U.S. Navy Armed Guard Killed and Wounded on U.S. and foreign ships during World War II
Last name begins with "O"

*An asterisk after a name indicates U.S. Navy personnel listed as killed aboard ship, but from our sources we cannot distinguish with certainty which ones were Armed Guard. There may be others than those indicated.

SS Dorchester -- 27 Navy men killed, of those 11 were Armed Guard
SS Henry R. Mallory -- 100 Navy men killed, of those 15 were Armed Guard

Date of Death
The date given below is the date of attack resulting in the casualty. According to official Navy procedure, if there was no body recovered, the person was presumed dead 1-year-plus-1-day after the ship was due at its destination. In some cases, the date listed below was based on postwar German records. Our sources sometimes disagree on the date, usually only by one or two days.

The graves of most Armed Guard and Merchant Marine victims of torpedoes, bombs, and kamikazes, are marked only by the ocean waves. May they rest in peace!

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Armed Guard Killed Armed Guard Wounded

Last First Ship Date Rank Home Age
O'Brien Vincent P. Jeremiah Van Rennselaer 02/02/43 S1c RI  
O'Brien Joseph F. West Portal 02/05/43 S1c NJ  
O'Callaghan John P. Lewis L. Dyche 01/04/45 S1c CA  
O'Hara William R. M. Samuel Heintzelman 07/09/43 Ens. MN  
O'Keefe Joseph Jeremiah Van Rennselaer 02/02/43 SM3C CA  
O'Shaughnessy James J. Timothy Pickering 07/14/43 S1c NY  
Oakley Arthur Elwood John D. Gill 03/12/42 S2c Ashland KY  
Obrekes Edmund Bushrod Washington 09/14/43 S2c PA  
Oglesby Alex A. John Burke 12/28/44 RM1    
Okolski Stephen Walter John L. Motley 12/02/43 S1c MA  
Olar Benjamin J. Sunoil 04/04/43 S1c IL  
Oldfield William L. Jr. Oscar Chappell 12/16/44 GM2c    
Oliphant Hugh Boyer Jr. East Indian 11/03/42 S2c FL  
Oliver Dallas E. H. D. Collier 03/13/44 S1c OH  
Oliver Howard F. Arthur Middleton 01/01/43 S2c Pittsburgh PA 19
Oliverio Anthony Gulfstate 04/03/43 SM3C WV  
Olsen John Martin Steel Navigator 10/19/42 S2c NY  
Olson Edward E. Charles C. Pinckney 01/27/43 S1c CT  
Olson John E. John Burke 12/28/44 S1c WA  
Orloff Edward A. Edward B. Dudley 04/11/43 S1c NJ  
Orten James W. John Burke 12/28/44 S1c ID  
Osborne John Kermit Puerto Rican 03/09/43 S1c Nickelsville VA  
Oslizlo Teddy A. Edward B. Dudley 04/11/43 S1c MA  
Ostasiewski Chester Stan Gurney E. Newlin 10/27/42 S1c PA  
Otter Samuel W. Arthur Middleton 01/01/43 S2c NC  
Ours John J. Meriwether Lewis 03/02/43 Cox. MD  
Ouzts Robert Lee William H. Welch buried Cambridge NatlCem 02/26/44 S1c Gastonia NC 18
Overbay James J. John Burke 12/28/44 S1c    
Overly Charles Franklin Thomas Ruffin 03/09/43 SM2C WI  
Overman Roy Cleveland Robert H. Colley 10/04/42 S2c MO  
Owens Hubert E. John M. Clayton 01/01/45 S1c KY  

Armed Guard Wounded

Last First Ship Date Rank Home Age
O'Briant Henry C. Jr. Alcoa Pathfinder 11/21/42 S1c    
O'Brien Robert L. Delbrazil 08/06/43 PHM2    
O'Malley Francis A. Edgar Allen Poe 11/08/42 Ens.    
O'Neill Robert E. W. William B. Travis 09/12/43 S1c    
Oberholtzer Shelly H. Timothy Pickering 07/14/43 S1c    
Odegard Wesley Gilbert Stuart 11/17/44 S1c    
Olive Don A. Blenheim 01/08/45 S3c    
Ollis? Devoe Tivives 10/21/43 S1c    
Oloff Stanley J. Meyer London 04/16/44 S1c    
Orear Jack M. Andrea F. Luckenbach 03/10/43 S1c    
Oskinson Oliver D. Alexander Majors 11/17/44 S3c    
Overlin Thomas William O. Henry 07/10/43 S1c    
Owen Cleo C. Johnstown 06/04/42 BM2c    


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