer Unknown Unknown
Wolf Jesse M. Oklahoma II 03/28/45 2nd Engineer Cincinnati OH Unknown
Wolfe Harry Arthur Jr. Louise Lykes 01/09/43 3rd Mate Kingston PA Unknown
Wolfe Paul Ogontz 05/19/42 A.B. New York NY Unknown
Wolfe Wilbur Alfred Robin Goodfellow 07/25/44 Purser Germantown OH Unknown
Wolfe William Ray William S. Thayer 04/30/44 Chief Engineer Baltimore MD Unknown
Wolfskeil William Henry Norlavore 02/24/42 Radio Officer Roselle Park NJ Unknown
Wolosz John Pan Royal 02/09/43 Utility Milwaukee WI 20
Woltjen Alfred Paul John Drayton Buried North Africa NatCem 05/22/43 F/W Audobon NJ Unknown
Womble John David Jr. Onondaga 07/23/42 Messman Greensboro NC Unknown
Wong Chin William S. Thayer 04/30/44 Cook New York NY Unknown
Wong J. D. Unknown Unknown Unknown Winnipeg Man Canada Unknown
Wood Cecil Pompoon 11/12/43 A.B. Great Britain 20
Wood Francis Atlantic Sun 02/17/43 O.S. Marcus Hook PA Unknown
Wood Francis Dudley Texan 03/11/42 3rd Mate San Larendo [San Leandro] CA Unknown
Wood Frank Bell Fort Lee 11/02/44 A.B. Edgefield SC 39
Wood [Woods] Frank Lester Richard Caswell 07/16/43 A.B. Miami FL Unknown
Wood Paul Joseph William S. Thayer 04/30/44 Chief Mate Sunnyside NY Unknown
Wood William R. Nathaniel Bacon 12/19/45 Deck Engineer Unknown Unknown
Woodland James E. Buried Honolulu NatCem 06/02/46 Unknown KS Unknown
Woodruff Roy Edgar Collingsworth/Taiyuan Died Japanese Unknown O.S. Unknown Unknown
Woods Albert Castilla 06/06/42 Carpenter Unknown Unknown
Woods Charles M. Astral 12/02/41 Deck Steward Boston MA Unknown
Woods Robert Glenn Connecticut 04/23/42 Wiper Georgetown TX Unknown
Woods William Roy Buried Sicily-Rome NatCem 12/19/45 Unknown NC Unknown
Woodside Edmund Roscoe Rosario 02/21/43 Workaway Medford MA Unknown
Woodward James Edward Alaskan 11/28/42 3rd Mate Auburndale MA 32
Woolverton Frank Theoron Charles C. Pinckney 01/28/43 Master Brooklyn NY Unknown
Wooster Marshall L. Buried Honolulu NatCem 08/18/44 Unknown VT Unknown
Wootten Elmo Leon Melville E. Stone 11/24/43 Messman Lexington KY Unknown
Worley [Werley] Maurice C. John Morgan 06/01/43 Bosun Richmond VA Unknown
Worthy Allen Edward Alcoa Transport 10/02/42 F/W Attalla AL Unknown
Wouch William Syros 05/26/42 F/W Philadelphia PA Unknown
Wright Donald Samuels Cornelia P. Spencer 09/21/43 Deck Cadet Moline IL 18
Wright James Theodore Dwight Weld 09/20/43 Utility Great Britain Unknown
Wright James President Harrison-Died Japanese POW Unknown Waiter Berkeley CA Unknown
Wright Meldrim [Medrim] Edward Norvana 01/18/42 Messman Savannah GA Unknown
Wright Nathaniel Burnett Beatrice 05/24/42 Steward Jacksonville FL Unknown
Wright Norris Linkfield Dorchester 02/03/43 Cook New York NY Unknown
Wright Oswald Samuel Jean Nicolet 07/02/44 Cook New York NY 34
Wright William Lt. Col. Lawrence O. Matthews (USAT) 10/28/42 Unknown Glace Bay NS CANADA Unknown
Wright William Wallace Robin Hood 04/15/42 Cook Richmond CA Unknown
Wroldsen Alphas Bain Norlantic 05/13/42 Chief Mate Upper Darby PA Unknown
Wujcicki Walter Sunoil 04/05/43 Galleyman Detroit MI Unknown
Wulf Carl William Tillie Lykes 06/15/42 Chief Mate New Orleans LA Unknown
Wulf Paul R. Arthur Middleton 01/01/43 1st Engineer Unknown Unknown
Wuolo John Ferdinand James Sprunt 03/10/43 Chief Mate Weehawken NJ Unknown
Wuschen William Spring Hill 02/05/45 Electrician Unknown Unknown
Wyatt Willie Roy Sixaola 06/12/42 Steward New York NY Unknown
Wyley Glen Earl Edward Luckenbach 07/02/42 3rd Engineer Chehalis WA Unknown
Wylly Harold Bush Samuel Heintzelman 07/09/43 1st Engineer Miami Beach FL 46
Wynn Cecil Idus Norvana 01/18/42 1st Engineer Jacksonville FL Unknown
Wynn Lewis Elmore Alcoa Pathfinder 11/22/42 Cook New York NY Unknown
Wynne Carl Simmons John R. Williams 06/24/42 Oiler New York NY 34
Wysocki John Arthur Polybius 06/27/42 A.B. Niagara Falls NY Unknown


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