U.S. Navy Armed Guard Killed and Wounded on U.S. and foreign ships during World War II
Last name begins with "M"

*An asterisk after a name indicates U.S. Navy personnel listed as killed aboard ship, but from our sources we cannot distinguish with certainty which ones were Armed Guard. There may be others than those indicated.

SS Dorchester -- 27 Navy men killed, of those 11 were Armed Guard
SS Henry R. Mallory -- 100 Navy men killed, of those 15 were Armed Guard

Date of Death
The date given below is the date of attack resulting in the casualty. According to official Navy procedure, if there was no body recovered, the person was presumed dead 1-year-plus-1-day after the ship was due at its destination. In some cases, the date listed below was based on postwar German records. Our sources sometimes disagree on the date, usually only by one or two days.

The graves of most Armed Guard and Merchant Marine victims of torpedoes, bombs, and kamikazes, are marked only by the ocean waves. May they rest in peace!

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Armed Guard Killed Armed Guard Wounded

Last First Ship Date Rank Home Age
Mabie Richard E. Coamo (USAT) 12/09/42 BM2c SD  
MacDonald* George J. Dorchester 02/03/43 MOMM2    
Mackey William Clyburn Thomas Ruffin 03/09/43 S1c SC  
Macy Charles E. Joseph N. Nicollet (overboard) 01/16/44 S1c IN or CA  
Madden Herman A. Sunoil 04/04/43 S1c SC  
Madden Rex William C. Gorgas 03/10/43 S1c OK  
Maddox James S. Zaandam 11/02/42 Ens. IN  
Madill John B. Paul Hamilton 04/20/44 GM3c MI  
Magee William W. Samuel Heintzelman 07/09/43 S1c OH  
Maher Frank B. Sunoil 04/04/43 S1c CT  
Mahoney Jerry J. Henry B. Plant 02/06/45 S1c CA  
Maillette Paul Vincent Kahuku 06/15/42 AS MI  
Major Charles N. R. P. Resor 02/26/42 Ensign VA  
Makin Robert Calvin Stone Street 09/13/42 S2c MD  
Makris Christos Robin Goodfellow 07/25/44 S1c MA  
Malinowski Richard J. Mary A. Livermore 05/27/45 S1c    
Maliszewski Alexander F. Esso Williamsburg 09/22/42 S2c NY  
Mallett Frederick A. Harold Pratt 12/16/44 S1c    
Malloy George Ulmer West Chetac 09/24/42 S2c IN  
Malone Herbert L. Melville E. Stone 11/24/43 S1c CA  
Maloney William R. James McKay 12/08/42 S1c MA  
Mandoni Edward Dan Beard 12/10/44 S1c NJ  
Mangafreda* Joseph Dorchester 02/03/43 RM3c MA  
Manifold Anthony B. Louisiana 08/17/42 GM3c NY  
Manley Francis P. Meriwether Lewis 03/02/43 Cox. IL  
Mann Howard Q. Sunoil 04/04/43 S1c OH  
Mann James Russell West Chetac 09/24/42 S2c OH  
Mann Jacob A. William Pierce Frye 03/29/43 GM3c IA  
Mapes Zeno W. Meriwether Lewis 03/02/43 S1c LA  
Marceau Wilfrid L. James Smith 03/09/43 S1c WY  
Marcinak Stanley James Heredia 05/19/42 AS CT  
Markovich John Jr. Arizpa 12/16/44 S2c    
Marriot Herbert L. Cold Harbor 06/14/42 S2c OH  
Marshall Hunter III Merrimack (USAT) 06/09/42 Ens. NC  
Marshall Wilson H. Sumner I. Kimball 01/16/44 S1c NY  
Martell Lawrence Ralph William Dawes 07/22/42 S2c MN  
Martin William Atlantic Sun 02/15/43 S1c IL  
Martin Leo J. Henry Wynkoop 03/11/43 GM3c MA  
Martin Donald G. Lewis L. Dyche 01/04/45 S1c IL  
Martin Lorenzo Massmar 07/05/42 S2c    
Martin James E. Richard Bland 03/10/43 S1c WV  
Martinello Anthony P. Paul Hamilton 04/20/44 S1c MA  
Martins Paul Ferreira Major Wheeler 02/06/42 BM2c    
Masog Raymond J. Jonathan Sturges 02/23/43 S1c MN  
Massarelli Armand Sunoil 04/04/43 S1c CT  
Massey Walter Tillie Lykes 06/15/42 S1c    
Mastroianni Joseph V. Mary Luckenbach 09/14/42 S1c NY  
Matthews Glen D. Esso Williamsburg 09/22/42 S2c    
Matthews Paul Allen West Chetac 09/24/42 S2c MO  
Mayden Donald E. Henry Bacon 02/23/45 S1c MO  
Mayer Rolfe S. Esso Gettysburg 06/10/43 S1c PA  
Mayer John John Straub 04/19/44 S1c Chicago IL  
Mayer Walter V. Paul Hamilton 04/20/44 GM2c NJ  
Mayer Lawrence Jacob Puerto Rican 03/09/43 S1c St. Paul MN  
Mayer Larue Thaddeus Steel Navigator 10/19/42 S2c NY  
Mayhew Merle N. Esso Williamsburg 09/22/42 S2c MD  
Mays Charles E. Henry Knox 06/19/43 S1c PA  
Mazzella Vincent E. Edward B. Dudley 04/11/43 S1c NY  
McBride Richard Paul Henry Knox 06/19/43 S1c PA  
McCann Robert E. Coamo (USAT) 12/09/42 S2c MO  
McCarron Edward B. Paul Hamilton 04/20/44 S1c MA  
McCarty Elmer Roger Massmar 07/05/42 S2c SC  
McClain* James A. Dorchester 02/03/43 RM2 OK  
McClave Wayne Barney Tachira 07/12/42 S2c KY  
McClelland John B. Arthur Middleton 01/01/43 Ens. PA  
McClintock Thomas B. Esso Williamsburg 09/22/42 S2c PA  
McClory Robert F. Solomon Juneau 04/09/45 BM2c NY  
McCloskey George E. Paul Hamilton 04/20/44 S1c MA  
McCombs Freeman C. Abraham Baldwin 12/16/44 S1c    
McConnell Linsday C. Jr. John Carter Rose 10/08/42 S1c    
McConnell Morgan J. Jonathan Sturges 02/23/43 S1c MI  
McCray Roy K. Sunoil 04/04/43 S1c KY  
McCusker Felix F. Edward B. Dudley 04/11/43 S1c NY  
McCusker John J. Paul Hamilton 04/20/44 S1c MA  
McDaniel Chester West Chetac 09/24/42 S2c MN  
McDermaid Allen E. James Smith 03/09/43 S1c UT  
McDonald Frank Bryan Stone Street 09/13/42 S2c WV  
McDonald Charles R. Sumner I. Kimball 01/16/44 S1c IL  
McDonnal* William H. Dorchester 02/03/43 S2c OR  
McDonough James Meriwether Lewis 03/02/43 SM2C OR  
McElroy William E. Atlantic Sun 02/15/43 S1c OH  
McFarland Frederick E. Edward B. Dudley 04/11/43 S1c    
McFerrin James Edwin James Sprunt 03/10/43 GM3c AL  
McGough Glenn E. Theodore Dwight Weld 09/20/43 GM3c IL  
McGovern John B. James McKay 12/08/42 S1c NY  
McGrath William G. Alcoa Pioneer 11/19/44 S1c    
McGrath Edward Anthony John L. Motley 12/02/43 GM3c FL  
McGraw Howard Edward B. Dudley 04/11/43 S1c IL  
McHaney John Dixon Nathaniel Hawthorne 11/07/42 S1c AL  
McInnis John Adam City of New York 03/29/42 S1c    
McKechan Henry R. Lewis L. Dyche 01/04/45 S1c IL  
McKenzie William Arthur Middleton 01/01/43 SM2C IL  
McKinsey Earl S. Lewis L. Dyche 01/04/45 GM3c CA  
McKissick Charles C. Edward B. Dudley 04/11/43 S1c VA  
McKone Francis A. James McKay 12/08/42 GM3c IA  
McLaughlin Daniel C. Mary Luckenbach 09/14/42 S2c OK  
McLeod James E. Sunoil 04/04/43 S1c MN  
McLeod William Desmond West Ivis 01/26/42 AS NC  
McMurry William Lake Osweya 02/20/42 S2c SC  
McNealy Chester L. Hobbs Victory 04/06/45 S1c IN  
McNeely Billy Benjamin Ide Wheeler 10/27/44 S1c Greenville SC  
McQueeney William John Cavalcade 12/16/44 S3c Valley Stream NY  
McTiernan Frank Aloysius Jeremiah Van Rennselaer 02/02/43 S1c NJ  
Meade Christopher J. Lewis L. Dyche 01/04/45 S1c WA  
Meade Joseph D. Louise Lykes 01/09/43 SM3C MA  
Meade William West Chetac 09/24/42 S2c OH  
Mealman Roy E. Esso Williamsburg 09/22/42 S2c IA  
Meares John Elihu Caddo 11/23/42 S1c NC  
Medley James Edward Jack 05/27/42 S2c TN  
Mellert William Judson Fort Lee 11/02/44 GM3c Kingston NY  
Mercede Nicholas V. Bushrod Washington 09/14/43 S1c CT  
Mercer Roy L. William D. Burnham 11/23/44 BM2c TX  
Meredith Glenn T. Lewis L. Dyche 01/04/45 S1c IA  
Merrill Charles A. Robin Goodfellow 07/25/44 RM3c ME  
Messick Roy K. Atlantic Sun 02/15/43 S1c VA  
Metcalf Buford R. Sumner I. Kimball 01/16/44 GM3c FL  
Metzler George W. William F. Humphrey 07/16/42 S2c NJ  
Michalovic Alfred Meriwether Lewis 03/02/43 S1c NY  
Mick Rufus R. Oscar Chappell 12/16/44 S1c    
Mika John Joseph Pan Atlantic 07/06/42 SM1C NY  
Miles James William James Sprunt 03/10/43 S1c KY  
Milhauser Earl Edward B. Dudley 04/11/43 S1c IL  
Miller Marion L. Edward B. Dudley 04/11/43 S1c IL  
Miller Paul W. Edward B. Dudley 04/11/43 S1c NC  
Miller Ray Aubry Gulfoil 05/16/42 AS LA  
Miller Fred James Gulfoil 05/16/42 S2c WY  
Miller William D. John Burke 12/28/44 BM2c IL  
Miller Lyndahl Andrew Joseph Wheeler 12/02/43 Cox. IN  
Miller Elmer Schambacher Oregonian 09/13/42 S2c PA  
Miller Wayne S. Robin Goodfellow 07/25/44 S1c MI  
Miller Colie J. William Pierce Frye 03/29/43 S1c SC  
Mills Martin Clifford Jr Louise Lykes 01/09/43 GM3c FL  
Minahan Cornelius D. Jr. Robin Goodfellow 07/25/44 S1c PA  
Minsavage Joseph Henry Knox 06/19/43 Ens. PA  
Minton Maurice Windell Syros 05/27/42 S2c PA  
Mirgain Emil Prosper Puerto Rican 03/09/43 S1c St. Louis MO  
Misevicz Joseph A. Sumner I. Kimball 01/16/44 S1c WI  
Mister Russell R. Edward B. Dudley 04/11/43 S1c MD  
Mitchell Lewis Edward B. Dudley 04/11/43 S1c OK  
Mitchell Curtis Preston Mary Luckenbach 09/14/42 S2c OK  
Mitchell Marion R. Sunoil 04/04/43 S1c TX  
Mitchell Edward C. Arthur Middleton 01/01/43 S2c WV  
Mix William J. Edward B. Dudley 04/11/43 S1c LA  
Mixon John Marion Jack 05/27/42 S2c FL  
Mlodzik Alvin P. American Leader/Tamahoku Maru 06/26/44 S1c WI  
Mogensen Carl J. American Leader/Tamahoku Maru 06/26/44 S2c IA  
Monte Carmen Jeremiah Van Rennselaer 02/02/43 S1c NJ  
Montgomery James N. Gulfamerica 04/10/42 AS    
Montgomery Louis W. Jacksonville 08/30/44 GM3c AL  
Montoney Elliott R. William Pierce Frye 03/29/43 S1c WV  
Moore Charles Joseph East Indian 11/03/42 GM3c SC  
Moore William M. Henry Bacon 02/23/45 GM3c NC  
Moore? Ralph F Jack 05/27/42 S2c    
Moran Porter F. Sumner I. Kimball 01/16/44 BM2c NY  
Morehead Westly A. John Burke 12/28/44 S1c IN  
Morey Vernon C. Oneida ( USAT by Agwilines) 05/04/43 S1c WI  
Morgan James Henry Knox 06/19/43 S1c    
Morgan Charlie Gray Mary Luckenbach 09/14/42 S2c NC  
Morgan George Howard Puerto Rican 03/09/43 S1c Koshkonong MO  
Morgan Harry David Robin Goodfellow 07/25/44 S2c Jerome PA 19
Morgan Earl Edward Arthur Middleton 01/01/43 S1c MO  
Morgenweck Albert F. Jr. Robin Goodfellow 07/25/44 SM3C NY  
Morris Harold Edward B. Dudley 04/11/43 S1c NY  
Morris Joseph E. Henry Knox 06/19/43 S1c PA  
Morrison Howard J. H. D. Collier 03/13/44 S1c WV  
Morrissey John Joseph Jr John L. Motley 12/02/43 S1c MA  
Morrow Andy Quinault Victory 07/17/44 S1c    
Moyryla William H. Keystone 03/13/43 S1c MI  
Muir Kenneth H. Nathaniel Hawthorne 11/07/42 Ltjg Pelham NY  
Muirhead Kenneth H. E. A. Bryan 07/17/44 S1c    
Mullen Bernard Joseph Aneroid 10/02/42 S2c NY  
Mulligan Raymond J. Coamo (USAT) 12/09/42 S3c MI  
Mulligan Jesse W. E. A. Bryan 07/17/44 S1c    
Mullins Clifford L. Jr John Winthrop 09/24/42 S2c    
Mulryan William H. Quinault Victory 07/17/44 GM2c    
Mundy Emmel W. John Winthrop 09/24/42 Ltjg GA  
Munn Dalton Leslie West Lashaway 08/30/42 GM3c SC  
Murawski John James West Chetac 09/24/42 S2c IL  
Murdock Jasper L. Robin Goodfellow 07/25/44 GM3c SC  
Murphy Robert B. Logan Victory 04/06/45 S1c OK  
Murphy Edward P. Sumner I. Kimball 01/16/44 S1c MA  
Murphy Daniel J. West Portal 02/05/43 S1c MA  
Murphy Thomas W. Jr. West Portal 02/05/43 S1c MA  
Murray George H. Edward B. Dudley 04/11/43 S2c MI  
Murray John J. Harold Pratt 12/16/44 S1c NY  
Muse Floyd D. Oneida ( USAT by Agwilines) 05/04/43 S1c CA  
Myers Harold K. American Leader/Tamahoku Maru 06/26/44 S1c IA  
Myers Paul E. Edward B. Dudley 04/11/43 S1c WI  
Myers Henry J. Quinault Victory 07/17/44 S1c    


Armed Guard Wounded

Last First Ship Date Rank Home Age
MacDonald James W. William Sharon 12/28/44 S1c    
Machette Jack John Walker 02/17/44 GM3c    
Mackert Robert Franklin Hawaiian 05/19/43 S1c    
Maconochie John R. Jr. El Oriente 02/27/43 S1c    
Magee George Roy Elihu B. Washburne 07/03/43 S1c    
Maguire Robert E. Kemp P. Battle 08/15/44 S1c    
Magulas John Jerry Samuel Griffin 05/19/43 GM3c    
Mains Harry Edgar Samuel Griffin 05/19/43 S1c    
Maki Roy E. John Foster 10/25/44 S1c    
Makuch John E. Unknown Ship 04/11/44 S1c    
Malbasa Ben Albert Gallatin 01/02/44 S1c    
Malby Leslie James B. Stephens 03/08/43 S1c    
Mandolla James V. Henry Knox 06/19/43 S1c    
Mappus Albert J. Calobre [Panama] 12/31/42 S1c    
Marcella Joseph X. Santa Elena 11/06/43 S1c    
Margoni Felix H. Eleftheria 02/22/45 S1c    
Marihugh Clarence H. Nathanael Greene 09/14/42 Cox.    
Market Eugene J. Logan Victory 04/06/45 S1c    
Marquis Myles E. Gilbert Stuart 11/17/44 GM2c    
Marrara Peter F. Stephen F. Austin 04/20/44 S1c    
Martin Alvin Roland West Chetac 09/24/42 S2c    
Martin Warren L. William S. Ladd 12/10/44 S1c    
Massarelli Carl Samuel John H. Couch 10/11/43 S1c    
Mastis August D. John H. Couch 10/11/43 GM3c    
Maston Claude F. John Armstrong 04/21/44 GM3c    
Mastronardi Gene J. John Bascom 12/02/43 RM3c    
Mateja Edward J. Joseph Pulitzer 07/11/43 S1c    
Mathile Virgil O. John Penn 09/13/42 S1c    
Matlock Jack W. Gulfstate 04/03/43 S1c    
Matthews James S. David Starr Jordan 07/25/44 Ltjg    
Mattson Kermit W. Jonathan Sturges 02/23/43 S3c    
Mauk John D. Pompoon 11/12/43 S1c    
Maule George E. Louis Hennepin 12/03/43 S1c    
Mayjak Henry Eugene James W. Marshall 09/15/43 S1c    
Maynes Carlos Ozuna Jr. John H. Couch 10/11/43 S1c    
Mazza Michael P. Horace Binney 05/08/45 GM3c    
McCarthy John P. Jonathan Sturges 02/23/43 S1c    
McChesney Irvin L. Jonathan Sturges 02/23/43 S1c    
McClain Lee E. Benjamin Goodhue 07/10/43 GM3c    
McCloud William E. Edgar Allen Poe 11/08/42 S1c    
McClure Thomas Hugh James W. Marshall 09/15/43 S3c    
McCombs Willie E. Robert L. Vann 03/01/45 S1c    
McCord Waylon E. Samuel Livermore 03/29/43 S1c    
McCormick Williard Victor Yankee Arrow 08/03/43 S1c    
McCoy Robert William S. Ladd 12/10/44 S1c    
McDonald Arthur Jr. Washington 07/05/42 S1c    
McFadzean John Pennsylvania Sun 07/15/42 Ltjg    
McCauley Herman L. Alexander Majors 11/14/44 S1c Itaska TX 21
McGirr James E. Jonathan Worth 10/23/43 S1c    
McGuire John J. Sea Porpoise 07/05/44 S1c    
McGuire Robert J. Joseph N. Teal 11/20/43 S1c    
McKendry Robert J. Oscar Chappell 12/16/44 S2c    
McKenna Joseph J. Jr. Panam 05/04/43 S1c    
McKeon William F. Kaimoku 08/08/42 S1c    
McKim Matt W. Carlos Carrillo 11/12/44 S1c    
McLaughlin R. B. Thomas Nelson 11/12/44 S1c    
McLean Earl L. Steel Traveler 12/18/44 S1c    
McLean John J. Juan de Fuca 12/21/44 S1c    
McLeod Warren R. Joseph Pulitzer 07/11/43 S1c    
McNabb Charlie Leslie John M. Clayton 01/01/45 S1c Alhambra CA  
McNees Mac J. Roanoke (USAT) 01/11/45 S1c    
McNeese William M. Morrison R. Waite 11/12/44 S1c    
McNeil Arthur Edmond West Chetac 09/24/42 S2c    
McQuary Richard C. William Sharon 12/28/44 S1c    
Medlin Lynn P. Tjisadane (Netherlands) 05/11/45 S1c    
Meier Robert August John H. Couch 10/11/43 S1c    
Meissner Donald K. Lyman Abbott 12/02/43 S1c    
Merritt James E. Blue Jacket 12/16/43 RM3c    
Mer___stein Leppold J. Edmund F. Dickens 05/02/45 BM2c    
Meyer Martin D. John Foster 10/25/44 S1c    
Meyer Robert L. Unknown Ship Leyte 12/10/44 S1c    
Meyer Robert L. William S. Ladd 12/10/44 S1c    
Michiels Marcel Albert Gallatin 01/02/44 S1c    
Miller Arthur D. Anne Hutchinson 10/26/42 S1c    
Miller Lloyd E. Carlton 07/16/42 S2c    
Miller Lloyd J. George Thacher 11/01/42 S2c    
Miller Paul F. Lyman Abbott 12/02/43 S1c    
Miller Robert G. Henry Knox 06/19/43 S1c    
Miller Robert L. London Armed Guard Pool 07/20/44 S1c    
Millman [Hillman] Matthew Pillory 06/05/44 Ens.    
Mills Robert P. Maiden Creek II 03/17/44 GM3c    
Mills Ryamond L. David G. Farragut 08/01/43 GM3c    
Mingus Paul E. Paul H. Harwood 07/07/42 S2c    
Minihan Jeremiah J. Jr. William Floyd 10/14/43 S1c    
Mining James S. Eleftheria 02/22/45 S2c    
Minott David J. Jr. Indiana 09/06/43 S1c    
Minton William Clarence William Dawes 07/22/42 S2c    
Mirabella Paul James William Wirt 01/20/43 S2c    
Mitchell Edgar S. Mary A. Livermore 05/27/45 S1c    
Mitchell Henry W. Lyman Abbott 12/02/43 GM3c    
Mitchell Jimmy O. Martin Van Buren 01/14/45 S1c    
Mitchem Robert E. Peter Kerr 07/05/42 S2c    
Monard Philip F. Bushranger 05/31/42 S1c    
Monroe William Artimus James W. Marshall 09/15/43 S1c    
Montague Robert J. Jim Bridger 06/20/44 S1c    
Montero Arthur William S. Rosecrans 12/16/43 S1c    
Montgomery Victor E. Jubal A. Early 05/24/45 S2c    
Montgomery William H. William Wirt 01/20/43 Cox.    
Moorhead Everett Thomas O. Henry 07/10/43 S1c    
Moriarty Dan T. William Mulholland 08/01/43 S1c    
Morissette Joseph R. Josiah Snelling 05/27/45 Cox.    
Morken? Carl I. Reuben Tipton 10/23/42 S1c    
Morris Keith Gurnzy Samuel Parker 07/22/43 GM3c    
Morris Robert F. Timothy Pickering 07/14/43 GM3c    
Morrison Ellsworth W. James W. Marshall 09/15/43 S1c    
Moyer Harold L. Canada Victory 04/27/45 S1c    
Muldrow James Carol Jr. Stanvac Calcutta 06/06/42 S2c Florence SC 19
Multer Ralph Albert Rosario 02/21/43 S2c    
Murphy Raymond P. Tabitha Brown 08/13/43 S1c    
Murray Clarence Lorain William Wirt 01/20/43 GM3c    
Murray Walter James Examiner 03/19/43 S1c    
Mustain Clifford Leonidas Merritt 10/26/44 Ltjg    
Musteric Mathew P. William Sharon 12/28/44 S1c    
Myers Charles H. Robert L. Vann 03/01/45 S1c    
Myers John W. H. D. Collier 03/13/44 S1c    

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