U.S. Navy Armed Guard Killed and Wounded on U.S. and foreign ships during World War II
Last name begins with "R"

*An asterisk after a name indicates U.S. Navy personnel listed as killed aboard ship, but from our sources we cannot distinguish with certainty which ones were Armed Guard. There may be others than those indicated.

SS Dorchester -- 27 Navy men killed, of those 11 were Armed Guard
SS Henry R. Mallory -- 100 Navy men killed, of those 15 were Armed Guard

Date of Death
The date given below is the date of attack resulting in the casualty. According to official Navy procedure, if there was no body recovered, the person was presumed dead 1-year-plus-1-day after the ship was due at its destination. In some cases, the date listed below was based on postwar German records. Our sources sometimes disagree on the date, usually only by one or two days.

The graves of most Armed Guard and Merchant Marine victims of torpedoes, bombs, and kamikazes, are marked only by the ocean waves. May they rest in peace!

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Armed Guard Killed Armed Guard Wounded

Last First Ship Date Rank Home Age
Rabeck Stephen Gurney E. Newlin 10/27/42 S2c Woonsocket RI  
Radcliffe Woodrow C. Oneida ( USAT by Agwilines) 05/04/43 Ltjg WV  
Radonski Walter Puerto Rican 03/09/43 S1c Akron OH  
Ragland Charles T. American Leader 09/10/42 S1c TX  
Raikos John C. Robin Goodfellow 07/25/44 S1c NH  
Raines William Robert Kaimoku 08/08/42 S2c AL  
Rakos Stephen G. Jr. Sumner I. Kimball 01/16/44 Cox. PA  
Ramsell John H. West Portal 02/05/43 S1c PA  
Ramsey William D. John Burke 12/28/44 S1c UT  
Ramsey Oscar Louisiana 08/17/42 S2c KY  
Rapoza Leonard David McKelvey 05/13/42 S2c NY  
Ratcliff Harry E. Meriwether Lewis 03/02/43 RM3c AR  
Rayburn Chester John Bascom 12/02/43 GM3c Long Beach CA  
Raymond Thomas Atlantic Sun 02/15/43 S1c MD  
Reamer William A. Jr. Meriwether Lewis 03/02/43 S1c NJ  
Reaves Iris V. Esso Williamsburg 09/22/42 S2c TX  
Reda Nicholas R. West Portal 02/05/43 S1c NY  
Redding Andrew J. Richard Bland 03/10/43 S1c FL  
Reed Robert H. Jacksonville 08/30/44 S1c OH  
Reed Luther Amberg Pan New York 10/29/42 S2c AR  
Regions Jones P. Jacksonville 08/30/44 S1c MS  
Rehg Clarence Frederick Puerto Rican 03/09/43 S1c East St. Louis IL  
Reich Joseph A. Collingsworth 01/09/43 S2c PA  
Reichenbach Russell R. East Indian 11/03/42 S2c PA  
Reid Leo J. Penelope Barker 01/25/44 S1c MS  
Reid Leonard Robert William Dawes 07/22/42 S2c CA  
Reilly Francis J. J. Pinckney Henderson 08/19/43 S1c   17
Renner Brunner Hahira 11/03/42 S2c KY  
Restivo Thomas Pan New York 10/29/42 S1c NY  
Reuschel Alfred L. La Salle 11/07/42 GM3c MI  
Rhine Orville D. William Pierce Frye 03/29/43 S1c ND  
Rhodes Wilbert H. Gilbert Stuart 11/17/44 S1c SD  
Rhodes William Glenn Gulfamerica 04/10/42 AS    
Rice Jay J. John Burke 12/28/44 S1c MI  
Rice Luther William Susana 10/12/42 S1c NC  
Ricketts James F. James Harrod 01/16/45 S1c Homer LA  
Ridgway Jack L. James Bowdoin 12/16/44 S3c    
Riedel Lawrence R. Louisiana 08/17/42 S2c MI  
Riggon Jack Lewis East Indian 11/03/42 S2c NC  
Riggs Wayne B. La Salle 11/07/42 S1c IA  
Riggs* John H. Dorchester 02/03/43 GM3c    
Riiff Woodrow Arthur Quinault Victory 07/17/44 S1c Fulton SD 32
Riley Patrick W. La Salle 11/07/42 S2c SD  
Rindos John J. Louise Lykes 01/09/43 S2c NY  
Ringstad Ronald Nathaniel Hawthorne 11/07/42 Cox. WA  
Rink Francis R. Louisiana 08/17/42 S2c    
Risenhoover Jacob Daniel Quinault Victory 07/17/44 S1c Yuma AZ  
Rizzi Nick J. Theodore Dwight Weld 09/20/43 S1c IL  
Roales Frank Loran James Oglethorpe 03/17/43 SM3C Terre Haute IN 22
Robbins Roscoe L. Oklahoma 03/28/45 S1c MI  
Roberts Ronald Barry Henry B. Plant (Buried Cambridge NatCem) 02/06/45 S1c Irvine KY 17
Roberts Lester F. John Bascom 12/02/43 S1c NY  
Roberts Lloyd N. Louisiana 08/17/42 S2c    
Roberts Theodore K. Meriwether Lewis 03/02/43 S1c NJ  
Robertson Gene A. Coamo (USAT) 12/09/42 RM3c MO  
Robertson Howard C. Jr. John Carter Rose 10/08/42 S2c IL  
Robinette Ronald N. Solomon Juneau 04/09/45 Cox. Wellersburg PA  
Robinson John Henry East Indian 11/03/42 S2c GA  
Robinson Roy A. Jr. El Oriente 02/27/43 S1c IL  
Robinson Claude J. Malantic 03/09/43 S1c ND  
Robinson Cecil M. Oneida ( USAT by Agwilines) 05/04/43 S1c AL  
Robinson William R. Quinault Victory 07/17/44 S1c    
Robison Robert P. La Salle 11/07/42 S2c MN  
Robison Russell H. Oklahoma 03/28/45 S1c OH  
Rodrigez Raymond Peter H. Burnett 01/22/43 S1c    
Rodriguez Jose William Clark 11/04/42 S2c    
Roedell [Rondell] Charles H. Quinault Victory 07/17/44 S1c    
Rogan Donald L. Samuel Heintzelman 07/09/43 S1c MN  
Rogers Johnie C. Dan Beard 12/10/44 SM2C TX  
Rogers Harold L. Meriwether Lewis 03/02/43 S1c VA  
Rogers Harold Newton USAT LT 221 10/15/44 SM2 Houston AR  
Rogers William B. Paul Hamilton 04/20/44 S1c IN  
Rohlfsen Oliver H. La Salle 11/07/42 S1c MN  
Rohr* Joseph L. Jr. Henry R. Mallory 02/07/43 Ltjg WI  
Rohrbach Leo F. Jonathan Sturges 02/23/43 BM2c IA  
Rojek Romand M. Esso Gettysburg 06/10/43 S1c IL  
Rokoszak Charles Joseph John L. Motley 12/02/43 S1c NJ  
Rokoszak Bernard Walter John L. Motley 12/02/43 GM3c NY  
Roland Melvin R. James McKay 12/08/42 S1c MO  
Romaine Robert George Pan New York 10/29/42 S2c WI  
Ronda John Jr. Examelia 10/09/42 S2c MI  
Rondinelli Louis A La Salle 11/07/42 S1c Champlain NY  
Root George E. Oklahoma 03/28/45 S1c IL  
Rose Jay Jr. Quinault Victory 07/17/44 S1c    
Rosenstrom Frank H. Meriwether Lewis 03/02/43 S1c NY  
Rosiejka Joseph J. Jr. Robin Goodfellow 07/25/44 S1c NJ  
Ross William R. John Burke 12/28/44 S1c    
Ross Otis Kyle Quinault Victory 07/17/44 S1c    
Rothermel Charles M. Harry Luckenbach 03/17/43 S1c PA  
Roush Albebine M. Harry Luckenbach 03/17/43 S1c WV  
Rowe John Collier Meriwether Lewis 03/02/43 S1c NY 46
Roy Byron Foster Atlantic Sun 02/15/43 BM2c AR  
Rozwadowski Leon Paul Jr. James Sprunt 03/10/43 S1c IL  
Rozzo Angelo A. Jeremiah Van Rennselaer 02/02/43 S1c NJ  
Rubley Earl C. Jr. Henry Bacon 02/23/45 S1c IL  
Ruch James C. Steel Navigator 10/19/42 Ltjg NY  
Ruckel Roy G. James McKay 12/08/42 S2c IN  
Rule* Walter L. Jr. Henry R. Mallory 02/07/43 AS CA  
Rumfelt Lee D. Jean Nicolet 07/02/44 S1c KS  
Russ Robert V. Jr. Coamo (USAT) 12/09/42 S1c Tampa FL  
Ryan William Joseph Joseph Wheeler 12/02/43 S1c MA  
Ryan Clifford J. Theodore Dwight Weld 09/20/43 Cox. ID  
Ryan James Leslie William Clark 11/04/42 S1c MA  
Ryder Howard Perkins Henry R. Mallory 02/07/43 GM3 CT  
Ryerson Roy Edgar James Smith 03/09/43 S1c CA  

Armed Guard Wounded

Last First Ship Date Rank Home Age
Racki Eugene Examiner 03/19/43 S1c    
Rackl Paul J. Canada Victory 04/27/45 S1c    
Radice Anthony Unknown Ship 06/09/44 S1c    
Raedeke Henry P. Meton 11/05/42 S1c    
Raitt Frank Chatham 08/27/42 RM3c    
Raymond Donald E. Lyman Abbott 12/02/43 S1c    
Ready Floyd Eugene John D. Gill 03/12/42 S2c    
Redlarczyk Robert C. E. G. Seubert 02/23/44 S1c    
Reed Park T. Jr. Good Gulf 08/17/43 S1c    
Renzi Alfred P. William D. Burnham 11/23/44 S1c    
Repinec George F. Minot Victory 04/12/45 S1c    
Requardt Clarence H. J. Marcus Daly (GSA) 12/10/44 S1c    
Revia Edgar Jr. Henry B. Plant 02/06/45 Cox.    
Rhines Kenneth L. George Cleeve 02/22/44 GM2c    
Rhodes Maurice T. Cities Service Ohio 04/23/43 Ltjg    
Rhodes Jethro C. Toltec 07/12/44 S1c    
Ricca John T. Samuel Griffin 05/19/43 S1c    
Riddle Robert E. Maiden Creek II 03/17/44 S1c    
Riegel George W. Juan de Fuca 10/04/43 GM3c    
Rieks Harold Richard Samuel Griffin 05/19/43 S1c    
Riley Howard F. Marcus Daly (GSA) 12/10/44 S1c    
Ripley Olin H. Canada Victory 04/27/45 S1c    
Ritter Howard Scottsburg 06/14/42 Cox.    
Roark James R. Lyman Abbott 12/02/43 GM3c    
Robbins Kenneth T. John Bascom 12/02/43 S1c    
Roberto Peter O. Henry 07/10/43 S1c    
Robertson Henry A. Jr. Johnstown 06/04/42 Ens.    
Robins Theodore J. Stephen H. Long 07/06/44 S1c    
Robinson Hubert City of Birmingham 06/30/42 AS    
Robinson Byron Marcus Daly (GSA) 12/10/44 S1c    
Rochford William A. John Bascom 12/02/43 S1c    
Rodgers Edward O. Canada Victory 04/27/45 S1c    
Rodgers Marion Marle Wade Hampton 02/28/43 S1c    
Rodriguez Jose Gomez Francis W. Pettygrove 08/13/43 S1c    
Roelker Howard B. Oklahoma 03/28/45 S1c    
Rolirad Michael Gulfstate 04/03/43 S1c    
Roller Rufus B. Otho 04/03/42 S2c    
Romero Joseph D. John S. Sargent 12/30/43 S1c    
Rose Troy Canada Victory 04/27/45 S1c    
Rose James D. John H. Couch 10/11/43 S1c    
Rose Jimmy Martin Van Buren 01/14/45 S1c    
Rosenberg Frederick G. John Clark 05/20/43 S1c    
Rouse Johnny H. Thomas Scott 02/17/45 S1c    
Ruddiman Rodney J. John Bascom 12/02/43 S1c    
Ruth Harold M. Pierre S. Dupont 06/30/43 Ltjg    
Rutkosky Anthony L. Marcus Daly (GSA) 12/10/44 S1c    
Ryan Ray B. Jr. Oklahoma 03/28/45 S1c    
Ryan Joseph Peter Peter H. Burnett 01/22/43 S1c    
Ryder Douglas E. Alcoa Pioneer 11/19/44 S1c    

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