U.S. Navy Armed Guard Killed and Wounded on U.S. and foreign ships during World War II
Last name begins with "H"

*An asterisk after a name indicates U.S. Navy personnel listed as killed aboard ship, but from our sources we cannot distinguish with certainty which ones were Armed Guard. There may be others than those indicated.

SS Dorchester -- 27 Navy men killed, of those 11 were Armed Guard
SS Henry R. Mallory -- 100 Navy men killed, of those 15 were Armed Guard

Date of Death
The date given below is the date of attack resulting in the casualty. According to official Navy procedure, if there was no body recovered, the person was presumed dead 1-year-plus-1-day after the ship was due at its destination. In some cases, the date listed below was based on postwar German records. Our sources sometimes disagree on the date, usually only by one or two days.

The graves of most Armed Guard and Merchant Marine victims of torpedoes, bombs, and kamikazes, are marked only by the ocean waves. May they rest in peace!

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Armed Guard Killed Armed Guard Wounded


Last First Ship Date Rank Home Age
Haab* George F. Jr. Henry R. Mallory 02/07/43 S2c VA  
Habberfield Eugene H. Jonathan Sturges 02/23/43 S1c NY  
Haber Frank John A. Poor 03/19/44 Cox. WV  
Haddad Nathan Jr Cities Service Toledo 06/12/42 S2c WV  
Hagemann Paul J. Santa Maria 06/20/43 S1c NJ  
Hagerty William F. Jr. Christopher Gadsen 12/16/44 Cox.    
Halerz Joseph A. J. H. Senior 08/19/43 S1c IL  
Hales Billy E. Bjarne A. Lia 02/25/45 GM3c    
Haley George J. Louise Lykes 01/09/43 S1c NH  
Halko Stephen H. Oklahoma 03/28/45 S1c CT  
Hall John S. J. H. Senior 08/19/43 BM1C NY 42
Hall William B. J. H. Senior 08/19/43 S1c VA  
Hall William B. J. Pinckney Henderson 08/19/43 S1c VA 18
Hall John Gibson Quinault Victory 07/17/44 GM3c    
Hallenbeck Eugene T. Louise Lykes 01/09/43 S1c NJ  
Hamburg Leo T. Esso Williamsburg 09/22/42 S2c MD  
Hamby Marvin Haynes Pan New York 10/29/42 S2c AL  
Hamel Harvey Henry J. Pinckney Henderson 08/19/43 S1c NH 18
Hamilton Mellen R. Joseph Holt 12/16/44 S1c    
Hampton Edward F. Charles C. Pinckney 01/27/43 S1c PA  
Hampton Earnest R. Theodore Dwight Weld 09/20/43 S1c MI  
Hancock Edward Francis William W. Gerhard 09/21/43 S1c IA  
Hannigan John R. Esso Gettysburg 06/10/43 S1c CT  
Hannold Gail M. Wichita 09/19/42 S2c PA  
Hansen Arnold Arthur John Straub 04/19/44 S1c Spokane Wa  
Hanus George Alexander Macomb 07/03/42 AS IL  
Harcarik Edward Robert Robin Goodfellow 07/25/44 S1c Raritan NJ  
Harden Hubert L. El Coston 02/25/44 S1c IL  
Hardiman Richard H. J. H. Senior 08/19/43 S1c MD 20
Hardin Minor Newton Jr Cities Service Toledo 06/12/42 S2c    
Harding William R. Thomas Nelson 11/12/44 S1c    
Hardwick Ralph Jean Nicolet 07/02/44 S1c MO  
Harlacher Charles W. Henry Bacon 02/23/45 S1c PA  
Harmon Joseph Jr. L. J. Drake 06/05/42 S2c Summerville SC 21
Harne Jack O. Jacksonville 08/30/44 S1c MD  
Harobine Robert C. Pierre Gibault 06/22/45 Ltjg NJ  
Harrill Omar R. J. H. Senior 08/19/43 S1c    
Harris Thomas Cecil Jr Cities Service Toledo 06/12/42 AS    
Harris Henry C. President Grant 11/02/42 SM2C CA  
Harris Carson Moss R. P. Resor 02/26/42 AS VA  
Harris John D. William Clark 11/04/42 Ltjg CA  
Harrison John C. John Burke 12/28/44 S1c CA  
Harrison Woodrow Wilson Ogontz 05/19/42 S2c GA  
Hart Norris Jacksonville 08/30/44 S1c IN  
Hartley Donald B. J. H. Senior 08/19/43 S1c Belleville NJ 20
Hartley Francis L. Maiden Creek II 03/17/44 S1c MI  
Hartman Ralph B. E. A. Bryan 07/17/44 Unknown    
Hartman* Marcy Henry R. Mallory 02/07/43 Ltjg FL  
Harvey Gerald J. Broad Arrow 01/09/43 S1c PA  
Hatfield Robert H. William C. Gorgas 03/10/43 S1c LA  
Haug Robert J. William C. Gorgas 03/10/43 S1c WI  
Hawes Richard Paul John Straub 04/19/44 S1c MI  
Hayes William Charles John Straub 04/19/44 S1c Willobee OH  
Hayes Robert J. Rosario 02/21/43 S1c PA  
Hayes Victor L. William C. Gorgas 03/10/43 S1c KY  
Haygood Boyd C. Tillie Lykes 06/15/42 S2c AL  
Haynes Griffin Monroe Susana 10/12/42 S1c FL  
Hayward Horace H. Louise Lykes 01/09/43 S2c MA  
Healy Patrick Joseph John L. Motley 12/02/43 S1c NY  
Heather Laverne A. Atlantic Sun 02/15/43 S2c WI  
Hebb Marvin Sherley Robert H. Colley 10/04/42 S2c WV  
Heck Bernard Bryson Pan New York 10/29/42 S2c MD  
Heckman Gail Wayne Topa Topa 08/29/42 S2c IA  
Hefty Joseph Louise Lykes 01/09/43 S2c PA  
Helgeson Harold M. Melville E. Stone 11/24/43 S1c MT  
Helgren Edward E. Theodore Dwight Weld 09/20/43 SM3C MN  
Helms A. G. Sumner I. Kimball 01/16/44 S1c NC  
Hemmerle Edward F. Andrea F. Luckenbach 03/10/43 S1c IL  
Henderson William Glenn R. P. Resor 02/26/42 AS GA  
Hensel Donald Louis Nathaniel Hawthorne 11/07/42 S1c AR  
Herman A. Jean Nicolet 07/02/44 S1c    
Hernandez Rogelio B. Express 06/30/42 S2c FL  
Hersey William Jonathan Sturges 02/23/43 S1c GA  
Hertweck Harold E. Sumner I. Kimball 01/16/44 Cox. KY  
Herzog Dale E. Harry Luckenbach 03/17/43 S1c MI  
Herzog William R. Pan New York 10/29/42 Lt NY  
Hess Byron Coamo (USAT) 12/09/42 GM3c MI  
Hewell James Dennis Pan New York 10/29/42 S2c FL  
Hicks Bruce O. Esso Williamsburg 09/22/42 S2c VA  
Hicks Charles Everett J. Pinckney Henderson 08/19/43 S1c   Unknown
Higginbotham Thomas M. John M. Clayton 01/01/45 S1c    
Hill Eldoras Fancher East Indian 11/03/42 S2c MI  
Hill William R. El Coston 02/25/44 S1c GA  
Hill John Edward Meriwether Lewis 03/02/43 GM3c FL  
Hill John E. Sunoil 04/04/43 GM3c FL  
Hillis Henry Cliford John L. Motley 12/02/43 S1c    
Hinman Bert B. Connecticut 04/23/42 AS NC  
Hinshaw Knoble Gayle John H. Couch 10/11/43 S1c    
Hoban* Richard T. Henry R. Mallory 02/07/43 S3c IN  
Hodke Herman J. Wichita 09/19/42 S2c MT  
Hoffpauir Nathan E. William F. Humphrey 07/16/42 S2c LA  
Hogan David Allen William Dawes 07/22/42 S2c LA  
Holden Harold J. Fort Lee 11/02/44 S1c Rockford IL  
Holl Donald Dean Lammot Dupont 04/23/42 S2c FL  
Holland Joseph T. Robin Goodfellow 07/25/44 S1c NJ  
Hollandsworth Clarence R. E. A. Bryan 07/17/44 S1c    
Hollis Ordis Oliver Ruth 06/29/42 S2c AL  
Holmes Virgil D. Jacksonville 08/30/44 S1c TN  
Holmes Cleveland H. Louise Lykes 01/09/43 S1c NC  
Holmes Harold  Lloyd Pan Carolina 09/12/42 S1c Mannington KY  
Holmstrom Terry W. Jean Nicolet 07/02/44 S1c FL  
Holt Collins D. Jonathan Sturges 02/23/43 S1c SC  
Honiker Francis T. Louise Lykes 01/09/43 S2c MA  
Hoot George Washington Cranford 07/30/42 S2c TX  
Hopkins William Charles Jack Carnes 08/30/42 S2c MA  
Horton Melvin Pierce George Thacher 11/01/42 S2c TN  
Houck Vincent Robin Goodfellow 07/25/44 Cox. NJ  
Houser Norman C. Jr. Henry Knox 06/19/43 S1c Middletown PA  
Houston George R. Jacksonville 08/30/44 BM2c IA  
Hovland George D. Quinault Victory 07/17/44 S1c    
Howard Richard P. Charles C. Pinckney 01/27/43 Ltjg MA  
Howard* Lewis J. Jr. Henry R. Mallory 02/07/43 S1c MD  
Howe Clifford R. West Portal 02/05/43 Cox. MA  
Howell George F. Jonathan Sturges 02/23/43 S1c NC  
Howland Henry R. Harry Luckenbach 03/17/43 S1c RI  
Hoy Donald S. Puerto Rican 03/09/43 Ens. Shannon IL  
Hoyle Vivian I. Jonathan Sturges 02/23/43 S1c IL  
Hubbard Robert Lee Joseph Wheeler 12/02/43 S1c MD  
Hubbard Leonard W. Sumner I. Kimball 01/16/44 S3c LA  
Huddleston Pryor B. Oklahoma 03/28/45 GM3c KY  
Hudson Robert C. Wichita 09/19/42 S2c OR  
Hughes David J. Coamo (USAT) 12/09/42 Ltjg NY  
Hughes John Benjamin William F. Humphrey 07/16/42 S2c MS  
Hulburt Robert L. Wichita 09/19/42 S2c MT  
Hunsberger Kenneth C. Paul Hamilton 04/20/44 S1c PA  
Hunt Arthur C. Losmar 09/24/42 Ltjg NY  
Hunter Houston R. Jr. Pan Atlantic 07/06/42 S2c NM  
Hunter John Clore Puerto Rican 03/09/43 S1c Aurora IN  
Huntington Charles P. Timothy Pickering 07/14/43 S1c    
Husband Alfred Stanley John L. Motley 12/02/43 S1c MI  
Huston Walter W. Alcoa Pioneer 11/19/44 GM3c    
Hutchinson Walter T. Jr. Scapa Flow 11/14/42 Cox. ME 23
Hyatt Elmo Jewett Topa Topa 08/29/42 S2c OH  
Hyde Sterling R. Harry Luckenbach 03/17/43 S1c PA  

Armed Guard Wounded

Last First Ship Date Rank Home Age
Hagan Robert A. William K. Vanderbilt 05/16/43 S3c    
Hagen Charles B. William A. Graham 06/10/44 S1c    
Hager Lloyd M. Joseph Pulitzer 07/11/43 S1c    
Halford Roy Elizabeth Kellogg 11/23/43 S1c    
Hall John L. Steel Traveler 12/18/44 S1c    
Hall Theodore R. Cities Service Toledo 06/12/42 AS    
Hall Thomas F. Meyer London 04/16/44 GM3c    
Hall Wilbur E. Edward M. House 06/29/44 Cox.    
Ham Robert G. Gilbert Stuart 11/17/44 S1c    
Hamilton Floyd C. Cape Victory 01/26/45 S1c    
Hamilton Orvil C. John Armstrong 04/21/44 S1c    
Hamlin James A. Lyman Abbott 12/02/43 Cox.    
Hamrick Clinard B. John Bascom 12/02/43 GM3c    
Hamrick Earl G. Anne Hutchinson 10/26/42 S1c    
Hanko Edward Walter E. Ranger 11/01/43 GM3c    
Hannah Eugene L. Edward N. Westcott 01/12/45 S3c    
Hannan Jack C. Thomas McKean 06/29/42 AS    
Harbin Joel Jackson William W. Gerhard 09/21/43 GM3c    
Harbin William Hilburn William W. Gerhard 09/21/43 GM3c    
Harkins William Thomas Washington 07/05/42 S2c    
Harlan Devlin B. William A. Coulter 11/12/44 GM3c    
Harris Donald W. Cape San Juan 11/11/43 Ltjg    
Harrison John M. Daniel Chester French 03/06/44 S1c    
Hart William E. J. L. Luckenbach 01/05/45 S1c    
Hartley James N. Tarleton Brown 08/15/44 Ens.    
Hartman Frank William Paul Luckenbach 09/22/42 S2c    
Harwick George W. John H. Couch 10/11/43 GM3c    
Hayden Oliver Santa Elisa 08/13/42 S2c    
Hayes Alfred R. Jr. Alexander Macomb 07/03/42 AS    
Hayes Earnest V. Horace Gray 06/10/44 S1c    
Heller Winthrop P. Cape Mohican 08/21/43 Cox.    
Helsabeck Robert F. Jr Lammot Dupont 04/23/42 S2c    
Helton Joseph E. Thomas Nelson 11/12/44 S1c    
Henderson Robert G. Washington 07/05/42 RM3c    
Henderson Robert L. John Sevier 04/06/43 S1c    
Henry Pete C. Matthew P. Deady 11/02/44 Cox.    
Henson Jack A. Lyman Abbott 12/02/43 S2c    
Heppler Paul F. William K. Vanderbilt 05/16/43 Cox.    
Herbold Willard Z. James Monroe 09/06/43 S1c    
Herbst John Pierce Butler 11/21/42 GM3c    
Herndon Everett Lane Hawaiian 05/19/43 Cox.    
Hewelt August J. George W. Childs 06/08/44 GM3c    
Hewitt Ray F. Swiftscout 04/18/45 GM3c    
Hicks Robert W. David Dudley Field 10/24/44 S1c    
Higginbotham Warren H. M. Storey 05/18/43 S1c    
Higginbotham Warren Matthew Lyon 08/11/43 S1c    
Hilcken Robert W. Otho 04/03/42 S2c    
Hill Kirby Neal Zane Gray 07/13/43 S1c    
Hilliard Harold J. Jonathan Grout 04/11/44 Ltjg    
Hirsch Paul Patrick J. Hurley 09/12/42 S1c    
Hlywa Michael N. Henry Knox 06/19/43 S1c    
Hobbs Lawrence F. Jr. William C. McTarnahan 05/16/42 S2c    
Hodges Murphy H. John A. Treutlen 06/29/44 S1c    
Hoerner Irvin J. Timothy Pickering 07/14/43 S1c    
Holland James. A. Cherokee 06/15/42 S2c    
Holz Raymond J. Nashaba 02/26/45 S1c    
Hopkins Joseph Patrick Alcoa Prospector 07/05/43 S1c    
Hornung Harlan Warren McKeesport 04/29/43 S1c    
Hortenstine Lawrence E. Zane Gray 07/13/43 S1c    
Hosford Fred Wesley Topa Topa 08/29/42 S2c    
Houldridge Roy S. Jr. Larry Doheny 10/05/42 AS    
Hous_holder Earl W. Morgantown Victory 04/11/45 GM2c    
Howard Blake C. Jr. John Penn 09/13/42 Ens.    
Howard William Spear Santa Elisa 08/13/42 S2c    
Howe Gordon K. Cape Charles 01/01/44 S1c    
Howell Robert Lee Irenee Dupont 03/17/43 S1c    
Hoy George Jr. Topa Topa 08/29/42 S2c    
Hrubes John W. Alcoa Pioneer 11/19/44 GM3c    
Hudgens Chessie Ray Henry Ward Beecher 05/19/43 S1c    
Hudson Eugene William K. Vanderbilt 05/16/43 S1c    
Huffman Clive S. Jr. Santa Elena 11/06/43 Ltjg    
Huggins Alvin L. Canada Victory 04/27/45 GM3c    
Huggins William Anthony Jonathan Elmer 08/13/43 S1c    
Hughes Muril T. Meyer London 04/16/44 GM2c    
Humentik Andrew J. Jonas Lie 01/09/45 S1c    
Hummel Kenneth F. Morgantown Victory 04/11/45 GM3c    
Hund Joseph A. Edward N. Westcott 01/12/45 GM3c    
Hunsucker Whit M. Juan de Fuca 12/21/44 S1c    
Hunt Elwood S. Charles Goodyear 08/17/43 S1c    
Hurst Charles W. Jr. John Sevier 04/06/43 S1c    
Hyams Norman E. Nathanael Greene 09/14/42 GM2c    
H_ckel Carl E. Oklahoma 03/28/45 S1c    

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