U.S. Navy Armed Guard Killed and Wounded on U.S. and foreign ships during World War II
Last name begins with "F"

*An asterisk after a name indicates U.S. Navy personnel listed as killed aboard ship, but from our sources we cannot distinguish with certainty which ones were Armed Guard. There may be others than those indicated.

SS Dorchester -- 27 Navy men killed, of those 11 were Armed Guard
SS Henry R. Mallory -- 100 Navy men killed, of those 15 were Armed Guard

Date of Death
The date given below is the date of attack resulting in the casualty. According to official Navy procedure, if there was no body recovered, the person was presumed dead 1-year-plus-1-day after the ship was due at its destination. In some cases, the date listed below was based on postwar German records. Our sources sometimes disagree on the date, usually only by one or two days.

The graves of most Armed Guard and Merchant Marine victims of torpedoes, bombs, and kamikazes, are marked only by the ocean waves. May they rest in peace!

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Armed Guard Killed Armed Guard Wounded


Last First Ship Date Rank Home Age
Faber Theodore E. Jr Topa Topa 08/29/42 S2c MI  
Fahsl Lawrence A. Alcoa Pioneer 11/19/44 RM3c WI  
Fallen Clifford Willis James Sprunt 03/10/43 S1c ND  
Farber Francis J. Sumner I. Kimball 01/16/44 S1c PA  
Farmer Lloyd J. Louise Lykes 01/09/43 S1c OH  
Farni Harold J. Touchet 12/03/43 S1c IL  
Farnsworth Frank Eugene Jr John Harvey 12/02/43 GM3c    
Farnsworth Roy S. La Salle 11/07/42 S2c IL  
Farquaharson Ralph Ellsworth Gurney E. Newlin 10/27/42 S3c RI  
Faulkner Howard Russell El Lago 10/11/42 S2c NC  
Favale Michael P. John Armstrong 04/21/44 S1c    
Fawks Arnold G. Chickasaw City/Zaandam 10/07/42 Ltjg MO  
Fazio Francis Joseph Parismina 11/18/42 S1c NJ  
Featherston Harold J. John Harvey 12/02/43 SM2C PA  
Fedelen John P. West Portal 02/05/43 S1c PA  
Feigle Leroy H. Lewis L. Dyche 01/04/45 S1c TX  
Felgenauer Leo J. Touchet 12/03/43 S1c MI  
Fender Victor C. C. J. Barkdull 01/10/43 RM3c IA  
Fennessy Thomas Patrick Alexander Macomb 07/03/42 AS IL  
Ferguson Gerald F. J. H. Senior 08/19/43 S1c    
Ferguson Paul E. William C. Gorgas 03/10/43 S1c OH  
Ferreira Gerald D. Lewis L. Dyche 01/04/45 S1c CA  
Ferrel Ralph E. John Burke 12/28/44 S1c NV  
Ferreter Marc Daniel Andrea F. Luckenbach 03/10/43 S1c Marion IA  
Fielding Thomas Richard West Chetac 09/24/42 S1c Jacksonville FL  
Fields* Carl M. Henry R. Mallory 02/07/43 AS OH  
Fields William J. Jr Orville Harden 02/04/45 GM3c    
Figgins Glen Ward J. H. Senior 08/19/43 S1c   19
Filbert Floyd F. William C. Gorgas 03/10/43 S1c OH  
Filkins Charles B. C. J. Barkdull 01/10/43 S1c MI  
Fillers Troy B. William D. Burnham 11/23/44 S3c    
Fillmore Paul Irving Cornelius Gilliam 10/23/43 S1c MA  
Finch Warren S. Fort Lee 11/02/44 S1c Stantonburg NC  
Finkeldie Warren W. William C. Gorgas 03/10/43 S1c NJ  
Finley Jack Jewel Susana 10/12/42 S1c NC  
Fiore William P. West Portal 02/05/43 S1c NJ  
Fischer Paul M. Coamo (USAT) 12/09/42 S1c MO  
Fischer Glenn A. John M. Clayton 01/01/45 S1c    
Fischer* Arnold F. Henry R. Mallory 02/07/43 S2c NY  
Fisher James Charles El Lago 10/11/42 S2c TX  
Fisher James P. Touchet 12/03/43 S1c OH  
Fishinghawk Jesse Cornelius John Straub 04/19/44 S1c Westville OK  
Fittipaldi Philip Richard Hovey 03/29/44 S1c PA  
Fleming Roy James East Indian 11/03/42 S2c TX  
Fleming Cecil V. Maiden Creek II 03/17/44 S1c    
Fleming Hosea McCall Millinocket 06/17/42 S2c GA  
Flemming Wesley J. Robert Gray 04/23/43 S1c NY  
Flood William C. Francis Asbury 12/03/44 S1c Collingdale PA 19
Floyd David L. Jean Nicolet 07/02/44 S1c TX  
Foitag Robert S. Coamo (USAT) 12/09/42 S1c IL  
Foley Hubert Madden Nathanael Greene 09/14/42 S2c MD  
Foley Leo Clearance Arthur Middleton 01/01/43 GM3c ND  
Font Adrian M. Jr. John Burke 12/28/44 S1c LA  
Forsman Lloyd H. Charles D. Poston 12/16/44 S1c    
Fortuna Edward Winkler 02/23/43 S1c NJ  
Foster Robert M. Henry B. Plant 02/06/45 S1c CO  
Foster William F. Samuel Heintzelman 07/09/43 S1c IL  
Foulger John William Everelza (Latvia) 08/13/42 S3c UT  
Fowler L. D. Esso Gettysburg 06/10/43 Cox. NC  
Fowler John Thomas Mary Luckenbach 09/14/42 GM3c SC  
Fowler Roscoe J. Sumner I. Kimball 01/16/44 S2c SC  
Fowler Joseph A. Touchet 12/03/43 S1c KY  
Fox Chester D. John Bascom 12/02/43 S1c    
Frantz Charles E. Samuel Heintzelman 07/09/43 S1c SD  
Frawley James J. Jr Kaimoku 08/08/42 S2c MD  
Fredericks Harry C. Jr. Ogontz 05/19/42 Cox. NJ  
Freeman William Larry Capira 08/31/42 S2c FL  
Freeman William R. Jr Lake Osweya 02/20/42 AS VA  
Freeman Louis O. Samuel Heintzelman 07/09/43 S1c IA  
Freitas Anthero West Portal 02/05/43 S1c MA  
French Jos L. Lake Osweya 02/20/42 Ens. MA  
Frey Henry C. J. Pinckney Henderson 08/19/43 Ltjg   27
Frey Lester E. West Maximus 05/04/43 S1c PA  
Frohlich William George John L. Motley 12/02/43 S1c PA  
Fronko [Franko] Theodore Mathew John Bascom 12/02/43 S1c PA  
Frye Kermit Clesthanees East Indian 11/03/42 S2c WV  
Fudala Stanley Adam Zaandam 11/02/42 S2c IL  


Armed Guard Wounded

Last First Ship Date Rank Home Age
Faircloth Charles P. Horace Gray 06/10/44 GM2c    
Falltrick Thomas W. Minot Victory 04/12/45 Ltjg    
Fanslow Chester H. Buchanan 11/12/42 S2c    
Fantasia Peter M. Elinor Wylie 10/06/44 S1c    
Farmer Dallas E. Otho 04/03/42 S2c    
Farrar Albert F. Fitzhugh Lee 04/20/44 S1c    
Faulk Lonnie B. Leonidas Merritt 11/16/44 S1c    
Faulkner Harry Douglas William W. Gerhard 08/13/43 S1c    
Faytek James M. Cities Service Empire 02/22/42 S2c    
Feather Edward M. Eleftheria 02/22/45 S2c    
Feathers Joseph S. Marcus Daly (GSA) 12/10/44 Ens.    
Feeney Joseph G. Cities Service Missouri 03/13/43 Ltjg    
Felix James Calvin Felipe De Neve 06/04/43 S1c    
Fellin Kenneth J. F. A. C. Muhlenberg 01/25/44 Ens.    
Felten William Marcel J. A. Mowinckel 07/15/42 S2c    
Fernandez Edward J. Augustus Thomas 10/24/44 S1c    
Fernandez Stanley Charles Goodyear 08/17/43 S1c    
Ferrell Calvin C. William D. Byron 01/05/45 S1c    
Few William E. Nashbulk 04/09/45 S1c    
Fialla Anthony Raymond William W. Gerhard 09/21/43 S1c    
Fickel Melvin L. Augustus Thomas 10/24/44 S1c    
Fides Avery Meader Jr. Alcoa Mariner 09/28/42 Cox.    
Figueiredo Raymond T. John Armstrong 04/21/44 S1c    
Files David W. Daniel Drake 12/16/44 S1c    
Firth Charles M. Jr. John A. Poor 03/19/44 S1c    
Fisher Forest Garnett Executive 03/05/43 S1c    
Fisher Paul R. Otho 04/03/42 Cox.    
Fitch Gilbert A. Livermore 05/28/45 Lt    
Fitz Joseph John Jonathan Elmer 08/13/43 S1c    
Fletcher James R. Thomas Nelson 11/12/44 GM3c    
Flick Charles H. Jr. Camden 10/04/42 BM2c    
Flowers John L. Eleftheria 02/22/45 S1c    
Floyd Hilton M. Baialoide 06/07/44 BM1    
Foley John F. Hugh Williamson 09/16/43 S1c    
Fongus Valentine M. Oran M. Roberts 12/16/44 S1c    
Foretich John M. Josiah Bartlett 05/21/43 S3c    
Fox Donald Gene Samuel Griffin 05/19/43 S3c    
Fox Leland N. Sioux Falls Victory 04/28/45 S1c    
Frank Harold E. Buchanan 11/12/42 S1c    
Frasher Earl C. Solon Turman 06/13/42 AS    
Frederick William H. Henry Knox 06/19/43 S1c    
Freund Charles Robert Henry Ward Beecher 05/19/43 S1c    
Friday Albert Delloyd Washington 07/05/42 S2c    
Frink Eugene M. Hobbs Victory 04/06/45 S1c    
Fry Harold C. Jr. John Banvard 05/11/44 S1c    
Frye Harley Donald Richard Henderson 08/26/43 S1c    
Fuller Charles E. Charles Goodyear 08/17/43 S1c    
Fullerton William W. Robert L. Vann 03/01/45 S1c    

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